It’s different from Todo Akane.

Facing Fei Yingli’s gaze, Ye Liuyun could somewhat tell what the other party was thinking.

“If it was really okay, you wouldn’t have invited us in. In fact, you just don’t believe that we have the means to eliminate demons!”

If it was really okay,

I wouldn’t have asked these two strangers to enter the room at the beginning.

Faced with Xiaolan’s help,

Fei Yingli would not agree.

The reason why I say this now is that I feel that Ye Liuyun and Todo Akane in front of me can only help me.


Fei Yingli did not deny it.

Obviously, this was exactly what Fei Yingli was thinking.

There is no way, both Ye Liuyun and Todo Akane look too young.

If you are very capable in eliminating demons.

They must be some elderly people, right?

“what the hell!”

Tōdou Akane didn’t react at first and didn’t feel anything.

But now, after reacting, she immediately became a little dissatisfied.

She stood up directly and said to Fei Yingli

“How dare you underestimate me? Let me show you how weird it really is!”

This is my first demon-killing mission.

To be looked down upon by the other party, 747 simply can’t bear it!

If that’s the case, let me show you my methods.


With a scolding, the next moment, a series of resentful spirits that had been enslaved and controlled by Todo Akane appeared next to Todo Akane.


After finishing all this, Todo Akane looked at Fei Yingli in front of her with a proud look.

What’s going on, be afraid! How dare you look down on me.

It’s just!

“did you do something?”

Looking at Totou Akane like this, Fei Yingli frowned and was a little confused. She only felt that the temperature in the room seemed to be much lower.

But other than that, she couldn’t feel anything else.


Seeing Fei Yingli’s confused look, Todo Akane was also stunned.

No, are you so brave?

Doesn’t this scare you?


The next second, Ye Liuyun raised his hand decisively and tapped Dongtang Qian’s little head.

“it hurts!”

Ignoring Todo Akane who cried out in pain.

Ye Liuyun explained angrily.

“Have you forgotten that ordinary people cannot see resentful spirits?”

If Todo Akane enslaves something weird, or an urban legend, then of course it can be seen by humans.

But if it is just an ordinary vengeful spirit, it cannot be seen by humans.

Even if it is summoned No matter how many there are, it’s meaningless!


Hearing this, Todo Akane couldn’t help but froze.

That’s right!

Just now, she just didn’t realize this problem at all, but now that she was told this, she finally reacted.

No wonder this Fei Yingli is so calm, It turns out that you can’t see it at all!


The strange things Fei Yingli encountered were not that strong.

So if Ye Liuyun wanted to deal with it, it was just a very simple matter.


At the same time.

After seeing Ye Liuyun’s true strength, Fei Yingli was also full of disbelief.

She felt that her world view had collapsed.

First she encountered something absolutely impossible to encounter, and then she saw the real An existence with the ability to eliminate demons.

At this moment,

Fei Yingli felt as if she had never understood their world.

“If you need to eliminate demons, you can call me!”

Seeing that Fei Yingli was so surprised that he couldn’t speak.

Ye Liuyun didn’t feel the situation.

He naturally took out his business card from his body and handed it to Fei Yingli.

“Of course, if you don’t need to eliminate demons, you can still call me!”


Fei Yingli is not stupid, how could she not understand the meaning of Ye Liuyun’s words?


But in the end, I still took the business card!


“Boss, what were you talking about just now?”

On the way back, Todo Akane still looked curious.

Obviously, she didn’t want to understand the content of the communication between Ye Liuyun and Fei Yingli just now.

“Children don’t need to know so much!”

Facing Dongtang Qian’s curiosity, Ye Liuyun simply replied


I’m not just a child, okay?

Hearing Ye Liuyun’s perfunctory tone, Todo Akane curled her lips unhappily.

Not much else to say.

,,, the spiritual energy revived from the beginning, and a strange explosion occurred.

It’s been several years.

It is different from the weird world in imagination, where the world has completely turned into a weird world.

Human beings are still the masters of this world.

Of course.

The number of weird things is indeed increasing every day.

By this time, humans have all understood the existence of weirdness. At the same time, the profession of exorcist, which was once considered to be a scam, has now been recognized by the public.

Not only that, this has become the most popular profession at the moment. and!

All exorcists have a rule in their hearts right now.

That is, among them, the exorcists.

There is an apex existence, and it is precisely because of this existence and such an explosion of spiritual energy that humans can still become the masters of the world. Otherwise, they would have been wiped out by the strangeness long ago!

And this pinnacle is none other than Ye Liuyun!


“Tsk! Is this the Ghost King?”

Looking at the ghost king in front of him, he just ate a golden light spell and disappeared into thin air.

Ye Liuyun’s face was full of disgust.

What! This strength is really good!

“It’s not that the Ghost King is weak, it’s that the master’s strength is too strong!”

The voice of the shikigami came from beside him.

Compared with the beginning, Ye Liuyun has contracted with a lot of shikigami in the past few years. Of course, they are all beauties with extremely beautiful looks.

Now these shikigami are all eyes. He looked at Ye Liuyun with admiration.

He had solved a newly born shikigami so easily, and I’m afraid it was only Ye Liuyun!


Listening to the words of these beautiful shikigami around him, Ye Liuyun just laughed for the rest of his life.

Then he left directly!

“Let’s go, just in time to see if there are any other newly born ghost kings, and then just kill them!”

“yes! Owner!”

Naturally, the shikigami would not have any objections. After responding, they quickly followed Ye Liuyun’s footsteps.


Ye Liuyun would directly kill any weirdos whose strength exceeded the standard.

Weird era?

No! This is me Ye Liuyun’s era.

Whatever I want this era to be like, it has to be like that

“Only I am the one who is above everything else!”


(complete book!).

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