Courtyard: Cut off Hu Lou Xiao’e, let the stupid pillar die

Courtyard: Cut off Hu Lou Xiao’e, let the stupid pillar die


220 Chapters Ongoing Status


With a whole supermarket through the courtyard, in this era of lack of materials, Li Chengye did not worry about eating and drinking.

When I went out, I saw Lou Xiao’e in a hurry to get married, and looked for someone to go on a blind date.

Lou Xiao’e is beautiful and capable, and decisively cut off her beard and won.

Xu Damao will fight for a lifetime, silly pillar, don’t think about having a son.

After getting married, the deaf old lady constantly provoked the relationship between their husband and wife.

Directly let her break her leg and turn the deaf old lady into a dead old lady.

Uncle Yi Zhonghai called on everyone to retire for the deaf old lady?

Pit your savings, first think about how to retire.

The days after eating and drinking, fighting birds, is his greatest pleasure.

Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novels: “Siheyuan: Cut Hu Lou Xiao’e, Let the Stupid Pillar Die”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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