At that time, they can finally prove to Kevin that their solution really works!

Outside the light curtain, inside the Valkyrie dormitory of St. Freya's Academy.

Looking at the content in front of them, everyone was not much surprised.

After all, in the previous content, they already knew that Kiana would become the Lawgiver of the End.

It's just that they don't know about this process!

It turned out to be the cocoon of the end, and I took the initiative to choose Kiana!

Such a result is actually within their expectations.

Looking at herself in the video, Kiana sat up from the bed and ~ said happily:

"Hehe, this final cocoon is quite discerning!"

"But it would be nice if everybody could be the Lawgiver—that would be great. "

"This battle doesn't even have to continue. "

"Three-on-one, Kevin can't win anyway. "

"Although he is a hero, it is also Kevin's idea to defeat him and become a being who transcends everything. "

Thunderbolt Mei Yi said in a deep voice: "Well, that's the same reason. "

"I just didn't expect the final cocoon to have a choice so quickly. "

"But we are all happy that Kiana is the Lawgiver of the End! after all, Kiana has always been a very special person. "

While the two were happy, Bronya said in a deep voice:

"It would be great if all three of them could become the Lawgivers. "

Kiana: "Yes!"

On the other side of the light curtain, the headquarters of the Fire Chasers of the Pre-Civilization Era.

It is the immediate result, some people are happy and some people are entangled.

In connection with what they had written before, they also knew that Kiana would eventually become the Lawgiver of the End.

So in the video, the final cocoon chose her, which was also expected by them.

It's just that there is one thing that everyone doesn't quite understand, that is, what point of Kiana's [Cocoon of Finality] has taken a fancy to.

Whether it's Raiden Mei Yi or Bronya, they all have their own characteristics, their abilities are very strong, and their wills are also good.

Then why did [Cocoon of the End] choose Kiana?

Dr. May crossed her arms and stared down at the screen with a cold gaze.

"I'm not surprised by the results, but what's so special about this Kiana?"

"Would you let the Cocoon of the End choose her on her own initiative?"

After asking this question, Eden, who was standing aside, fell into deep thought.

After a long while, she said with a gentle smile:

"As you can see from the previous video, she is a cheerful and energetic child. "

"As for her characteristics........... I don't know, but I can tell that Hua and Kevin care about this kid. "

"There must be a reason why she is special. "

Apoña also gently interjected into the topic.

Read on, maybe the rest of the story will tell us that. "

Viewers' eyes return to the video, and the content continues to play.

Kiana also knew that she had been chosen by the Cocoon of End.

But the problem at hand is that she doesn't know what to do next!


But I'm just foggy here now, nothing else.

What now?"

In front of Kiana, a fog arose.

So, she couldn't figure out what the hell was going on.

It's okay to come out to this subway station, but there is still such a fog, what does [Cocoon of the End] want to do?

The other side.

Knowing the situation on Kiana's side, Raiden Mei and Bronya's hearts are also anxious.

Yes, it's weird! What's next?

The two were silent for a few seconds, and then Raiden Mei looked up and locked on to the Lawgiver next to her.

"[Knowledgeable Lawgiver], can you do me a favor?"

The Lawgiver of Knowledge pursed his lips, a little displeased!

Raiden Meiyi's name for her is too "raw".

It's as if they're just strangers.

Thinking of her identity, the dissatisfaction in the heart of the Knowing Law disappeared in an instant, forget it! She is an elder, how can she care about these things with juniors! This is too embarrassing.

The Lawgiver of Knowledge waved his hand and said flatly:

[Good people do it to the end, send the Buddha to the west].

Don't be polite!"

After getting the other party's answer, Raiden Mei continued:

"That's good. Now, I can still feel the will and strength of all the lawyers, converging on Kiana's place.

I want you to be able to identify them...... and weed out potentially dangerous ingredients. "

Raiden Mei can clearly perceive how dangerous Kiana's current situation is.

The consciousness of those lawyers, who kept getting closer to her, was afraid to attack...........

Moreover, these "fogs" are also one of them.

Now, then, it is fitting that the Knowing Lawgiver should solve this problem.

It's just that this situation still has a certain danger for those who know the law!

The Lawgiver of Knowledge crossed his arms and looked unhappy.

"You're equivalent to ...... Let me fight against the consciousness of several lawyers?"

Speaking of which, she still doesn't forget the yin and yang weirdness.


The irony is directly full.

Beyond the light, St. Freya's Academy, inside the Valkyrie's quarters.

Listening to the yin and yang strange words of the Laws of Knowledge, the "Three Royal Families" choked one after another.

This guy has changed his face in an instant!

I used to do my best to help, how can I ........... now? Alas, but without her help, this thing would really be a bad thing!

And the future Kiana is in danger again, what should I do!

And at this moment, only Fu Hua clearly understood the true thoughts of the lawmaker.

She doesn't seem happy on the surface, but in fact, she will definitely help Kiana and them.

It's just that sometimes, I can't pull the bottom of the line, and I always have to say a few words of sarcasm in a weird way.

So Fu Hua explained:

"That kid, that's just talking. On the surface, I am not happy, but in fact, I am afraid that I have already agreed with Raiden Mei's statement in my heart. "

It's just that she was a little difficult to accept when someone decided her whereabouts, so she became like that. "

The inner thoughts of the lawgiver of knowledge, Mei Yi can easily capture.

Back in the video, the content continues to play.

Looking at the reluctant appearance of the Lawgiver of Knowledge, Raiden Mei didn't want to force it.

In this case, she can't force the other party to go, right?

So Raiden Mei thought for a few seconds and sighed: (Read the violent novel, go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

"If you can't do it, I won't force it.

But Bronya and I will still try to project our consciousness onto it.......

Help Kiana stabilize the space. "

This sentence is already obviously a radical method.

As long as you have a little IQ, you can basically see it.

However, if the target object is the one who knows the law, then the meaning is different.

Although it is the simplest idea, the always impulsive Knowing Law is easy to fall for.

Very simple!

Raiden Mei's radical method has succeeded!

The Lawgiver of Knowledge crossed his hands on his hips, raised his hand unconvinced, and pointed at himself with large letters.

"I said, are you a little bit of a fan of the [Knowledgeable Lawgiver]?"

"Against the consciousness of several dead lawyers, even if it's a big living person like you, I won't be afraid at all."

Bronya: "Oh, you are worthy of the Law of Knowledge. "

Seeing that the other party was hit, Bronya secretly laughed. []

This guy is not Mei Yi's opponent at all, she is still as good as ever.

Outside the light curtain.

Looking at the results in front of them, the audience from different worlds couldn't help but laugh out loud.

That's a pitiful thing!

She thought about it, is this a radical method?

Well, it's a pity that the other party doesn't have such an IQ, no! Or too lazy to think about it.

The audience of the Honkai Three Worlds has long been accustomed to the fact that the law of knowledge is easy to fool.

And the audience in the Star Dome World felt that it was not easy for the Lawyer of Knowledge to live until now with such an IQ.

Such a simple agitation method can trap her.

I don't know how many people have used this trick on her in daily life.

Looks arrogant, but in fact he is a poor guy.

Thinking of these, audiences from different worlds hurriedly expressed their opinions on the barrage.

[Sister Xing: Tsk, I've seen stupid ones, but I've never seen such stupid ones. 】

[Star Dome March 7: She's really cute! Hahaha, it's so funny, she looks fierce, but in fact she's very easy to fool, just like a child. 】

[Star Dome Danheng: It's really unexpected. 】

[Star Dome Himeko: In the previous video, I have already seen her characteristics. 】

[Walter of the Star Dome: Well, honestly. 】

[Star Dome Silver Wolf: This is deceived? Stupid! I'm afraid more than one person has used this trick on her. 】

[Bangsan Kiana: Hahaha, she was fooled again. 】

[Honsan Bronia: She's still the same........... Interesting. 】

[Bang San Fu Hua: Alas~]

[Honsan Delisa: Sure enough, it's not Mei Yi's opponent. It's still too simple...........]

[The Lawgiver of the Three Senses: You ........... You're waiting for me!!]

Because of this video, viewers from different worlds fell down laughing.

The audience in the Star Dome World never thought that this fierce guy would be so naïve.

If you don't fool her, who will fool?

The audience's eyes returned to the video, and the content continued.

Kiana, on her part, also heard the conversation between Raiden Mei and the Lawgiver of Knowledge.

Thinking of the situation on her side, she also began to be a little worried.

However, in such a situation, the projection of consciousness ...... Wouldn't it be dangerous?"

She also knew that the battle could not be avoided.

But after everyone comforted her, Kiana's tangled heart relaxed a little.

After all, this is the only way to success, and they must overcome it.

Kiana's gaze gradually established, "If the responsibility of making everyone equal to Kevin falls on my shoulders......"

"I certainly don't refuse every help that is given to me. "

After Kiana agrees, Raiden Mei and Bronya from the other space begin to operate.

They began to screen and sift through the consciousness of the lawgiver in the mist.........

At the same time, the fog on Kiana's side began to subside...........

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