The handover of the matter was extremely smooth. After Myers proposed that Qin Chuan could take over the sabotage duties, Weiss almost immediately agreed with a smile.

Obviously, Weiss thought this way from the beginning – since Qin Chuan wants to eliminate Frieza, then of course some of Frieza’s responsibilities should be left to Qin Chuan.

On the other hand, the prophecy fish in the fish tank floating next to it watched the whole process of these three people conspiring together and couldn’t help but complain:

“Beerus is still sleeping. Is it really okay for you to just hand over the tasks he assigned to Frieza to others at will?”

The prophecy fish is Beerus’ pet and has a certain degree of prophecy. This guy is also one of the few animals that can be rude to Beerus and Whis without being punished.

“Anyway, Lord Beerus will sleep for decades. With Mr. Qinchuan’s growth rate of strength, it may be just a matter of time to eliminate Frieza.”

Wes disagreed with the prophetic fish’s statement. His character was also very casual.

“Instead of waiting for decades after Frieza is eliminated and no one performs the duty of destruction, it would be better to find an agent in advance, right?”.

The prophecy fish heard the words and thought it made sense – Beerus would continue to sleep for decades. The prophecy fish also predicted it, so there should be no mistakes.

“And we angels cannot stop the development of the universe at will – so if Mr. Qinchuan insists on destroying Beerus, I can’t stop him.”

Wes continued to look at the prophetic fish with a smile, and said something that made the prophetic fish tremble.

“If you think there is something wrong with my approach, then why not stop Mr. Qin Chuan?”

“……Me, I’ll forget it.”

The prophecy fish quickly retreated into the fish tank and stopped expressing its opinions.

Although Whis and Beerus could tolerate its rudeness, Qin Chuan might not tolerate it – the prophecy fish could tell by looking at Qin Chuan’s expression. Once Qin Chuan is angered, Qin Chuan will really deal with him mercilessly.

He is just a fish. Although he has the ability to predict, he has no fighting power, so it is naturally impossible to escape Qin Chuan’s poisonous hands.

“Since no one has any objections, it has been decided that after Mr. Qinchuan eliminates Frieza, he will replace Mr. Beerus in the responsibility of destroying the planet.々‖ ”

After driving away the prophecy fish, Whis made the final decision, and in a few words, handed over the responsibility of Beerus to destroy the planet to Qin Chuan.

Originally, Qin Chuan had disguised himself as the messenger of Beerus and Whis when he faced the King of the North. Unexpectedly, in the past few days, this fake person had turned into a real person.

Of course, before that, Qin Chuan has to get rid of Frieza, otherwise the agent of the God of Destruction will still be Frieza, not Qin Chuan himself.

“Since you are already the agent of the God of Destruction, I will not pursue your use of the cube spaceship.”

Looking at Qin Chuan, Weiss suddenly talked about what Qin Chuan himself had exposed just now, which made Qin Chuan smile awkwardly.

“However, your cube spaceship should have been stolen from Zuno, right? In my impression, Zuno seems to be the only one in the seventh universe with a cube ship.”

Because the cube spacecraft has been sent out too few times, Weiss immediately guessed where Qinchuan’s cube spacecraft came from.

“This is indeed the case, but I have helped change the stamp of the cube spacecraft to Mr. Qin Chuan’s.”

Myers said with a smile on the side – it seems that after realizing that Weiss had no ill intentions towards Qin Chuan, Myers also relaxed a lot.

Compared to violent groups like Frieza, Myers is obviously more I’m optimistic that Qin Chuan will serve as the representative of the God of Destruction. At least Qin Chuan doesn’t seem to be killing humans on the planet at will.

“Myers is really very optimistic about Mr. Qin Chuan.”

Wes glanced at Mels thoughtfully, then nodded.

“So, by the way, Myers also helped Mr. Qinchuan give the cube spacecraft the ability to sail across the universe. I believe Mr. Qinchuan also has this need, right?”

After hearing this, Qin Chuan’s heart skipped a beat – it seems that Weiss also guessed about the Super Dragon Ball.

But it seems that Weiss doesn’t mind Qin Chuan looking for the Super Dragon Ball, otherwise he wouldn’t let Myers Unlocking the ability to travel across the universe for his cube spaceship.

In this way, Qin Chuan can leave the seventh universe and go to the sixth universe to find the Super Dragon Ball.

And the wish that the Super Dragon can fulfill… that’s it It is much stronger than the Earth Dragon, the Namek Dragon, and the Cyril Dragon. It can be said that it is not on the same level at all.

Zamasu’s way of making wishes is simply a waste of resources.


“You suddenly looked serious just now. I thought it was something terrible, but this is what happened.”

After being brought back to the Galaxy Patrol Headquarters by Mels, Qin Chuan also felt a big stone fall in his heart.

When he first saw Weiss, he was really worried. After all, although Weiss behaved very kindly in Dragon Ball Super, But that’s how it is in the work after all. Who knows what it will be like in reality.

But now it seems that Weiss’s character is no different from that in the work. Even if there is no food as a temptation, Weiss’s attitude is still very kind.

“` 々I also didn’t expect that Mr. Weiss seemed to be very optimistic about Mr. Qin Chuan… In fact, I was quite nervous at first.”

Myers smiled bitterly. Even though he was a trainee angel, he seemed to be familiar with Weiss, but in fact they had never met each other.

As a trainee angel, Meyers had been traveling in the universe. After joining the Galaxy Patrol, he also worked hard to maintain the peace of the universe. He was not like an angel at all.

Fortunately, his actions did not exceed the regulations of the angel family, so Weiss didn’t seem to say anything to him, but just explained to Qin Chuan What happened with Frieza?

“By the way, Mr. Weiss also asked me to help give your cube spacecraft the ability to travel across the universe.”

Myers suddenly recalled what Weiss had told him just now, and said to Qin Chuan with a smile.

“In this way, Mr. Qin Chuan can go to the Sixth Universe… I think Mr. Qin Chuan’s goal should be the Super Dragon Balls, right?”

Myers guessed his purpose. Qin Chuan was not surprised and just nodded.

He had already asked for the coordinates of the Super Dragon Ball from Zunuo. What he lacks now is just a way to go to the sixth universe..

And now, Mels can give his cube spaceship this ability.

In this case, Qin Chuan also made a decision.

Before, he was prepared to wait slowly for Bardock to gather all the Saiyans, but now, he wants to Make use of this waiting time.

Go collect all the Super Dragon Balls!.

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