In the hull of the Golden Deer.

The girl with purple hair slowly opened her eyes.

She found herself lying on a large classical bed. The layout of the room was somewhat similar to that of Europe in the 16th century.

Surrounded by people I don’t know.

There was the silver-haired elf who had just destroyed the Demonic Pillar with one blow, the orange-haired girl with a one-sided ponytail, and the man wearing a black and red military uniform.

“This is……”

Medea Lily shook her head and was about to sit up.

Suddenly, a tentacle appeared in her field of vision and handed her a glass of water.


Lily was so frightened that she jumped up with a cry of grief.

“you’re awake?”

“Welcome to the Star Sea Empire.”

Lu Chen greeted him with a smile.


Medea Lily checked herself and found that she had plenty of magic power.

It stands to reason that after the Demon God Pillar is destroyed, he should disappear as a matter of course.

“The commander filled you up.”

Gudazi replied concisely and concisely.


Lily was even more surprised.

After careful perception, she found that the abundant power in her body was indeed vaguely connected to Lu Chen.

The other party poured a huge amount of magic power into it to maintain her existence.

But what did Gudazi say? How strange does it sound?

“We weren’t before……”

“I know what’s going on with you.”

Lu Chen sat next to her and patted Lily’s shoulder.

“You were defeated by a magician and sealed and controlled with a forced oath, right?”

“In this world, you still want to take revenge by tricking Jason into dedicating the gods to the Ark of the Covenant to gain invincible power.”

“But in fact, if we really do that, this inherently unstable world will be directly destroyed, right?”

The girl in front of her widened her eyes and didn’t understand why Lu Chen knew him so well.

Can you gain invincible power by dedicating God to the Ark of the Covenant?

The world was destroyed, and even people were gone. Of course, she was invincible. This was indeed her plan. It was a pity that Lu Chen was the one who designed a trap for Jason.

But judging from the result, there was no difference

“Want to join us? I can be your master”

“As for the guy who defeated you before, coincidentally, we will have to fight him in the future~ˇ ”

Lu Chen directly sent an invitation


Lily was stunned.

“Is it okay for someone like me?”

“I…I’m not very powerful, and I’m controlled by others……”

“It’s okay, Mio just helped you solve it.”

Lu Chen rubbed her head.

Medea blinked and found that the power that restrained her had indeed disappeared.

“how come?! He is a much better magician than me, how can you expect that?!……”

“Random field, amazing, right?”


Medea Lily looked at Lu Chen and then at the Origin Elf.

As a traitorous witch, she thought she would not end well.

After meeting this strange man from another world, things seem to be going in unexpected directions.

She was now very curious about Lu Chen’s background and what Star Sea Empire he was talking about.

And whether there really is, as he said, a world of peace and utopia.

“Try it.”

Lily convinced herself and decided to try something different.

She jumped out of bed, adjusted her translucent silk robe, held the staff in both hands, and bowed to Lu Chen:

“Servant, Caster, Medea. Well, please give me some advice!”



After staying at the singularity for a few days, finishing the post-processing work, and traveling around.

A bright afternoon.


【The passage has been constructed: the third singular point: sealing off the four seas of the final game – Chaldea]

Everyone passed through the time and space passage and landed in front of Chaldeas.

Project yourself to the past through spirit son transfer, and then use the power of the time and space channel to come back.

By working together, you can bring back the partner you want from any era or world.

“How many more people are there?!”

Roman was surprised when he saw the heroic spirits behind Lu Chen.

Every time he dealt with a singularity, he would never come back empty-handed. He must have used various methods to collect a bunch of heroic spirits from that era.

To be precise, they were all heroic spirit girls.

If you brush more With several peculiarities, Roman suspected that Lu Chen could abduct all the female heroes in the Xingyue Universe.

After thinking about it, maybe this is the price of saving humanity?

“The third singularity point has been successfully conquered. We will locate the fourth singularity point as soon as possible. Well, it shouldn’t take long.”

Da Vinci expressed his gratitude to several people.

His eyes looked again and again at the Origin Elf and the Golden Deer.

“However, long time no see, you have indeed recruited some incredibly strong companions.……”

Thinking of the outrageous performance of these two people, Da Vinci was a little surprised

“I think, based on your current strength, other singularities should not pose a threat at all, right?”

“Even if you are facing some gods from myths and legends, can you deal with them?”

Roman and Da Vinci made an assessment.

According to the current strength of Lu Chen and his companions, the remaining special points are considered level A with no problems in the past.


Lu Chen nodded.

In the original plot, Gudazi could clear the singularity points by himself. It would be easy for him to bring an entire legion and strong men from all worlds with him.

As long as Chaldea can locate the singularity quickly enough, it will be possible to rebuild it. Humanity is just around the corner.

If you are too lazy to come or have no time, you can leave it to Gudazi and send a few people to escort her to bring the heroic spirit back.

“Speaking of which… you had a fight with a Gundam in the Roman Empire last time. Why didn’t I see you take action personally this time?”

Da Vinci’s expression was a little pity.

“` 々Mr. Lu, I am also curious about what new abilities you have?”

“My hull is being remodeled.”

Lu Chen coughed.

“The Wannian Fengxue is used to kill aliens efficiently, so it might be a bit inappropriate to brush up on singularities, huh?”



Saying goodbye to Chaldea and returning to the capital through the teleportation anchor point.

What came face to face was a group of heroic spirits watching the excitement.

The Chaldean Heroic Spirits had not met new companions for a long time. They all gathered around and asked questions about the new Heroic Spirits.


Stheno recognized his sister at a glance.

The two completed the historic meeting. They were so excited that they were speechless for a moment. They looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.

The three Gorgon sisters are currently missing one.

And Medusa will be ten in the future. It is common knowledge that there will be four out of three sisters.jpg.

Among them, the most eye-catching one is Medea Lily

“Are you saying that she is the infant form of a witch, just like the difference between a ship girl and a baby ship girl?!”

The Heroic Spirits have never seen adult C’s mother. They always think that Medea Lily is extremely cute, and they can’t relate her to the betrayal witch at all.

“Hmm…the existence of the so-called Servant is a very complicated thing.”

“There is a me who only practices in the temple, and there is a me who leaves the temple and crosses the sea. Maybe I will meet another me in the future.……”

Medea explained to everyone seriously.

The heroic spirit transformed into Lily is equivalent to the pure version of the heroic spirit.

For example, King Dumao who did not suffer setbacks and cheated his father with swords, and Caster who was not called a witch.

They are either lolita or girls, and they are not very old.

The character is also very simple

“……A heroic spirit has two sides in one body, no, even one body with many sides.……”

Lu Chen discovered the existence of Lily’s heroic spirit and opened the door to a new world for himself.

“I want Saber·Lily and Youzhen, tsk”

“Purify me, observe me, save me, can you help me give birth to a little heroic spirit? Inside!”


The siren girl who was called was horrified

“We are a Siren Experimental Institution, not a Siren Obstetrics Department!!”

“You work hard with the heroic spirit on this matter, it’s not our responsibility, thank you!!!”………

(The picture shows Youzhen).

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