Su Ye and others were led by Missouri to their conference room.

None of the remaining ship girls followed.

Only some senior ship girls followed.

Esdeath left the situation here completely to these ship girls.

She is only responsible for distributing tasks.

But how the ship girls should be managed is a matter for Missouri and others.

When we arrived here, it didn’t take long for the ship’s maids to bring tea.

All kinds of materials they have here are very complete.

These teas are not made from petroleum.

On the contrary, it is a serious and good tea.

What many shipgirls like most now is making all kinds of delicious dishes.

In this aspect, they are still very talented.

The main purpose of coming here today is to let Eris get to know these ship girls.

How to operate it specifically is Eris’s own business.

Su Ye and Alicia watched quietly from the side.

Enjoying the food served by these ship girls here

“Lord Eris, please use it.”

Missouri has great respect for Eris.

“No need to be so polite”

“Just call me Eris.”

However, Eris’s attitude towards the ship girls was very helpless.

She didn’t like everyone to be like this.

So she hurriedly advised them not to be so polite.

Although she put a mark on the world of ship girls590.

But, she In fact, she didn’t do anything for everyone.

Instead, Su Ye helped them transform.

She didn’t do anything, but she gained the respect of these ship girls.

Eris was a little uncomfortable with it.

“Lord Eris is the god of our world”

“A little respect is deserved.”

Missouri is very serious.

They have already determined this matter.


“If you keep doing this, I’m leaving!”

When Eris saw that they didn’t listen at all, she could only use her trump card.

Now, Missouri and others were helpless.

“Although I have put a mark on your world”

“But I’m just an outsider after all”

“I won’t interfere with your world.”

“Develop how you want to develop”

“You can completely pretend that I don’t exist”

“So, let’s stay friends from now on”

“Just get along like ordinary friends”

“I feel a little embarrassed that you treat me with so much respect.”

Eris scratched her cheek, and she said these words sincerely.

In itself, this was also her own idea.

If they continued like this, she would not dare to come here again.

When Missouri and others heard this, they immediately looked at each other.

In the end , they had no choice but to let her.

After Eris’s affectionate explanation, the ship girls finally listened.

Then, everyone’s conversation became more casual.

Su Ye and Alicia Just watched it all quietly.

Before leaving, Eris also applied a layer of permanent lucky buff to these ship girls.

Not only these ship girls, when she went to other areas to visit those ship girls, she Such buffs have been applied to them.

Under her operation, the luck of these ship girls has increased crazily.

If other people knew about it, they would probably be envious of the bad ones, right?

It was also thanks to Su Ye who gave her the spirit grid. Eris.

Otherwise, if she had built it like this, her power would have been used up long ago.

Even if so many ship girls came down, it would be quite difficult for them.

Even with the spiritual blessing of the Lord of the World.

When she came down in one round, her whole body It’s wilted.

It consumes too much.

This is a permanent buff.

“Really hard work.”

Seeing Eris’s operation with his own eyes, Su Ye didn’t know what to say.

On the contrary, Alicia thought it was great.

“Eris likes those ship girls very much”

“same as me”

“That’s great!!”

When she said this, her eyes lit up.

They are all people who like cute girls.

No wonder the two of them became good friends.


When Eris heard this, a smile flashed on her face

“After all, that’s all I can do for them.”

She can’t provide much help to the ship girls.

She’s not good at developing the world or anything like that.

In addition, they are all Su Ye’s people now.

The only thing left in the world is the deep sea.

It’s obvious. , they don’t plan to go back to their own world to develop.

No one knows how it will develop in the future.

But the ship girls will definitely develop very well.

And they don’t need her to worry too much.

So she can only Provide them with some lucky buffs.

If you need anything in the future, let me know.

“This buff is very good”

“They all like it, don’t they?”

Su Ye was very impressed with what Eris did.

Although she was speechless, she had consumed herself like this. All

I can say is that he is such a kind guy.

Eris scratched his cheek.

She was somewhat unhappy. Sorry

“If you want to do it, just do it”

“Won’t feel anything”

“It takes a lot of energy, but it can still be recovered.”


As she spoke, she giggled.

Looking at her look, Su Ye didn’t say anything more on this matter.

“Let’s go. If you want to see them in the future, just come over by yourself.”

“Prometheus just gives her permission.”

“However, those ship girls will probably go back to see you, so you don’t have to come over to see them?”

“After all, they have a lot of vacations”

“By the way, don’t continue to raise it so high next time”

“This gift is boring.”

Su Ye teased as he opened the passage.

Eris was indeed the one who came out.

Su Ye could see through the aura of grace on his body at a glance.

When she saw those ship girls, she looked at the eyes of those battleship sisters. That’s called envy.

It can’t be fake at all.

But what she has is very fake.

When Su Ye said this, Eris’s face suddenly turned red.

“want…I want you to take care of it!!”

Damn it, you don’t need to say the next sentence!!

She really wanted to throw the world in Su Ye’s face

“It’s not right to reveal a girl’s little secret like this!”

“It’s so cute even though it’s small.”

Alicia on the side expressed condemnation.

You shouldn’t reveal a girl’s secret like this.

Even a small one is still cute.

If you don’t say it, no one will know!!

Su Ye spread his hands, but he didn’t think much about it. What to say.

Instead, he got into the space passage.

Alicia followed closely.

The three returned to the world. After Su Ye threw Eris into his own community, he took Alicia and left. Slip away.

When she got home, Alicia was still complaining about Su Ye’s lack of understanding of style. He actually did such a thing to a girl blatantly.

It was too spicy~~!

She could complain about this matter A long time.

Listening to Alicia’s rambling, Su Ye felt very helpless.

In the next few days, Su Ye stayed at home.

The people in the group were just as Su Ye expected.

They started one by one. has woken up.

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