Cataclysm King

Chapter 346: Let's go do something big

 Chapter 346 Let’s go do something big

Ji Xun tested it and determined that the principle of this energy module was exactly the same as that of the golden ball.

 At the same time, a thought immediately came to his mind: How was this thing made?

 According to Dong Qi, this is a top secret of the Oran royal family and no one knows about it.

Song Can also said that there are no relevant production drawings in those foundries.

But Ji Xun confirmed that the [Power Gem Golden Ball] in his hand was an exclusive treasure created artificially to assist in the practice of the secret method of "Yin Tian Shen Yuan".

  In other words, the energy module of this Hunter God Armor is also an artificial product.

Rather than natural items such as magic cores.

Ji Xun pushed back. Could it be that this energy module is actually a solidified secret of gravity, made using principles similar to card sealing spells?

 With a little derivation, this guess is basically true!

 It’s just that the armor’s energy module uses some unknown technology to achieve the effects of recycling and automatic charging.

These things are most likely ancient relics found in the tomb of King Augustus.

 That is, even if it is made by man, in addition to being proficient in the secret method of "inducing the gods to fall", it may also require a very high level.

Ji Xun had quick eyesight and quick hands, and he caught the golden ball that fell from his hand.

When Dong Qi heard this, his eyes trembled with excitement.

But she seemed to understand something in an instant, and her crystal eyes overflowed with joy: "Is this an energy module?"


But there was only a moment of surprise on her face. She thought of something and immediately turned into excitement: "This controllable gravitational field is actually a magical and mysterious method?"

Furthermore, the battle mecha was able to control the Thief King Kuntu before, so the legal level must be higher than the legend.

She is more familiar with the various data of the armor's energy module than Ji Xun, and she immediately came to the conclusion after a little testing: "The gravity released by this golden ball is at least 150 times that of the module! And there is no energy storage attenuation. .God, how many units of energy does this golden ball store?”

Dong Qi suddenly realized after hearing this: "Oh, that's right! I almost forgot that you completely ignored the gravitational field of the Hunter God Armor just now."

Ji Xun explained: "This is the exclusive magic and mysterious method of the path of destruction [9 of Spades - Natural Disaster]. This golden ball is an exclusive relic used to assist in the practice of this secret method."

Ji Xun even suspected that the Oran Royal Court might not yet have the technology to make these energy modules.

Dong Qi saw that Ji Xun was slightly distracted while holding the energy module. He stopped the introduction and asked, "What's wrong?"

Ji Xun didn’t explain much. He raised his hand and a layer of strange ripples appeared on his palm.


 But Ji Xun also knows a seventh-level Aragorn!

Ji Xun glanced at her, took out the power gem golden ball with his backhand, and said calmly: "Try to see if this can be used on a combat mecha."

And there may not be other top card masters in the Dragon Rebel Army who know this mysterious magic.

Theoretically speaking, as long as there are drawings, it may be possible to mass-produce it.

 This means that they may have found the most critical problem in mass-producing mechanical armor!

 Taking the golden ball from Ji Xun's hand again, Dong Qi became cautious.

Just like Ji Xun’s current fifth level, although he can condense the “gravitational field”, he is still far from the level of being able to produce solidified modules.

 For a time, he thought of countless possibilities in his mind.


Hearing this, Dong Qi was obviously astonished as if he had been hit on the head by the coincidence and couldn't believe it.


 It seems to be something more advanced!

The magnitude of the gravitational change just now was far beyond the range of energy intensity release that I was familiar with.

"This is."

 She took the golden ball from Ji Xun's hand, and her expression suddenly changed.


Ji Xun thought, doesn't this mean that he has actually mastered the "core technology" of the combat mecha's energy module?

 But there is also a problem.

Ji Xun nodded: "Yeah."

 She was extremely shocked by this inconclusive conclusion.

The familiar gravity change made her immediately confirm that this was the energy module of the armor.

 At present, there are probably only a handful of people in the entire Eastern Wasteland seventh level.

 “If this is true”

Ji Xun explained: "This is an ancient relic that I got from an extra-dimensional space. It is directly related to a magical and mysterious method that I know."

Dong Qi, who was opposite her, felt her whole body sink in an instant, and the multiple gravity pressure made her breathless.

As she said that, she asked belatedly: "How did you do it, Ji Xun?"

But as soon as Jing's eyes turned, she immediately thought of the question that Ji Xun had thought about before: "In other words, the energy module of the mechanical armor may be made by this magical method?"

Dong Qi staggered, with astonishment still on his face.

The energy module of the armor is the most unique black technology she has ever seen. How could it be replaced by just something?

However, as soon as this thought emerged, reality violently reversed her doubts.

Just after infusing the magic power for a little test, a terrifying gravity pulled her hand and slammed it to the ground!

Dong Qi looked at the golden ball with a very puzzled expression.

Only a mechanic like her who has a high level of understanding of mechanical technology can accurately understand the performance improvement brought to the armor by such exaggerated data.

Dong Qi couldn't hide the excitement in his heart. He quickly put the golden ball in the robotic arm and tried it. Then the energy bar on the display showed that it was full.

  That means a perfect fit!

 “It really works!”

  Dong Qi no longer knew how to describe the surprise of his major discovery at this moment.

  Previously, she felt that the biggest shortcoming of the Hunter God Armor was energy.

 But now, because of this [Power Gem Golden Ball], this restriction seems to be gone!

At least Dong Qi has not yet seen the energy storage limit of this golden ball.

In other words, the current Hunter God Armor does not have the fatal flaw of "half-hour downtime".

 And it’s not just battery life that’s been solved.

Sufficient energy also means that combat effectiveness soars!

 In the past, I had to be very careful with my calculations. I had to constantly estimate energy consumption during battles, and I was also timid during battles.

 It is not used at all now.

Such as "Gravity Field", "Protective Barrier" and "Magic Cannon". All equipment modules can be used at full capacity.

 In layman’s terms, yes. The moves are magnified!

A cannonball is easy to dodge, but what about “infinite cannonballs”?


Dong Qi himself took a deep breath when he thought of that scene, and his whole body became excited.

 If she does not consider energy consumption, she now has to consider the upper load limit of the mecha.

For example, the "U3 mechanical battering ram" installed on the right arm of the Hunter's armor is designed to have an ultimate attack strength of approximately 50,000 tons of impact force, and the equipment itself can withstand an ultimate impact force of 100,000 tons without being damaged.

 But because it has to ensure the normal operation of other modules, it can usually produce up to 20,000 to 30,000 tons of power, and the limit will not exceed 50,000 tons.

 With this golden ball, she can easily reach the destructive power of the weapon to the design limit of the mecha material itself.

Who dares to resist this full-loaded hammer head-on?

Not only that.

 After a little testing, the charging efficiency has been greatly improved.

 Previously, the U3 battering ram had to be charged for at least five seconds. Now you can do it completely in about a second!

 This is a completely crushing improvement on the battlefield.

Etc., etc

There are countless benefits.

This golden ball solves all the shortcomings of the Hunter God Armor's lack of firepower and power.

 Dong Qi is not one of the "Top 100 Mechanics" assessed by the college.

If we really take it seriously, she will definitely be the number one in the academy!

 She is very confident. As long as this golden ball can have more than five times the effectiveness of the original module, she can control the mecha to exert ten times its combat power!

 “I’ll try it!”

 Dong Qi couldn't hold back his discovery, so he took out the entire set of mechas he had collected and immediately began to operate and test them.

Ji Xun just looked at Dong Qi like a little girl who got a new toy, controlling the mecha and trying various things happily.

 Magic cannon, battering ram, ship-cutting knife, energy shield, and assault system.

At this moment, the hunting **** mecha was replaced with a golden ball, and its combat power was completely different from before.

It has the dexterity of an assassin, the stability of a heavily armored black knight, and the long-range fire suppression of a warlock.

This is a mechanical battle armor that can compete with top card masters.

When Ji Xun saw the God Hunter mecha in front of him, he felt as if he felt the same pressure as when he saw the Titan mecha in the mausoleum. He couldn't help but sigh in his heart: "It's so strong."

 He was also curious about the limits of the golden ball.

Watching Dong Qi's test with great joy, Ji Xun himself was not idle and began to count the previous trophies.

Nearly a quarter of an hour passed like this.

Suddenly, a "bang" sound was heard, and the mecha shut down on the spot.

 Dong Qi finally stopped.

There is nothing wrong with "unlimited firepower", but the armor itself must be able to withstand the endless pour of energy. Ji Xun raised his eyes and looked over. Dong Qi stepped off the mechanical armor with his right arm burning red.

In order to test the ultimate data of the golden ball, many equipment components were even scrapped just now.

 Fortunately, I have hunted down several "associates" before and have some to spare.

 Although Dong Qi was a little worried, his face was more of a happy one.

Now that the test is clear, there will be some accurate data for subsequent battles.

She excitedly reported the test results to Ji Xun from a distance: "Ji Xun, this golden ball is so powerful! The kinetic energy boiler can handle 150% of the ultimate load without any problem, and the 230% magic energy barrier can be replenished in one second. shield."

ˆ “.”

Ji Xunting is familiar with professional terminology.

 The summary can be summed up in one sentence: In the test just now, she did not test the limit of the golden ball.

 It is not a technical issue.

But the strength of the Hunter God Armor is not enough, far from reaching the limit of the Golden Ball.

Dong Qi came over, jumped up happily, gave Ji Xun a close hug, and said excitedly: "Wow~ What a surprise! Do you know, this golden ball makes the hunting **** fight A’s combat power has been directly improved by several levels.”

Jin Qiu couldn't put it down, and there was no need to be polite in their relationship, but she looked at Ji Xun and blinked, but after all, she didn't have the shame to speak.

Ji Xun looked at it but smiled knowingly, and said casually: "If you can use it, just leave it at your place."

His proficiency in the secret technique of "Inducing the Gods to Fall" is already quite high, and the effect of the golden ball is far less than when he first started using it.

 Now that we have seen how the Golden Ball has improved the Hunter God Mecha, it is obvious that it is more effective if it is left in Dong Qi's hands than in his own.

Even if you need it later when you understand the bottleneck, Miss Honglou is not an outsider, just ask her to get it.

Dong Qi glanced at Ji Xun, his graceful eyes full of surprise and a smile.

After pondering for a moment, Miss Honglou said a rare polite word: "Thank you~"

The two of them didn't stay where they were. They tidied up and then pursued the Song family's group in a hurry.

 This is just to break up the rear, and it doesn’t go very fast.

Chat while walking.

Dong Qi played with the golden ball in her hand. Not long after, she fell into a happy distress again and muttered: "Ah, in this way, I may need more consumables. Unfortunately, it is exposed now, and it will be difficult to get them later." ”

ˆ “.”

Ji Xun couldn’t laugh or cry as he listened.

 The "Hunter Armor" is a retrograde version of the Titan battle armor that the Oran royal family can currently produce in small quantities. It is impossible to buy accessories outside.

But the situation is not that bad.

He told him directly: "Song Can's factory can manufacture most of the accessories for this armor. You can go to him when you need it."

 According to what Song Can said before, the Song family now has 60 to 70% of the design drawings of the Hunter God Mecha.

 There are still several complete trophies available for reference.

 It’s totally okay to add some accessories if you want.

Dong Qi was stunned when he heard this: "Ah? When did Fatty Song get those drawings?"

She didn’t know how exaggerated the Song family’s background was, but she knew that the Oran royal family kept the mechas highly secretive.

It is definitely not something that ordinary people can imagine getting involved in.

 That’s why I’m surprised how those drawings spread.

Dong Qi is not an outsider either. Ji Xun explained casually: "Now, more than half of the most advanced machinery foundries in the Eastern Wasteland belong to the Song family. And your Mechanical College is actually inextricably linked to the Song family."

After hearing this, Dong Qi was obviously surprised: "Fatty Song is actually so powerful?"

 She doesn't care about the other person's family background when making friends. She has never asked, so of course she doesn't know.

“Yeah. And the previous batch of mechanics are all the top experts in the world. You’ll find out when we meet you.”

Ji Xun originally mentioned it casually, but suddenly something else came to his mind unconsciously.

According to Song Can, the batch of accessories they OEM represents the highest level of current technology.

 In the entire Eastern Wasteland, only the Song family has a complete industrial chain.

Although the output is not high, the mechanical significance is that with the first one, there will be countless ones.

If hundreds of them were to be assembled into a legion, the dragon-born legions in the southern continent would probably not dare to touch them easily.

Ji Xun is certain that machinery will be an important factor affecting future wars.

 So he instinctively thought of a question.

The Song family only has 60 to 70 percent of the drawings, so where are the more drawings?

 Especially drawings of energy systems.

Thinking of this question, an idea flashed in Ji Xun's mind, and he suddenly turned around and asked, "By the way, Qiqi, you said you came from a secret base of the Oran royal family before. That base is also near Starfall City?"

Dong Qi responded casually: "That's right. It's in the middle of the mountain about a few dozen kilometers to the north. That's the base where the Hunter God Armor is secretly assembled. As far as I know, there are probably ten or twenty sets of armor that can be assembled inside. parts."

After a moment of reaction, the next words stopped abruptly.

Only then did she understand why Ji Xun asked, and she was surprised: "You don't want to build that base, do you?"

ˆ “.”

Ji Xun looked stern as he listened, and silence replaced his answer.

 He is really planning on that base!


Dong Qi looked at his expression and his eyes twitched inexplicably.

 She is so familiar with this old friend’s character that she dared to kill the Lord of Sinless City at the first level.

Now it’s level 5. I’m sure you have some crazy ideas!

 But she is the only one who knows the risks of that base.

 Let’s not talk about the fifth-level card master, even if you go to a few legends, it is impossible to come out alive.

Dong Qi quickly advised: "Don't be impulsive. The base is very confidential and the defense is extremely tight. I even suspect that there are Titan mechas and top masters from the Oran Dynasty in the base!"

She was assigned the task of intercepting and killing the Song family. She didn’t know the situation in Xingchai City yet.

 Ke Ji Xun knows it clearly!

Ji Xun not only knew that there was a master in Starfall City, but also met Domingo, the "Dramatist" of the Four Horsemen.

 If nothing else happens, that guy may be in constant trouble now.

The Southern Continent’s target this time is for the Titan Mecha. Once targeted, they will never let it go.

It’s hard to say whether Domingo will survive.

But since it is a secret base, the people of the Oran Royal Family will never wait for the people from the Southern Continent to find it.

As soon as he thought about it, Ji Xun deduced the result in his mind and thought: "So, those guys must be transferring the equipment in the base now?"

Didn’t this opportunity come?

There are various institutional restrictions in the base, and Ji Xun really never thought about forcing his way through.

 But you have started to shift, and everything is on the surface. Don’t you dare?

Ji Xun’s original plan was to **** the Song family’s mechanics to safety before considering anything else.

 But now, he suddenly thought of a better plan.

Ji Xun knew that no one was chasing them yet. It was definitely not because the Oran royal family had given up on chasing the Song family.

 It was because of the war in Starfall City that the masters were unable to escape.

Ji Xun saw an opportunity.

 Instead of defending the enemy who is chasing you at an unknown time, it is better to prevent the enemy from getting out of his way to pursue you!

Olan royal family's masters are now 80% likely to attract enemy firepower in Starfall City, leaving the base with an empty defense.

 What if the secret base is exposed in advance?

Wouldn’t that mean you have no time to take care of other things?

If the defense at the secret base is not high and Ji Xun and Dong Qi can take it, that would be great.

 Dong Qi’s God of Hunting armor is not weak in combat power with the blessing of the golden ball, and it can definitely give the enemy a “big surprise”.

No matter how bad things go, they can still get a few Hunter God Armors.

If there really is any Titan armor, there is also Ji Xun, the "Pioneer of the Southern Continent"!

 Tens of kilometers are not a long flight for a top-level dragonborn.

 Both sides suffer losses, but Ji Xun thinks this is the best situation.

 Although there are risks, once successful, the rewards are huge.

Ji Xun instantly deduced various possibilities in his mind, and the plan came into being instantly. He tilted his head and said, "Qiqi, I have a plan. Let's go do the big one!"


Hearing this, Dong Qi looked at him in surprise: Do you really want to go?

 (End of this chapter)

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