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Chapter 438: Chi is a dragon or a tiger

Chapter 438 Chi is a dragon or a tiger

Natural spirit, as the name suggests, is a spirit body born out of thin air in nature.

This kind of spirit body is invisible to ordinary people, and it is difficult even for soul card masters to detect it. It is an almost completely invisible existence.

Although this kind of nature sounds scary, because these spirits are very weak and mostly stupid, they only act on instinct, like paramecium, and will not affect the human world, so no one specifically targets these natural beings. spirit.

Because natural spirits can be incorporated into soul cards through special techniques, these spirits are quite popular among soul card makers. Many card makers have done a lot of research on natural spirits, but the final results are inconsistent. Good luck.

 No one understands the specific birth mechanism of these natural spirits, so it is impossible to cultivate them artificially. It is almost impossible to find them in cities and villages where humans gather, so they can only be caught in the wild.

Blue Star is too big, and it is extremely difficult to encounter a wild natural spirit in the wild. What's more, natural spirits are difficult to find. Sometimes they may pass by their bodies without even noticing.

Most of today's natural spirits are short-lived. They may be born somewhere, wander alone for a few years or even a few months, and then dissipate directly. Some have short lifespans and may not even last a few days due to various factors. When combined, the number of natural spirits is extremely rare. Even those level seven or eight soul card masters may not have natural spirits in their decks.

Of course, the most important reason is that the natural spirits are too weak.

 A natural spirit may bring a nice improvement when put into the deck of a level 5 soul card master, but if it is given to those who are strong, it may become a burden.

The creations in Ning Xingyi's yard are an example - Mr. Ning only regards those natural spirits as pets and has no intention of letting them fight.

 Looked at his feet - sure enough, the effect of the nightmare body binding had not disappeared.

"Wizard, why don't you use the soul card?" Shen Pian couldn't help but said, "If you continue to waste soul energy like this... I won't let you go."


There was another loud noise, and the beheading sword and the long stick collided together, but this time, the situation was different.

 It means simply setting up, initiating, and standing.

 “Should we put natural spirits into the spell cards?” The wizard couldn’t help but ponder.

"Really." The wizard silently raised the long stick in his hand, "Spell summoned beasts - since they have become summoned beasts, that means... I can attack them, right?"

Wen Renge can equip his sword with a natural spirit, which is already the best equipment among ordinary people, and a whole deck like Shen Jian has a natural spirit...

 A thick pool of shadow gathered at his feet, and tentacles kept pouring out from it, pulling at his body.

 Shen Pian's fighting method, in the eyes of the wizard, is just a waste of martial arts.

Of course, there are also strong ones among natural spirits, but you may not see one for hundreds of years. According to records, a long time ago, powerful natural spirits were everywhere on the earth. They were a very important person on the Blue Star. race.

 But... since the advent of famine, the only natural spirits that can still be born are these weak, ignorant and dull things.

Faced with the wizard’s words, Shen Bian chuckled with unknown meaning.

 “So, no difference.”

The wizard held the stick in both hands, took a deep breath—and then rushed out!


The earth was stepped into cracks by the sudden eruption of wizards. Shen Pan's expression changed, and he quickly asked the giant spirit **** to wave his beheading sword to meet him!


The wizard's movements were as natural as flowing water, and the tentacles on his body did not seem to affect his movements at all. After shaking off the decapitating sword, he stepped forward, broke the air with his long stick, and struck out with a powerful and heavy blow. In the belly of the giant spirit god!

The body of the spirit body was suddenly covered with cracks, and the area that was hit was almost bent in half. The giant spirit **** flew out and landed heavily on the ground. When he tried to get up again, he was unable to do so.

At the same time, he was not idle. After he had enough soul energy, he placed a soul card cover behind him.

 That is the luxury among luxuries!

He is born with spiritual eyes and can see many things that ordinary people cannot see, and natural spirituality is just one of them.

 Shen Pan's expression changed slightly: "...Of course."

 His deck expansion method is simple and crude.

However, due to the existence of natural spirits, the soul energy consumption when setting up is halved, and the mental pressure when standing is greatly reduced, so his scene formation speed is quite fast, even better than Synchro!

However, it’s not a big problem.

 He originally thought that this blow would kill him instantly.

  Such skills are as simple as eating and drinking for me, and you don’t need to use your brain—at least when facing an opponent like a natural spirit, you don’t need to use your brain.

 It’s really an exaggeration... This guy’s style of painting feels different from others.

"I think you can also imagine that the mental pressure of these two 'spell summoned beasts' is very low. With the presence of natural spirits, except for the moment of activation, its impact on my mental pressure is so weak that it is almost non-existent. That is, Say, I have countless soul powers to expand the scene! If you don't use soul cards anymore, your chances of winning will only get lower and lower."

 But where is this? It's a college league! For a soul card master who can stand here, the use of heart points is only the most basic operation. If you pick one at random, you can control three or four summoned beasts at the same time to cooperate with each other to perform difficult operations.

 In this case, putting a natural spirit on the field that can only simply follow instructions is a pure flaw.

This deck actually does not have the strength to match its price, but there is no way, Master Shen is good for this.

Natural spirits only rely on instinct to act. This kind of existence is good in the hands of ordinary soul card masters. At least it allows him to control the summoned beasts to fight, saving himself a lot of worry.

Witch Chen twisted his waist and raised his strength from the ground. The knotted muscles were transmitted layer by layer like precision instruments. As he retracted and released his arms, he actually sent the decapitating sword flying!

The giant spirit god's decapitating sword was even bigger than that of the sorcerer, and it even relied on the potential energy from top to bottom. Unexpectedly, it was still bounced away by the sorcerer's sword!

However, being able to see is not enough. The Shen family behind Shen Bian also relied on hundreds of millions of people and spent a lot of real money to equip Shen Bian with such a luxurious and exaggerated deck.

 The wizard raised his eyebrows slightly.

 According to common sense, the duration of Nightmare Binding should have ended long ago, but obviously, the effect of this soul card has not disappeared.

"The control of power by natural spirits is no different from that of children. Relying only on them to fight... will weaken the 'skills' of the soul card master." The wizard said slowly, "Spirit of this level is meaningless no matter how many there are. .”

ˆWuchen: “…”

 Including the giant spirit **** in front of him...the same is true.

There are many ways to use Natural Spirit, but if it is put into a spell card, it can only be regarded as one that does not have much effect... However, quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes. If the deck is full of such cards, it seems that it will be very powerful indeed.


The sorcerer swung his giant stick to deflect the giant sword of the giant spirit god, then stepped back, and had already distanced himself in a few steps.

 “A clumsy slash.” A dull light flashed in the wizard’s eyes, “It is worse than recklessly trapping an animal.”

Just like just now, when the blow collided, my force-generating technique, cutting angle, attack explosive power, etc. were all impeccable. Even if the giant spirit god's power was doubled, he would still be shaken by his sword.

Everyone was playing cards, and a Yujiro Fanma was playing cards.

But unfortunately, such an attack is still useless.

"Really?...You don't think that the attack you just made was very effective, do you?"



A dull trembling sound sounded, and the wizard turned his head to look, only to find that the giant spirit **** who had just been knocked to the ground by him...slowly got up, and the cracks on the spirit body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, In the meantime, it has returned to its original state.

The wizard frowned slightly. At this time, Shen Pan explained unhurriedly: "The body of the spell-summoned beast is no longer the soul card itself, but the spirit residing in it... In other words, unless you have a weapon that can directly attack the spirit, Method, otherwise no matter what attack or ability, it will be ineffective!"

 There is another sentence he did not say after that.

Natural spirits act on instinct and only know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Therefore, no matter what kind of attack, as long as it hurts the natural spirit... it will immediately retreat back into the soul card.

 However, there are very few attacks that can penetrate the body of a spell and harm natural spirits.

  In other words, the spell summoned beast has almost complete immunity to terror resistance. Although it will die if it is touched, it is almost impossible to be touched.

Although the strength of a single spell-summoned beast is not high, it can be summoned very quickly. It won't take long for the natural spirit to create a situation for you. It can't be killed even if it's beaten, and it's very annoying even if it's not beaten. It's almost impossible to solve it.

 Full resistance to mobs, boy!

ˆWuchen: “…”

 So it’s such a disgusting tactic?

What is the difference between this and giving a defense on the court!

"So you'd better use other soul cards quickly." Shen Pian spread his hands, "Don't wait until then to lose, and then say that you didn't use your full strength."

 The wizard’s eyes lingered on the soul cards behind Judge Shen for a moment.

With such skill, Shen Pan added another soul card, and now there were five more cover cards in the backfield.

Theoretically, facing this kind of unbeatable monster, he can just show his face.

  But with those five mysterious folding cards, my sudden appearance may not be so easy.

 …It seems that there is still no way to hide the strength all the time.

Thinking of this, the wizard suddenly said: "You said you were born with spiritual eyes?"


 “Can you see everything?”

“I don’t dare to say that—it’s just that there are very few things that I can’t see.”

 “That’s it.”

Witch Chen took a deep breath, and then slowly closed his eyes.

"Then you - you have to remember the scenery you see next."

Shen Pan was startled: "What do you mean?"

 He was about to ask a few questions, but his eyes suddenly widened.

what is that?


An invisible fierce aura erupted from the body of the wizard, as if a "field" was unfolding in front of him, and this invisible field had its own color in Shen Pan's eyes.

 Purple, red, yellow, blue...all kinds of colors with exaggerated saturation fill the air, flowing freely like the sea. Various vortices and undercurrents stir the colors together, as if a weird and weird world has suddenly arrived!

 This is... the aura of a wizard?

He can affect the surrounding space to this extent just by relying on his own momentum?

 Shen Pian can see the "aura" of others...but among his peers, he has yet to see anyone who can exaggerate to this extent, not even Duan Feng!



Shen Pian's heartbeat seemed to have stopped for a beat, and a creepy feeling spread on the surface of his skin. He looked up in horror, only to find that deep in the layers of color, an exaggeratedly large alien beast slowly emerged. !

That's...a dragon?

  No, it doesn’t seem like it... The dragon has no horns, and it also has a pair of cat ears... It seems more like a tiger?

 No matter what it is, this size is too big!

The wizard stood in the center of the entire arena, and the area behind him was covered by the shadow. The height was already higher than the highest level of the auditorium!


The wizard slowly opened his eyes, and a rich light flowed in his eyes.

 He raised his hand casually, and the long stick in his hand turned into soul card fragments and dissipated.

 He also canceled this only equipment card.

  Without summoning any soul cards, he just stood on the arena and slowly made a weird starting gesture.

  “—Chi is a dragon or a tiger.”


Witch Chen moved, and his speed instantly accelerated to an incredible level!

However, Shen Pian's eyes still did not fall on the wizard, but raised his head.

 In his eyes... what was charging towards him was not the wizard, but the huge beast!

 It’s like the sky is falling!

  “Really or not…I fight this kind of thing?”


With almost no resistance, Shen Pian just stood there blankly. The huge alien beast merged with the wizard while running, and finally turned into a powerful and heavy kick, tearing off the dark tentacles along the way, and went straight through It penetrated the body of the giant spirit **** and finally hit Shen Pian's abdomen hard!


 The five cards behind Shen Pan were shattered at the same time under this kick!

He was not without resistance.

In fact, he was already trying to open the Gaika behind him to resist... However, the natural spirits residing in them were all trembling under the aura that filled the sky. No matter how he summoned them, they did not come out to fight at all. Courage!


Witch Chen kept moving, pushing Shen Pan forward with one kick, until he hit the protective shield and stopped.

Witch Chen looked into Shen Pian's eyes and said a second before his duel shield completely dissipated:

 “Remember what you saw?”

"...Ha." Shen Pian couldn't help but smile helplessly, "I'm afraid it's very unforgettable..."

“You can tell people – I’m looking forward to someone taking this step.”


The duel shield could no longer hold up and shattered, and Shen Pian's figure disappeared from the wizard's feet.

Witch Chen retracted his feet and suddenly frowned, as if he suddenly had a headache.

 Taking a deep breath, the wizard turned around and left the venue.


 In the auditorium

"Burning true blood." Gu Jieshuang's expression turned serious, "How much true blood does he have... can he withstand such burning?"

 (End of this chapter)

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