As Bai Zemin watched the movement of the group of zombies several meters ahead, he quickly noticed that some of them were banging on the doors in an attempt to break them down. However, these doors were completely metal so it was absolutely impossible for these zombies to break through no matter how hard they tried.

The sound of bangs from the metal door had attracted other zombies, causing that the group of a few more than fifty soon reached eighty. This coupled with the sinister atmosphere of the surroundings caused that the disordered emotions of the students and teachers that Bai Zemin had saved to become even worse.

Could it be that there are people in there? Such a thought flashed in Bai Zemin's mind and the more he thought about it the firmer that idea became.

In order to survive another day, Bai Zemin had not only been casually swinging his sword back and forth decapitating enemies; he had also been paying attention to the behavior of the creatures as much as possible. Since zombies were the largest quantity temporarily, they were the type of enemy he knew the most about.

From what he had observed so far of the zombies, these slow but fatal creatures could sense the presence of any kind of life as well as notice the smell of blood from about twenty meters or so of distance and even if that wasn't exactly the limit, it was certainly accurate enough.

"There are definitely people in there." Bai Zemin finally concluded. If not for that reason, then he couldn't think of anything else why the zombies would be so intent on not moving anywhere else.

He looked back and saw the people he saved looking at him, which gave him a headache... If it wasn't for these people being here, Bai Zemin would have already taken out the treasures he obtained after defeating the Great Fast Mantis and, among those treasures, maybe there was something that could help him get out of the difficult situation he was in.

However, he did not trust these people enough to bring out such treasures in front of them. It was precisely because he did not want to reveal his strength completely that he merely used his Blood Manipulation for a moment in order to defeat the mantis before stopping as quickly as possible.

As if she knew his thoughts, Lilith, who was standing next to him, smiled and said casually, "How about you just abandon them? Everything will be much easier for you if you leave behind these burdens that could stab you in the back at any moment."

Bai Zemin looked at her with a frown without saying anything.

"Don't look at me like that~ Just saying." Lilith shrugged her shoulders and didn't say anything else.

She knew it was impossible for Bai Zemin to do something like that. After all, it had only been about an hour since he had been forced to fight for his life wielding a sword. There was no way he could change that much without experiencing the cruelty of the world.

However, Lilith was sure that he would adapt soon. Otherwise, then he would just die unless he had the strength to back up such a mentality.

Just when Bai Zemin did not know what to do, the group of now more than eighty zombies suddenly became hectic.

One arrow flew from a distance, accurately striking a zombie's forehead. Before the zombies could react, another arrow shot out from the same direction and another zombie collapsed.

"Strong!" Bai Zemin was a little surprised. He didn't know who the attacker was since there were several buildings blocking his view, however, that person's archery skill was really top-notch.

Unfortunately, after five arrows, the assault was temporarily stopped. Apparently, the attacker was quite close and the zombies were surrounding that person.

"All of you wait here!" leaving those words behind, Bai Zemin jumped out from his hiding place like a tiger and charged towards the zombies.

In a matter of seconds, the distance of fifty meters separating him and the zombies had been crossed. Bai Zemin slashed with his sword twice at lightning speed and the heads of two zombies flew into the air.

[You have acquired level 4 Normal Zombie soul power].

[You have acquired level 4 Normal Zombie soul power].


Within five seconds, seven zombies had been decapitated by Bai Zemin.

Liang Peng, who carried a huge two-meter hammer, swung it at a zombie, sending it flying ten meters. The zombie fell to the ground with the upper half of its body deformed and its head completely crushed. However, he soon noticed a man several years younger than him slaughtering zombies like ants and his eyes widened.

"F*ck, d*mn it! What's wrong with that insane speed!" Liang Peng cursed.

Bai Zemin's current agility had already reached 54 points. This meant that he was more than five times faster than the average person before the apocalypse. His movements were extremely fast so when Bai Zemin had killed five or six zombies, Liang Peng had only killed one that was close to him.

On the other hand, Bai Zemin also noticed Liang Peng with his huge hammer and was surprised. Wasn't that the university security guard? At what point had he become so strong as to carry that hammer? However, just as his mind was beginning to wonder, another change swept the battlefield.

"Ice Bullets."

A cold but pleasant-sounding voice echoed. Immediately afterward, ten tiny spheres of ice floated into the air and shot out towards ten different zombies, hitting them in the head with accuracy and taking their lives.

"Oh? That woman's control over mana is greater than yours... As if that wasn't enough, her current magic power is only slightly less than what you had when the Soul Records reached this lower world... How strange..." Lilith's surprised and somewhat confused voice sounded next to Bai Zemin.

Since the time he had saved other people and these people didn't even look at Lilith, Bai Zemin had come to the silent conclusion that she was invisible to others and only he could see her; therefore, he wasn't too surprised to see her casually strutting around the place.

Bai Zemin looked at the woman who had joined at the fray and his eyes could not help but light up. What a beautiful woman! Her silver hair and blue eyes had made her look like a snow lotus but at the same time, she was like an ice fairy... However, although he appreciated her beauty, that was all. After all, Bai Zemin had already seen the incredibly beautiful, seductive, and innocent Lilith.

Bai Zemin's movements did not flinch in the slightest as he continued to decapitate zombies and for every second that passed one or two fell at his feet.

As if the arrival of the silver-haired woman marked a new beginning, the arrows resumed their slaughter. However, for some reason, the shooter's speed increased without losing accuracy in the slightest.

The group of more than eighty zombies was terrifying; anyone would be overwhelmed by them and even an evolver would die if surrounded. The danger from these creatures was further heightened as the gymnasium was enclosed by buildings, making it a bad place to launch an attack but a good place to defend. In this case, since the humans were the attackers, they had no choice but to suffer.

However, no matter whether it was Bai Zemin, the silver-haired woman, Liang Peng, or the archer hidden among the buildings; they all had their own qualities of which they could be proud and could be considered the cream of the crop among the students and professors of the university... Thus, less than two minutes later, all the zombies, including the most separated of the group, had been annihilated.

Blood had formed several puddles and flesh was scattered randomly all over the place. The smell was extremely repulsive and the sight could scare anyone. However, the people who fought this time had to fight against death and crawl from dozens or even hundreds of corpses to make their way here; therefore, none of them had too much of an overreaction.

The three fighters in sight looked at each other with a hint of caution in their eyes. Now that the world had changed, it was hard to tell if people's hearts had not. In consequence, none of the three trusted each other too much.

The silver-haired woman with the ability to control ice looked at them coldly. In her gaze, there was even a hint of disgust that was hard to notice.

The atmosphere had become somewhat strange, neither of them seemed willing to speak.

At that moment, the sound of hurried footsteps coming from the distance caused Bai Zemin's gaze to turn in that direction.

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