“He used his strong physical strength to perform all the moves that can only be performed when he is in an all-out state. This approach is very extreme, because these moves can usually only be performed when he goes all out. Yukimiya Kazuma relies on this to perform in the best state, and it is not the feeling of peak”

“This approach is not worth the gain in a regular game, but now it is more effective than pure basic basketball. Of course, this is only limited to Yukimiya Kazuma. If we use it like him, I’m afraid He just fell to the ground from exhaustion.”

“So I just said that this move is only suitable for people like Yuzhimiya Kazuma. There is nothing wrong with that, because only Yuzhimiya Kazuma can have such physical strength to support him and constantly use his so-called all-out effort. Those”three or four” moves from that time”

“But no matter how Yukimiya Kazuma uses his all-out moves, the effect is not as perfect as when he goes all out. Without him, because those moves require all-out efforts to be used perfectly. , displayed like this, it’s just half-assed, but it’s enough for a battle like this………..”

The moves you perform when you go all out are all matched with your own physical strength and energy. If you are just competing in basketball, you can only use your own physical strength.

Once his physical strength is exhausted, nothing can support him to continue playing basketball, and physical strength and some basic basketball skills are simply not enough to support him…..

Akaashi’s explanation was very detailed. Everyone standing in the audience of the street basketball stadium nodded their heads after hearing the words…………..

So it turns out that the move Yukimiya Kazuma just performed was indeed a move he was using at full strength, but just like Aomine Daiki, it was done on the edge of the rules of the game. Since Aomine Daiki was not punished In the end, Yukimiya Kazuma will naturally not use it.

Both of them are men who walk on the edge of the rules. The last few goals of this game are still very interesting…………

However, looking at the state of Aomine Daiki in the street basketball game, it seems that he is reaching his limit. He may not be able to continue to use his moves. In the end, the victory in the end still belongs to Yukimiya Kazuma…………..

Aomine Daiki is now at the end of his game. If he wants to defeat Yukimiya Kazuma, Aomine Daiki actually has a chance. That is to train his physical fitness and finally continue to hone his basketball skills. In this way, Aomine Daiki Fai still has a certain chance of defeating Yukimiya Kazuma on the basketball court.

Although such a chance is slim, if you don’t even do this, then you won’t have any chance at all, because Vascular and he have never stopped, and Yukigong and Mako have been getting stronger..

You must always understand the truth that no one will always be waiting for you. If you don’t advance, you will retreat. You must constantly train and polish yourself, so that even if the last chance does not exist, you will not be left behind too little………….

Aomine Daiki obviously has such a situation.

However, there are times when Aomine Daiki is lazy, that is when he has no target in front of him. But it is different now. Aomine Daiki already has a target in front of him. This goal is big enough for him. Dahui can keep chasing.

Yukimiya Kazuma gave him the feeling of Aomine Daiki, just like that unreachable mountain, but the higher the mountain, the more excited he was Aomine Daiki. Only by climbing a mountain as high as Yukimiya Kazuma could he have a chance. Can have the so-called sense of accomplishment…………………………………………..

The game on the court was still going on. Yukimiya Kazuma took the basketball that he had snatched from Aomine Daiki and soon came to Aomine Daiki’s inside line. Aomine Daiki kept fighting with Yukimiya Kazuma along the way. Grabbing the basketball.

The round and bouncy basketball kept switching back and forth in the hands of Aomine Daiki and Yukimiya Kazuma. The two positions were constantly shifting between Aomine Daiki’s inside line and Yukimiya Kazuma’s inside line. Finally, the two held the basketball. Once again, we came to the center of the street basketball arena. 0…

Standing in the center, Yukimiya Kazuma could clearly feel that Aomine Daiki was on the verge of death at this moment.

Aomine Daiki’s breathing rhythm has been completely messed up, and his sweat is also increasing. Although Yukimiya Kazuma’s observation is not as good as the Eye of the Emperor of Heaven, the Eye of the Demon King, and the so-called Eagle Eye, it can still be regarded as The observations are more subtle.

At this moment, both the muscles in Aomine Daiki’s arms and calves were trembling. The amplitude was not very large, but it was enough for a super basketball player like Kazuma Yukimiya to see that, At this moment, Aomine Daiki is about to die………..

“Qingfeng Dahui, you are really strong. I don’t know how long you can hold on…………”

Kazuma Yukimiya, who kept wandering back and forth with Aomine Daiki, looked at Aomine Daiki’s trembling muscles, and smiled at Aomine Daiki:”I think you are on the verge of death. To be honest, you have been able to persist until now. It’s quite unexpected, so I have to hurry up and score the last ball so that you and I can go back to the auditorium and have a good rest……….”

Yuzhimiya Kazuma’s words undoubtedly put psychological pressure on Aomine Daiki. Aomine Daiki heard this and was not affected by Yuzhimiya Kazuma’s words. He smiled at Yuzhimiya Kazuma and said:

“Hahaha, Yukimiya Kazuma, even if I am exhausted, there is no way I can go back to the auditorium to rest in 1.1. I will lie down on the street basketball court and let you drag me back!”

Qingfeng Dahui said with a smile.

He has such a stubborn temper. The more you try to temper his temper, the more he will do the opposite to you.

“I really don’t listen to advice……..”

Hearing this, Yukimiya Kazuma shook his head, and immediately threw the basketball from Aomine Daiki’s crotch. Aomine Daiki caught it steadily, and then ran towards the inside of Yukimiya Kazuma.

He was very fast. Seeing this, Kazuma Yukimiya quickly caught up. The fastest way to break the defense. For Kazuma Yukimiya, that was to let the opponent attack.

When the opponent attacks, in Yukimiya Kazuma’s eyes, he is full of flaws………………

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