Being in Konoha, I can upgrade my talent entries

Being in Konoha, I can upgrade my talent entries


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Travel through the world of Naruto and start to awaken the talent entry system;

Collected: [Uchiha Sasuke’s hair]

Transformation talent entry: [Spirit of Vengeance: You are an avenger. You are unstoppable on the road of revenge, and your chakra training efficiency is 1000%! The power of Ninjutsu is 500%! 】

Transformation talent entry: [Cursed Eye: Your eyes are cursed by the world, but the world is ignorant, how do they know your talent? Obtain the Sharingan (with Uchiha bloodline), and the eye opening efficiency is 1000%! Eye power 500%! 】

Transformation talent entry: [Indra's resentment: Indra was resentful because of his father's preference for Asura. His resentment after being reincarnated for dozens of lives is unmatched! Eye power 500%! Susanoo's body size is 500%! The power of pupil technique is 500%! Chakra 1000%! 】

Yagami Ryosuke: "The second pillar's hair is so strong? What about this little fox's?"

The Uzumaki Naruto next door shivered subconsciously, as if he was being stared at by something terrible!


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