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Chapter 318: give them respect

 Chapter 318 Give them respect

Interstate 40 is an important part of the huge interstate highway system in the United States. It runs from Barstow, California in the west to Wilmington, North Carolina in the east, with a total length of 4,112 kilometers.

  The road construction plan was officially released in 1947, and construction was started in 1957. The last section of the road was completed and put into use in 1990.

It took forty-three years in total, or forty years, because between 1963 and 1966, the federal government stopped work and considered using continuous detonation of atomic bombs to blow up mountains to replace the traditional method of digging mountains and building roads manually and with ordinary explosives. Experts used It took three years to evaluate and calculate, and finally concluded that the cost of using atomic bombs to build roads is higher than traditional methods, and problems such as radiation diffusion cannot be guaranteed.

The California section of Interstate 40 is almost entirely located in the Mojave Desert. Looking from both sides of the road, there are only Gobi and yellow sand, bare giant rock mountains, scale-like salt marshes, and twisted branches still trying to survive. From a distance, the trees look like indigenous people practicing witchcraft, and the piles of weeds around them are like **** of evil flames.

The last supply station before leaving California was the small town of Barstow. It was very prosperous more than a hundred years ago. Mining companies from all over the United States came with countless miners to make final preparations in Barstow, and then headed to Mo. The rich mines in the Harvey Desert once had hundreds of thousands of foreign residents here at their peak.

Now this place has long since declined, with only a huge train station left, like a spider entrenched in the center of a cobweb, with countless railways surrounding it spreading into the distance. There are now less than 20,000 people left in the entire town, even if the state government allows this The city opened casinos to boost the economy. It is still one of the poorest cities in California, with less than 20,000 residents, 80% of whom rely on federal subsidies or relief funds to survive.

 The seemingly desolate American western scenes in "Kill Bill" were shot in Barstow.

Tommy first filled up his tank at a gas station, then walked to a nearby fast food restaurant for a simple lunch. According to the plan, his dinner would be in Flagstaff, Arizona, 600 kilometers away, where Big, a former fraternity in college, Eric Bell, who wanted to study geological changes and earthquakes and now serves as chief scientist at the National Geological Survey Geological Sciences Center in Flagstaff, Arizona, would have dinner with Tommy.

Outside the fast food restaurant, locals occasionally looked curiously at Tommy's Danger 4 parked on the side of the road, trying to figure out which wealthy man was willing to bring such a luxury car to the desert to have its paint polished by sand.

Tommy snorted a Coke and walked out of the fast food restaurant, put on his sunglasses and continued on the road. A sharp and long whistle sounded along with the roar of the motorcycle. Soon, a Harley motorcycle caught up behind him. They were a pair of young white men and women, dressed in fancy clothes. The shabby young man driving a motorcycle exaggeratedly lifted his clothes, revealing the pistol stuck in his waist, and greeted Tommy with a grin:

"Look at this charming Danger 4. Sir, I don't mean to offend you, but I think I have to teach you a lesson. It's not a wise move to drive a car like this out for a spin in a sparsely populated area. Pull over. ."

Tommy glanced at the red dots that quietly appeared on the chests of the two of them and laughed: "I'm extremely happy."

Then he slowed down and parked the car on the side of the road. He got out of the car with a relaxed look, holding up his hands and Coca-Cola, and stood beside him, biting his straw and watching the two people jump off the motorcycle and approach their car.

"What are you going to do? I..." The girl obviously didn't expect her companion to be so powerful. She suddenly grabbed a luxury car and asked him in shock.

"Shut up!" The young man stroked the body of the dangerous road 4 with his hands, like touching a treasure, and then turned to look at his female companion who was wearing smoky makeup and wearing bra and hot pants on the back seat of the motorcycle: "I need this Car, you should do a deal with this gentleman, sir, I'm a director, yes, you'd be honored to audition for me, next, follow my lead, first, throw away your **** coke, then baby , come down and stand up, with a bit of panic on your face, you said you have studied professional acting, quickly, give him some hot scenes."    The young man moved his **** to the driver's seat, with eager eyes and fingers on the solid wood instrument panel Sliding past, he held the gun in his right hand, took out his cell phone with his left hand and turned on the camera, aiming at Tommy who was slowly placing the Coke on the side of the road and the **** the motorcycle.

"I don't want to..." The girl wanted to express her dissatisfaction, but the man raised his pistol and emphasized: "Do as I say! Bitch!"

The young woman had a coerced expression on her face, and slowly lifted up her bra, exposing the two lumps on her chest.

“Touch her, sir.” The young man patted her and said, “If you don’t want to consider personal accident insurance in addition to theft insurance.”

"You're so good at acting, girl." Tommy obediently put his hands on the young woman's breasts. The girl turned her head away with an ugly expression, muttering "no," as if she was being forced by Tommy.

Tommy was very devoted to the performance. He focused on complying with the director's requirements and worked **** the girl's breasts, with an expression of enjoyment on his face.

"The deal is done. You old guy is suspected of molesting a young girl. In order to prevent the victim girl from calling the police and being in trouble by the police, you gave her this car as compensation. I have now uploaded the video to the short video software, but set it to Only I can see it, but if you don’t want to give her this little gift, I will make the video public and send it to the police station’s account.” After the young man shot a video, he looked at Tommy proudly:

“Now, get back to the curb and drink your Coke.”

The young man and woman, one driving a car and the other a motorcycle, left Tommy on the side of the road and drove away. However, just a few dozen meters away, the Danger 4 stalled and could not be started again, and Tommy's car kept driving. The two Chevrolet Cyberbank SUVs accompanying the car suddenly accelerated past them and formed a roadblock in front of them, blocking the way of the man and woman.

"Don't scratch my car. Also, try to recycle as much waste as possible. The fuel and meals on this trip will cost a lot of money. We can earn it back from them." Tommy picked up the Coke he had just placed on the ground. , took a big sip, and then said to the watch on his wrist:

“For example, let them voluntarily borrow all the credit limit in KeyBank in three years on their mobile phone, and then choose to default and repay immediately. This will allow them to pay back the three years’ interest to me immediately, as if they were experiencing the cost of my car. If there is not enough money to repay my interest, I recommend them to voluntarily go to Pam’s chain of used car dealers to sell his broken Harley at a scrap price.”

"What if it's not enough to pay the fee, sir? Do you want him to go to the hospital for a physical examination first? I mean, they might be willing to voluntarily donate some body parts to the great cause of medical research." Tommy's bodyguard John Pei Qi's voice sounded in the watch.

John is Page's second grandson. Tony, the head of the Hawk family, is John's godfather and personally planned his life. He went to military school, served in the military, and joined the Naval Intelligence Agency as a field officer. Later, he was arranged to go to Washington to specialize. He worked in the Secret Service responsible for presidential security for a period of time and learned how to protect important officials. He only returned to Tommy a few years ago as the head of the bodyguard. He is definitely the most loyal knight of the Hawk family.

Tommy blew out the smoke and corrected him very dissatisfied with Page's words: "Page, they are white people, not black people. Don't use the same methods to treat black people without legal status. Give them some respect. If If it’s not enough to pay me the money you owe me, let your brother’s security company sign a contract of sale with the man and send him to Eastern Europe to be cannon fodder.”

 (End of this chapter)

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