Daenerys’s sentencing has brought a great sense of crisis to this already fragile alliance.

Although on the surface, they have never regarded Nolin and Penglai Kingdom as enemies, in their hearts, they have long secretly regarded them as pursuit targets.

Tony Stark was defensive, Carol was angry after being beaten and almost dissected, and Banner was completely pulled away.

Nick Fury would not let go of any ally he could contact, as long as he was not He is willing to bring in evil villains as long as they are capable enough.

“The situation is very bad for us now. Although we have not thought about attacking mutants, Daenerys’s sentencing may lead us to a different path.”

When Nick Fury chose to tell the information about Talos, he looked at everyone, hoping that they would come up with an idea.

However, while asking, he was also observing secretly, seeming to identify the next possible traitor.

Watch. After a circle, his eyes finally wandered between Tony Stark and Wen Wu.

One was considered Nolin’s friend for the time being, and the other was an unknown superpower with a mysterious identity and great strength.

The former needs to be vigilant, and the latter needs to be even more vigilant..

He is Xu Wenwu. According to his words, he is 40 years old this year. Like Nolin, he comes from the Dragon Kingdom. Once again, he obtained the ten rings of the mysterious weapon by chance and gained powerful power.

He is a pacifist and is determined to contribute to the world. Fighting for peace, so I took the initiative to come to the United States to join the Avengers this time, just to protect the earth with like-minded people.

It is said that it is very glorious, great and correct, but Nick Fury, the king of agents, has a kind face that he tries hard to hide from civil and military officials. Next, I still smelled a dangerous aura. This seemed to be the same guy as him.

However, the other person had a special temperament and seemed to be in a high position.

But after intelligence collection, their agents in the Dragon Kingdom finally reported that Xu Wenwu’s resume was fine.

Long There is indeed a Taluo Village in the Guoda Mountains. Everyone there knows Xu Wenwu, and his life trajectory is flawless. Everyone admires Wenwu very much because he has gained great power and protected them from harm.

Everything seems to be fine. It was perfect and impeccable.

But it was also too perfect that made Nick Fury feel something was wrong. If it were not convenient for him to leave the United States and go to the Dragon Kingdom, maybe he would go to Taluo Village to have a look in person to determine whether that weird village was real.

At some point, he even occasionally had a terrible thought, that is, the so-called Tower Village is a performance to deceive them, but can anyone really let so many people cooperate with the performance?

That kind of admiration cannot be concealed.

Although Nick Fury was not sure about Xu Wenwu’s details, but he was sure that the other party seemed to want to deal with Nolin.

Adhering to the concept that the enemy of his enemy is his friend, and there was no clear evidence to prove it, Nick Fury agreed to Wenwu’s joining.

But But he is always wary of him.

Xu Wenwu himself is also aware of Nick Fury’s probing. As a hero who has lived for more than a thousand years, his grasp of human nature is not low, but knowing that he knows, he can only stay in revenge. Because this is almost the only power he can rely on.

With the rise of Nolin and other forces, the scope of Penglai Kingdom’s activities has long been beyond the United States.

In particular, Penglai Kingdom is located in the Pacific area close to Sakuraryu Kingdom, far away from them. Closer than the United States.

Their tentacles have spread to every part of the country, even in the Arctic and Antarctic.

This poses a serious challenge to his status.

Even secretly, his power has been closely related to the Penglai Kingdom. There was a conflict, but it was never made explicit. Perhaps for the terrifying king of mutants, he was not qualified to attract his attention.

Although Xu Wenwu was very confident in his own strength, Nuolin was different.

Even though he had huge underground power, he still couldn’t fight against such a behemoth.

Therefore, he used disguise to create a false Taluo Village, and called on his best performing subordinates to act as every villager in Taluo Village. Successfully Forge his identity.

As long as insiders don’t say anything, to outsiders, Xu Wenwu and Taluo Village are real!

Even, in order to cope with the test of coming again at any time, he ordered his subordinates to continue living here as Taluo villagers.


Xu Wenwu did not expect that even if he tried to integrate into the Avengers and use this organization to fight against the Penglai Kingdom, he still would not see hope.

With Daenerys’s betrayal, this organization faces its greatest challenge!

“I want to know, when will that damn Kree arrive? What is the purpose of their coming? ‖?”

Steve, the captain of the United States, asked. After seventy years of sleep, he really couldn’t keep up with the times.

Mutants, Aliens, Cyborgs, Iron Man…Well, he misses the Red Skull a little. Although he is ugly, he is still within the range of cognition. He can also use the shield to fight with the opponent.

Of course Nick Fury would not admit that it was because he was secretly studying the Cosmic Cube that led to the Kree’s arrival. He would never admit it anyway.

“We don’t know yet, but we guess that it’s probably because the Skrulls and Kree are hunting them, so in order to protect themselves, the Skrulls ignored their past grudges and took refuge in Nolin, and now the whole family has moved to Penglai Island.”

“Can we think that the Crees will only attack Penglai Island and not cause trouble to us?”

Xu Wenwu’s eyes lit up. Using aliens to solve Penglai Island seems to be a good choice!

A cosmic empire that can carry out interstellar travel is not weak, right?

He glanced at the ten rings on his arm, which seemed to come from Alien technology?

“That’s the best case scenario, but I think since the Kree Empire is a militarized nation, they will never be so”merciful” and we must be prepared to go to war with them”

“No matter what, mutants are also people on Earth. No matter what happens between us, we are still fighting and quarreling as a family. But when the Kree come, it is an invasion by outsiders. We must not ignore it!”

Tony Stark said with a solemn expression.

“So I propose that in order to deal with the possible arrival of the army, we should form an absolutely fair and just and absolutely controllable force.”

“you mean…”Nick Fury’s one eye seems to have light

“I have an idea to build a steel army and use countless robots to build a force to protect the earth, so that inanimate machines can protect the earth and maintain peace.”

“The efficiency of a legion is always much higher than just a few of us!”

Tony Stark once again proposed the Iron Legion plan.

Whether it is Penglai, the Skrulls, or the upcoming Kree, they must have a huge army.

And they only have less than ten heroes. Group.

Heroism is not advisable. Only by uniting and fighting can we win.

The Iron Legion is the idea born based on this.

He wants to build the Iron Legion and arm the earth!

“Can you ensure you control them? Don’t forget, Penglai Kingdom is suspected of having a powerful artificial intelligence system. If there is no sufficiently complete mechanism, the legion you create will become a weapon for the enemy!”

“Don’t worry, Jarvis will solve this problem, I believe in him!”Tony Stark is as proud as ever.

Jarvis is his most perfect work, but he still wants to make it more perfect.”

“It’d better be this way, I don’t want us to face your bunch of robots one day.”

Nick Fury shrugged. He couldn’t stop Tony in this matter, because the other party has the ability to make money and can influence the political and military circles.

Xu Wenwu’s eyes flickered on the side, and he was thinking about whether to get involved.

An absolutely loyal robot army, It seems to be more reliable than the Ten Ring Legion he created?

And it is also mass-produced!

Unfortunately, Tony Stark is not his man

“We may be able to ask other countries for help, such as the Xandar civilization. They seem to have deep conflicts with the Kree, but I am not sure whether they are willing to take action. It is rumored that they have signed a peace agreement with the Kree.”

Carol said uncertainly.

No one knows the power of the Kree Empire better than her.

In the past few decades, she has been entangled with the other party for a long time. She has caused a lot of losses to the other party.

If the other party knows that she is also on Earth , then the Kree Empire will definitely send a more powerful legion to destroy the earth with absolute strength!

With the reputation of those guys, the possibility of destroying the planet is as high as 90%!

Especially Nick Fury is using the Cosmic Cube Making weapons. Carol glanced at the other party. She actually disagreed with this matter. However, for some reasons, Carol did not stop Nick Fury, but allowed it to develop.

She was expecting Nick Fury to find some keys. Something that is enough to reverse the situation

“々` Everyone, although I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but…I have some bad news that I have to tell you. The Penglai Kingdom has sent three fighter jets to the United States!”

“Damn it, what are they going to do? Aren’t we and them at odds with each other? Or is there another reckless guy who provoked them?”

Nick Fury is a little sensitive. He recalled it carefully in his head. It seems that he did not give any instructions involving the mutant Inhumans, nor did he let anyone hinder the Skrulls’ actions.

He shouldn’t cause trouble for them, right?

Nick Fury was really scared, like a frightened bird. He was even guessing in his heart, could the other party come to them to get the Rubik’s Cube?

After all, Daenerys and those guys, I don’t know where they learned about the Rubik’s Cube. What a despicable news!

What evil Skrulls!

He and Carol looked at each other, and after taking the notebook, their faces were ashen as ink, until they saw that the three fighter planes did not come to them, but ran away After passing Florida,

Nick Fury immediately breathed a sigh of relief. The information about Florida emerged in Nick Fury’s mind. In his memory, everyone in this state was full of talents. He remembered that there was another saying, Florida does not raise idle people?

Could it be which state in Florida ? What weird thing provoked Nolin? Penglai Kingdom actually sent three X-F1 fighters!

Nick Fury couldn’t help but become curious. He wanted to see if the legendary Florida was really that awesome.

With the X-F1 After the fighter plane arrived on the outskirts of the city in Florida, the war suddenly broke out.

The agents they had deployed here a long time ago witnessed the battle.

Those who got off the fighter plane were none other than Black Bolt, who had committed crimes, and he and several of the most loyal The royal family members plunged into the Kree people stranded on the earth.

For the sake of safety,

Black Bolt spewed out one breath and easily tore apart the factory used to hide his identity in front of him, digging more than three feet into the earth.

However, there had already been The prepared Kree people were not wiped out in one fell swoop. Under the destroyed surface, as a heavy basement hatch opened, several blue figures appeared.

The leader of the Kree people said disdainfully:”How dare the former servants Eater? Who gave you the courage!”.

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