Chapter 71 Commander Gu is back!

  Although Gu Jue had a stern face, there was a hint of gentle expectation in his beautiful eyes.

  Then clicked on the message from Su Wan.

  Su Wan: Ah Jue, we are on vacation this afternoon, can I take my friends to your exclusive lounge for a big meal?

  Su Wan: Also, all the ingredients in your kitchen can be cooked, right?

  Gu Jue looked at these words, then turned to look at the white tiger next to him.

  Baihu usually likes to control a metal ball with wings.

  At this time, the metal ball is playing dead, pretending that it has no battery...

  Gu Jue turned his head, clicked on the virtual interface, and returned a message to his little wife.

  Gu Jue: Yes.

   Then nothing was said.

  After Su Wan received the message, she took a few friends down to Commander Gu's exclusive lounge.

   As a result, while waiting for the elevator on the first floor, I saw Murray, the director of the Imperial University Military Academy.

   Several students immediately put away their hippie smiles and saluted Murray.

  Murray was very serious. When his eyes swept over, even Miss Luo and Alex, who were usually joking, stood upright.

   "What are you doing?"

  Su Wan quickly said: "It's a rest this afternoon. They said they want to try my handicrafts. It just so happened that there are ingredients in Commander's kitchen."

"can you cook?"

  Su Wan nodded, "My family runs a restaurant, and I can cook some dishes."

  Rogina added next to it: "Xiao Wan's cooking is very delicious!"

   Then, the eating team has an extra Director Mu!

  The others were all as quiet as chickens.

  In the exclusive lounge of Commander Gu, the last time there were so many people and it was so lively was when Su Wan was being checked.

  Miss Luo and Alex are busy arguing. Their hair is red and the other green, which looks bright.

  Sheng An and Lin Yu are quiet people, and they are more reliable, helping Su Wan pick, cut and wash vegetables.

  Here, Su Wan didn't ask Murray to do anything, he is the director after all, just sit on the sofa and wait for food.

   But Murray came to Su Wan's side. He just wanted to smoke, but he did half of the action. He raised his head and looked at Su Wan's meaningful eyes... Murray put down the cigarette again.

  Su Wan gave him a polite smile.

   Murray put the cigarette in his pocket, "Su Wan, you are very good, have you considered changing your department?"


   "Yes, come to the military academy and study in the command department."

Su Wan was still holding a handful of vegetables in her hand, and blinked, "But Director Mu, I'm not physically fit enough to enter the military academy. Also, I'm not a lycanthropist, and I'm not mentally strong enough to study in the command department. By the way, My roommate Sheng An is very good, but due to regional registration restrictions, she missed the registration for the Military Academy, do you think she is suitable for the Military Academy?"

   Murray looked at the short-haired girl next to him.

  This girl is from the tenth district, has animal blood, is also very good, and is also on his outstanding student watch list.

Murray nodded, "I've also seen your grades, it's really good. Sheng'an, if you want to transfer to another department, you can submit an application process to me later, and I'll help you pass it. After you pass a series of reviews, you can You can turn around."

   Sheng An's eyes lit up, "Thank you, Director Mu!"

  Rogina also came over and said, "Director Mu, you are such a good person!"

   Murray's mouth twitched.

  He also taught Empress Luo, such a gentle person, how could his own sister escape like this?

  Murray turned his head and looked at Su Wan seriously, "Your physical fitness is improving, so it's not a big problem. In terms of mental ability, don't worry, this can be exercised."

  Actually, Su Wan just didn't want to do mental exercises.

  Because her soul once traveled to the ancient earth, her soul is unstable, and when the time comes to carry out spiritual exercises, I'm afraid... there will be problems.

  Su Wan said with a smile, "I want to discuss this matter with Commander Gu before confirming it."

   Murray nodded, "This is what it should be."

   After all, Su Wan is still pregnant.

   There are all kinds of seasonings and cooking equipment in the kitchen, and the ingredients are very rich.

  Because of the large number of people, there were three lycanthropes among them, and the veterinarians had a relatively large appetite, so Su Wan cooked fifteen dishes in one go, and the portion of each dish was quite sufficient.

  At the beginning, everyone was a little cautious because of Murray.

   But later, Murray told the students some interstellar battles, as well as the deeds of the outstanding students who graduated from the school, which gradually made the blood boil of several children.

   While eating and chatting, the atmosphere gradually became warmer.

  Alex said carelessly: "Director Mu, you are so nice, why haven't you been married? Is it because the requirements for choosing a spouse are too high?"

  In the Interstellar Federation, if an ordinary woman like Su Wan is not married at the age of twenty, she will be assigned a husband by the mastermind and forced to marry.

   Except for lycanthropist females, who have their own special right to choose.

   And here, male lycanthropes also have the special right to choose, otherwise, how could Commander Gu be single until forty years old?

   Murray was Gu Jue's alumnus at the beginning, one year younger than Gu Jue, and now he is thirty-nine years old and still unmarried.

  He gave Alex a silent look.

  The green-haired boy still looked at him longingly, not at all afraid of Director Wei's stern eyes.

   And that's not all!

  Su Wan also looked at Murray with very curious and expectant eyes!

  Thirty-nine years old, um, handsome uncle, although younger than her mother, he looks very mature, steady and reliable!

  Su Wan heard that Director Murray Mu has a good character and strong working ability.

  The condition of the family is also good. It is said that it is an ancient family in the first sector.

  噫, such an outstanding and handsome uncle, will he look down on her mother?

  In short, Su Wan's eyes changed from intense interest, to deep loss, to deep regret...

   Murray suddenly felt too weird!

  If other students saw him like this, he would have taught him a lesson! But the point is, the student in front of me is Commander Gu's wife!

  I'm still pregnant with Commander Gu's child!

   Murray picked up a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth, "Su Wan, the dishes you cooked are delicious. I'm done eating. You guys continue to chat. I have to leave beforehand."

   "Hey, Director Mu, do you eat so little?"

  Su Wan got up and sent it out, after all, she is the owner of this place.

   As a result, when Murray opened the door, he saw a person standing at the door.

  Commander Gu Da, wearing a dark military uniform, stood at the door.

  The white tiger was still flying around, just about to open the password for the door.

   Murray pursed his lips, and immediately saluted Gu Jue, "Commander, are you back?"


   "It was Su Wan who invited some of her classmates to try her handicrafts with me."

  Su Wan looked at Murray speechlessly.

   I didn't expect Director Mu, with your pretty features, to open your eyes and talk nonsense. I really misread you!

   Thought you were an upright and serious handsome uncle!

  I could feel Su Wan's sad gaze, but Murray didn't even frown.

  Being complained by Su Wan is better than being cared about by Commander Gu!

  The point is, if he knew that Commander Gu would come back, he wouldn't come for this meal!

  (end of this chapter)

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