After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 69: Ajue, what is your full beast form?

  Chapter 69 A Jue, what is your complete animal form?

  Gu Jue looked around.

  Very well, the adjutant and others are not in the main control room, and only Baihu is by my side.

  White Tiger: …

  Gu Jue: "Go ahead."

  Su Wan: "Isn't it a physical fitness test today, and I'm going to fight against other classmates? I met Su Man, who was sick. When she was swimming with me, she used a discharge device to discharge!"

   Suing is a must!

  Su Wan didn't expect Gu Jue to vent his anger on him... Ahem, after all, he didn't suffer.

  But let Commander Gu know that Xiao Chacha does things differently!

She continued: "At the beginning, my hands and feet were numb, and it didn't cause any serious problems. But I was very worried, whether the electricity in the pool would hurt the child! The numbness disappeared after a while, and my abdomen warmed up, and then There are purple electric sparks jumping at the fingertips!"

   "Ah Jue, I suspect that our baby is electrified!"

  Su Wan really couldn't think of any kind of lycanthropy that was born with electricity.

   Also, she has been curious about one thing!

   That is, what kind of animal is Gu Jue's animalized complete body!

   Could it be a big dog?

  She misses the Alaska she raised on the ancient earth.

   As for Gu Jue himself, although he couldn't see his little wife's expression, hearing her softly say 'our baby', the sweet and warm feeling made the corners of the commander's mouth slightly rise.

   Seeing that Gu Jue hadn't spoken, Su Wan tentatively asked, "Ah Jue, what kind of animal is your animal form in full form? If our child is also a lycanthropist, will he be in the same veterinary form as you?"

  When I think about it, there will be a mini Ajue in the future, with a little fluffy tail and fluffy little ears...

  Su Wan's heart is about to melt!

   At that time, when A Jue is in his manic period, there will be two fluffy ones, one big and one small.

  She immediately forgot about the disgusting Su Chacha!

  Su Wan's eyes are shining, and her cheeks are pink!

   Fortunately, Gu Jue couldn't see her expression at this time.

  Because Su Wan hid in the bathroom of the dormitory and secretly contacted Gu Jue.

   "Frostwing Wolf." Gu Jue said suddenly.

  Su Wan was still immersed in the fantasy of masturbating big or small furry, and she didn't come back to her senses.


   "My animalized complete body."

   "Frostwinged Wolf?!" Su Wan repeated loudly. The next moment she realized that she might disturb her roommates outside, she immediately covered her mouth again.

  She said excitedly: "You also have wings!"

  God knows how much she envied Sheng An's wings back then! Even though, Sheng'an's wings are not big.

   But fluffy wings!

  Hearing the joy in the little wife's words, it should be that he is very satisfied with his animal form. The corners of Gu Jue's mouth raised a shallow arc, and the range became wider and wider.

  Su Wan said eagerly: "But why didn't I see your wings before?"

   "Are you sure you want to watch?"

   "Definitely sure and sure!"

   "Not for the time being." Gu Jue's voice suddenly became hoarse, and after a few seconds, he added, "Wait for another month and a half."

  Su Wan blinked, a little disappointed.

   Another month and a half will pass.

  But Su Wan soon felt relieved.

  She is currently in military training, even if Gu Jue rushes over, it may not be easy to conjure wings.

  Su Wan has heard that when some animals turn into animals, there may be some special effects attached.

   Frostwing Wolf, it sounds very cold!

  Maybe it will bring wind, frost, rain and snow.

   And their cubs come with electricity!

  Su Wan's thoughts immediately returned from the big wings to the electrified cub, trying to figure out the baby's animalized species.

  Gu Jue felt a little regretful that his little wife stopped asking.

  But he still followed her topic and said, "I'm not sure what attributes the child has, but it should be of the same genus as mine."

  Su Wan understood.

  The baby is also cute and furry!

   It could be a dog, a fox, a wolf, or something else!

   After saying this, Su Wan lazily yawned and bid farewell to Gu Jue.

  After the communication was cut off, a full three minutes passed, and Gu Jue was still sitting there with his fingers crossed and placed on the table.

  Bai Hu cautiously reminded: "Master, Madam has already cut off contact. She should be tired and needs to rest. You should also rest, because the battle will start again at an unknown time."

   "Get me through Eric's communication."


   Didn't expect to marry a wife, but Commander is still a workaholic.

  But after the communication was connected, Bai Hu knew he was wrong after hearing what Gu Jue said.

  The opposite Eric was in a daze, with his blond hair curled up, he was hurriedly looking for a military cap to put on, and saluted Gu Jue.

  Gu Jue said lightly: "The Du Weiwei I asked you to check last time, do you remember?"

   "Remember! She was allowed to be released early because of her meritorious service in reporting the star thief, but she is still within the scope of the interstellar prison security supervision. This security supervision will last for one year."

   "Oh, someone reported it, and she contacted Star Pirates in private, and asked someone to arrest her. After a thorough investigation, if there is no problem, she will be released."


  Eric looked like he was bluffing, and he was not as reliable as Li Rui in handling things, but in fact, these adjutants under Gu Jue were all outstanding at the Imperial University Military Academy back then.

   Do things are very reliable!

   And extremely loyal to Gu Jue!

   On the other side, Bai Hu stared at his master dumbfounded. After avenging his wife, he tore off his tie, turned around and walked to the bathroom, ready to take a rest.

   Madam complained, and the master vented his anger on Madam.

  Baihu held his round head with his long mechanical arms, and his two electronic eyes became heart-shaped.

  Ahhhhhhhhhh, they are more and more like a real couple!


  The third district, a group of villas in the rich area.

  Du Weiwei lived alone in an empty villa, listening to the housekeeping robot roll across the floor and make a creaking sound.

  She suddenly felt upset.

  Su Zhen divorced Lin Ranyue. This matter has been made public, and Du Weiwei of course knows about it.

  Du Weiwei originally thought that since Lin Ranyue was gone, Su Zhen should focus on herself.

   As a result, after he left that day, he never came back!

  A message was sent, saying that he was busy these days and asked Du Weiwei to take care of herself.

  Du Weiwei was so angry that she smashed the water glass on the ground!

   "Lin Ranyue, I really underestimated her, she still knows how to do this!"

  Du Weiwei actually had no way out.

  Even if Mr. Su has already booked that girl Su Wan as the successor of the restaurant, if she can't grow up, then the Su Family Restaurant will definitely belong to Su Zhen.

   After all, Su Zhen is not yet fifty years old!

   In addition, that Su Wan was lucky, and married the first commander Gu Jue.

   As long as she becomes Su Wan's stepmother, won't Gu Jue protect her if she is found by the star thief later?

  Thinking of this, Du Weiwei decided to take the initiative to contact Su Zhen and give him a little sweetness.

   As a result, the door suddenly opened automatically at this time.

   Several Starmen in black combat uniforms broke in from the outside.

   "You are Du Weiwei, please come with us and assist in the investigation."

  (end of this chapter)

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