After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 64: The wedding is someone else's, but the wife is his

  Chapter 64 The wedding belongs to someone else, but the wife belongs to him

   Su Wan didn't know that the news of her pregnancy had spread to the Imperial Palace in the first sector.

  She finally opened the privileged information channel, and she can contact her mother Lin Ranyue.

  The communication still chose projection. Su Wan actually not only wanted to share the joy with her mother, she was also worried about her mother.

   Sure enough, as soon as she connected, she saw her mother's angry face.

Lin Ranyue: "Su Zhen didn't want to divorce me? Xiaowan, do you think he is interesting? While kissing Du Weiwei, he still plans to let me be his wife? Is there a black hole in his mind! "

  Su Wan: "What's his reason for not getting a divorce?"

   "Call me making trouble for no reason, say that we live a good life and our children have grown up, why should we get a divorce! I just laughed at him, why do I want to get a divorce, he still doesn't have any B number in his heart!"

  Su Wan: "Ahem, mother, calm down."

Lin Ranyue was very sad, "I was the most elegant and gentle girl in the second star area, and after more than 20 years with Su Zhen, I have become like this! I told him, it's okay if you don't want a divorce. Seeing Du Weiwei, I asked Su Man to leave Su's house and go to be with Du Weiwei, after all, she was her own mother. Then your father said to me, don't make trouble, their mother and daughter are very pitiful."

  Lin Ranyue in the projection was so angry that her face turned red.

  She said depressedly: "Xiao Wan, what do you think Su Zhen is going to do?"

   "It's very simple, Du Weiwei didn't accept him, and then he held Bai Yueguang and Red Rose in his hands."

"Bah!" Ms. Lin was furious, "No, this marriage must be divorced, and I can't live with him anymore! Anyway, your brothers and sisters have grown up, so I don't have any other responsibilities! Su Zhen raised a daughter for Du Weiwei, I can bear it all, but if Su Zhen wants to raise Du Weiwei together, I absolutely can't bear it! I decided to file for a forced divorce!"

   There is a forced divorce in the Federation.

  When one party disagrees with the divorce and the other party insists on divorce, a forced divorce application can be initiated to the main system.

   At that time, if the other party is at fault, they can upload the evidence at the same time.

  If the evidence is passed, then the main system will dissolve the marriage relationship between the two people.

  If the evidence is not established, the divorce application will be rejected, but the marital status of the two people will show a doubtful sign.

   Either the party who initiated the compulsory divorce shall give up the application.

  Or, you will always have doubts, and wait to provide strong evidence next time.

  But the pass rate of forced divorce is not high. Of course, doing this, regardless of the final result, is equivalent to completely tearing apart the faces of two people.

  Because it will be publicized...

  Su Wan felt that her mother was really heartbroken by her father Su Zhen.

   Moreover, she even had a premonition that if Du Weiwei didn't accept Su Zhen, it was very likely that Su Zhen's position as the manager of Su's restaurant was gone.

  Oh, she is really a realistic woman.

  The more this happened, the more Su Wan felt that there was no need for her mother to be her father's backup.

  Su Wan: "Mom, whatever you want to do, just do it, I support you! Later, I will ask Gu Jue if he is familiar with the main system, and see if he can go through the back door or something."

  Lin Ranyue was shocked, "Xiao Wan, why did you think of going through the back door? The point is, will Commander Gu let me go through the back door?"

  Lin Ranyue felt that she was really a bad mother-in-law.

  For a while, I asked my son-in-law to help introduce my handsome uncle, and for a while, I asked my son-in-law to divorce him through the back door...

  Actually, Su Wan didn't know whether Gu Jue would help with this.

  So she said with some reservations, "I'll try it then."

   "Xiao Wan, let's just forget it if it doesn't work. Don't make things difficult for Commander Gu."

   "Enn, I know, by the way, Mom, I have one more thing to tell you."

"What's up?"

"I am pregnant."

  Lin Ranyue:! ! ! !

   Ms. Lin at the other end of the projection seems to have stopped.

  Her mouth was raised high because of excitement, and the depression caused by her husband was swept away in an instant!

  Lin Ranyue: "Xiao Wan, really? Are you pregnant?!"

  Su Wan: "Well, but just checked out, it's still a small cell, and Ah Jue asked someone to help me check my body, everything is healthy."

  Su Wan also told her mother that Gu Jue was going to make up the wedding.

  Lin Ranyue said: "This is what it should be. After all, his identity is there. Last time you two got married, it was actually quite embarrassing for Commander Gu."

   After all, the dresses she wore were all custom-made for Huo Yichang.

   No, that wedding was actually Huo Yichang's.

Su Wan smiled and said: "Actually, I also want to thank Huo Yichang. If he doesn't let me go, I might not get another groom. So, it's not too bad for Ah Jue, although the wedding is someone else's, But the wife is his."

   "You say seems that there is nothing wrong with it."

  The mother and daughter chatted for a while before Lin Ranyue reluctantly ended the call.

  If it wasn't for the training star base, she wouldn't be able to come, she can't wait to go to her daughter to take care of her daughter immediately!

  Su Wan also had a good rest. Looking at the time, it was almost time for the second wave of training at ten o'clock.

  So after she sent a message to Gu Jue, she went back to the dormitory to join her two roommates.

  Of course, before going back, she got some delicious little cakes in the refrigerator and brought them back to the two little friends.

  Commander Gu, who just wiped out a wave of Zerg, received another message from his wife.

  Su Wan: Ah Jue, my father treats my mother as a backup, and my mother wants to file for a forced divorce. Are you familiar with Bai Ze? Can you help me go through the back door and pass my mother's divorce application?

  Su Wan: Of course, if it's too troublesome, forget it, and I'll think of other ways.

  Actually, this is a violation of Commander Gu’s principles.

   The Interstellar Federation must go through strict screening, processing and analysis even for divorces that are mutually agreed upon by both parties.

  Of course, marriage too.

   All qualifications must be reviewed, and finally the main system Bai Ze will handle things according to the rules.

  If it was put in the past, Gu Jue would not do things that violated the principles.

  But now...he has done too many things against the principle for his little wife.

   Make one more, not many.

  While manipulating the mecha, a lightsaber slashed at the ferocious Zerg, while Gu Jue asked Baihu to communicate with the main system Bai Ze.

  As soon as the connection was made, Bai Ze said doubtfully, "Commander, what do you want from me?"

   "Did Ms. Lin Ranyue file for a forced divorce with her husband Su Zhen?"

   "Wait a minute, I'll check."

  Actually, Bai Ze is a bit confused.

  It thought that Commander Gu was looking for him for something important.

  The result, that's it?

  Lin Ranyue was determined to divorce Su Zhen. So after she cut off contact with her daughter, she filed an application.

  So Bai Ze's information was transferred very quickly.

  Bai Ze: "Commander Gu, Ms. Lin Ranyue has already filed for a forced divorce against her husband Su Zhen. The evidence she provided is that Su Zhen has an ambiguous relationship with his ex, and it seems that he already has a daughter."

  Suspecting such a thing is unreliable at first glance.

  But Bai Ze knew that Ms. Lin was the mother-in-law of Commander Gu.

  As an intelligent brain with a very high IQ, it endured without complaining.

   Then, Bai Ze heard the light and cold words of Commander Gu on the other end of the communication.

   "Accept her application."

   A Jue: I never violate the principles, because my wife is my principles. ^_^



  (end of this chapter)

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