After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 34: shock! Its owner actually did such a thing!

  Chapter 34 Surprise! Its owner actually did such a thing!

  The ruthless Commander Gu stood up and said to everyone: "Just do as I said just now, the meeting is over!"

  Everyone nodded immediately, picked up their things neatly, turned around and walked outside.

  Eric took a few steps quickly and caught up with Li Rui. He brushed his blond hair, "Li Rui, do you think it's a message from Mrs. Gu to the commander?"

  Li Rui expressionless: "I don't know, if you want to know, you can ask the commander."

   The expression on Eric's face suddenly collapsed.

  He must have the guts.

  At this time, the Commander, whom they feared, was sitting in the private lounge, took off his military cap, and put it on the table.

  He communicated with the projection on the White Tiger aircraft, and immediately saw the beautiful and soft little wife sitting on the chair of the aircraft.

  Su Wan was thinking about whether her father would raise the issue of the management of the branch again.

  Suddenly, a handsome face appeared on the video in front of her, which shocked her!

   "Referring, Commander, aren't you in a meeting?"

   "It's over." Gu Jue watched her sit up subconsciously, feeling that the little girl was still very afraid of him, he frowned slightly.

  This person projected a video, but he didn't speak. He had a handsome face, and Su Wan felt that the air in the entire aircraft became thinner.

   It's so strange, this face is obviously Ah Jue.

  But Su Wan was somehow afraid of him.

  After deliberation, Su Wan took the initiative to say: "Commander Gu, I heard from Baihu that you want me to move there?"

"We got married."

   "...but I still have to go to school."

   "At that time, you can go to school by air vehicle. If necessary, you can live in the dormitory occasionally."

  Su Wan was taken aback, always feeling that something was wrong!

  She looked at the indifferent man in military uniform in the projection, gritted her teeth and said, "Commander Gu, the reason why you don't agree to the divorce and now let me move in is because of your bipolar period?"

  Although she was a little afraid of Gu Jue, Su Wan still planned to make it clear.

  If it is said that the oolong of the two people's marriage at the beginning was all due to her being a whim, but then the two of them got along, and they had to figure out what was going on.

   She shouldn't be someone else's exclusive potion in a vague way!

  The screen on the projection side seemed to be frozen. Su Wan once wondered if the signal was bad.

   As a result, the next moment, there were a few chirping sounds, and the communication was interrupted like this? !

  Su Wan:? ? ?

   "Baihu Baihu, what's going on?"

   Right now, the white tiger was very annoyed, it never thought that its master would do such a thing!

  Just pretend to be offline? !

  As the artificial intelligence with the most stable data information in the entire federal empire, can it take the blame?


  Bai Hu: "Sorry ma'am, I was interrupted by a very strong signal just now, ma'am, if you have something to do with the commander, can I take over the signal?"

  Su Wan nodded, "Go."

   But a minute later, Baihu said regretfully: "The commander just had an intermission, and he went to a meeting again. After he finished the meeting, let him take over, okay?"

  Su Wan feels a little weird, but Gu Jue is sure that he is very busy with everything, so she can't worry about it anymore.

   At this time, the aircraft had already parked at the entrance of the Su Family Restaurant, and Bai Hu said eagerly, "Ma'am, when will I come to pick you up?"

   "Wait for the communication from the Commander, and then we will talk about it."

   "..." Baihu analyzed it with his highly intelligent thinking and came to a conclusion.

   That is, Madam is very likely to see through the lies of its owner!

  Actually, Su Wan could probably guess that Gu Jue didn't really want to answer his own question.

   But she doesn't regret saying it either.

   Moreover, after expressing the doubts in her heart, Su Wan felt much more relaxed.

  She walked into the Su's restaurant that was about to open with easy steps.

  Sujia Restaurant focuses on rare dishes from the ancient earth, so the decoration and style also refer to the architectural style of the ancient earth in the literature.

  Red walls and green tiles, tables and chairs are made of wood, ancient paintings will be hung on the walls, and various porcelain vases will be placed on the cabinets.

  The branches in each district have a uniform decoration style.

  So, those famous guests who come here can not only taste all kinds of delicious food, but also appreciate the buildings of the ancient earth. These star coins are definitely worth the money.

  Su Wan walked through the lobby, crossed the long corridor, and came directly to the small lounge at the back.

  Grandpa Su was sitting on the master chair, drinking tea, while Su Zhen was sitting on the chair beside him with a man in a white suit, talking about something.

  Suman stood obediently by the side, adding some tea to their tea bowls from time to time.

  The man in the white suit is Su Teng, Su Zhen's cousin and Su Wan's uncle.

  Su Teng is thirty-five this year and has never been married. He is obsessed with cooking, and he is almost stunned by researching recipes.

   And now many chefs in the Su Family Restaurant are his apprentices.

  Su Wan also knew that Su Teng admired Su Man very much and thought she was very smart, so he wanted to take her as an apprentice and teach her how to cook.

   After all, Su Man has been busy building his own network in Su's restaurant these years.

  An adopted daughter who is so active, only her father Su Zhen is an idiot who can't see Su Man's ambition at all.

   "Grandpa, Dad, little uncle." Su Wan walked in and greeted the elders obediently.

  She looked at Suman.

  Looking at the faces of the father and the others, it is estimated that the petition has already been filed.

   Sure enough, when Su Zhen saw her, he frowned and said, "Xiaowan, didn't I send you a message to tell you to come after school? How did you arrive? You also said that you want to manage the branch, so how do you manage it?"

  Su Wan's beautiful eyes widened, "Ah, it's because Su Man didn't wait for me. It took me a long time to bring another aircraft over here."

  Suman immediately said aggrievedly: "Sister, I went to you and asked you when get out of class is over so we can come together, but you ignored me, closed the door directly, and hit the tip of my nose."

  As she spoke, she rubbed the tip of her nose, as if she had been hit by a door panel.

  Su Wan blinked, "I remember your nose, isn't it fake? Why, is it crooked?"


   "It's good that it's not crooked. The main reason is that I thought you left after you finished speaking, but I didn't expect you to still be there."

  Suman's mouth twitched.

  Su Zhen frowned: "Xiaowan, how did I hear that you didn't come home last night and you weren't in the dormitory, where did you go to play? You came to Imperial University to study, not to play around!"

  Su Wan chuckled lightly, "Oh, Su Man sued quite quickly, but you must know where I went last night?"

  Suman suddenly felt a little uneasy.

  But Su Teng said from the side: "Xiaowan, what are you doing mysteriously, why, what's the matter, or we elders can't know?"

  Grandpa Su didn't speak, he drank his tea slowly.

  Su Wan looked at them and said naturally: "Oh, I went to the palace to meet His Majesty and Queen yesterday."

  Su Teng: …

  Su Zhen:? ? ?

  Suman:! !

   Good night, babies



  (end of this chapter)

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