Chapter 19 Do you know Commander Gu?

  The adjutants around also held their breath, looking nervously at their ruthless Commander.

   Right now, the Commander is in a bad mood, whoever comes in through the communication at this time will be unlucky!

  Bai Hu whispered in Gu Jue's ear: "Master, you left a spare communication number for the Su family before, and Madam called. I don't know if she knows what you did before... Do you want to answer it?"

  Gu Jue did not change his expression, raised his eyes and said to everyone, "The meeting is over."

   After speaking, he turned around and entered his private lounge next door while everyone was stunned.

  Gu Jue casually unbuttoned his military uniform at the collar, and his exposed Adam's apple slid up and down. He said, "Connected."

   After a pause, he added.

   "Do not project."


  Su Wan, who was lying on the big soft bed, swayed her feet boredly.

  She silently organized her words in her mind.

  First of all, you have to ask the other party why you helped the Su family. Of course, this is a very important thing.

   But more importantly, the other party has nothing to do with Gu Jue!

   Then how to convince the other party, and then help their family get through this difficulty. Maybe some rewards will be paid at that time, but this is a matter of course.

  As long as the other party's request is not excessive, then she can agree to it.

   At this time, the communication is connected.

  Su Wan hurriedly sat upright, only to find that the other party's projector was not turned on, and it was pitch black.

   She thought, maybe the big man is more cautious, after all, he is working in the palace.

  Su Wan said in a respectful tone: "Hi, I'm Su Wan from Su's Restaurant, thank you for your help before."

  Gu Jue looked at the **** the screen, wearing a decent dress, long hair shawl, well-behaved and gentle, it didn't look like the kind of girl who just pulls someone and gets married at all.

  He asked Baihu to turn on the voice changer in advance, and the originally deep voice became a mature and gentle voice.

   "It's just a little effort."

   "Your little effort has helped our family a lot. May I take the liberty to ask, why did you help our Su family?"

   "I... like to eat the dishes of Su's restaurant."

  Su Wan understood that she was a fan of Su's restaurant, and her tone became lighter.

   "Oh, that would be a coincidence. Our family happens to be opening a branch in the first district. Yours is in the first district, right? You can eat it often in the future."


  Although the other party is a bit stingy with words, the other party likes the dishes of Su's restaurant very much, which invisibly narrows the distance between them.

  The conversation between the two went very smoothly. Although Su Wan was talking most of the time, the other party only replied with a few words.

After chatting for a while, Su Wan got to the point. She said: "Our restaurant's supply of fruits and vegetables may encounter some troubles in the short term. Can you help us again? Of course, this request is very abrupt. If you are very If it’s troublesome, no matter how we think of a way…”


  The other party's voice was very gentle, as if the sound of a cello echoed in my heart.

   And it's very fun!

  Su Wan likes beautiful people, and also likes people with nice voices, so she naturally said some words of thanks again.

  But before the communication was cut off, she asked cautiously: "Sir, I still don't know what to call you?"

   "Just call me Mr. G."

   "Then do you... know Commander Gu Juegu?"

"do not know."

  The other party answered too quickly, Su Wan was taken aback for a moment, her beautiful eyes were wide open, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and she edited in doubt.

  Gu Jue frowned, and added, "I mean, I'm not familiar with him."

   Commander's vest, tsk tsk



  (end of this chapter)

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