in the zoo.

Jiang Yan took Mu Yao and Little Pudding to finish watching the pandas, and then went to see the polar bears outside. Because of the snow, the polar bears were having a good time too.

Little Pudding was so curious that he couldn't bear to blink his eyes.

Because staying outside, the weather was very cold, Mu Yao's nose was a little red, and even her fair face was dizzy with a layer of light red from the cold, the little cherry hairpin on her hair set off her, she looked pitiful and cute .

"Let's go indoors." Jiang Yan didn't want the girl to suffer from the cold.

"it is good."

Mu Yao was also worried that the little pudding would be cold, so she looked at the small shop not far away, "The shop over there seems to sell hot drinks, do you want a little pudding?"

"Yes, the pudding should be sweet." A three-year-old child has no resistance to all sweets.

Mu Yao looked at Jiang Yan, "What about you?"

"You're here with him, I'll go buy it." Jiang Yan directly put down the pudding he was holding.

The little pudding stood obediently, with a bear hat on his head, and told Jiang Yan caringly and childishly: "Brother, walk carefully, don't fall."

Jiang Yan glanced at Fat Tuanzi indifferently, and left with long legs.

There are not many shops in the zoo, so I finally met one, and many tourists will patronize it.

Jiang Yan walked in, and there were indeed hot drinks for sale in the shop.

Thinking that Mu Yao also likes sweet drinks, he ordered a strawberry-flavored milkshake and a chocolate-flavored milkshake for the fat dumpling.

Out for a trip today, Jiang Yan didn't wear a suit, but a long black coat, looking cool and handsome. He is tall and big, with a cool and dignified demeanor, standing in a small shop, he is particularly conspicuous.

"Did you catch it?" A pretty girl standing over the snack stand quietly asked her friend.

Another curly-haired girl suppressed her excitement, "Only the side face was photographed, so handsome."

"How about I go over and ask him for his contact information?" the pretty girl asked.

"Really? Go, go, the other party will definitely be willing to add you as a friend when they see you, and I've seen someone who would reject you." The curly-haired girl nodded sharply.

The good-looking friend is also a beauty in the university, and is often sought after by many boys. Usually friends take the initiative to ask for a boy's contact information, but they haven't tried and failed. After all, which guy wouldn't like a pretty girl.

The pretty girl smiled, took out her mobile phone, and walked towards the tall black figure at the sales office.

"Hello." She took a closer look, only to find that the man in front of her was even more handsome when viewed up close, with sharp edges and corners, and dark and deep eyes.

For the first time, her heart beat uncontrollably.

Jiang Yan glanced at her indifferently.

The pretty girl coaxed her face and said in a warm voice, "Hello, I want to exchange contact information with you and make friends."

"Sir, your two milkshakes."

At this time, the clerk packed the hot drink and handed it to Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan took the bag, paid the money, then turned around and left, not to mention responding, but he didn't share the slightest bit of peripheral vision with the pretty girl next to him.

The tall figure disappeared, and the friend of the delicate girl hurried over, "How about it, have you added friends?"

Being directly ignored for the first time, the delicate girl was a little embarrassed and annoyed, "No."

"No way, you were rejected?" My friend complained, "That person really has no vision."

Mu Yao squatted beside Little Pudding, as if talking to him, Little Pudding grinned, showing her small white teeth.

Under sufficient light, the long black hair hangs naturally on the girl's shoulders. Mu Yao's expression is gentle, her eyebrows are curved, and her pretty face is so tender that it makes people want to pinch it to see if water will drip out.

Jiang Yan walked over with long legs.


Jiang Yan handed the pink strawberry milkshake to Mu Yao, then put another glass with a straw, and he handed the little pudding with bright eyes.

Little Pudding took a sip of water, held a big glass of drink, and happily drank it. After taking a sip, his big dark eyes became brighter, "Brother, this is chocolate."

Jiang Yan patted his head, then looked at Mu Yao, "Is it good?"

"Well, what about yours?"

Mu Yao took a sip of the strawberry milkshake, it was sweet and sour, and the strawberry taste was very fragrant, and a lot of strawberry pieces were added in it, which made it taste good.

"I didn't buy it." He didn't like sweet drinks.

Mu Yao glanced around, there happened to be no other tourists around at this time, she put the drink in her hand to Jiang Yan's lips, "This one won't be very sweet, would you like to have a sip?"

Jiang Yan lowered his eyes.

The girl's small mouth is rosy and beautiful, glowing with moisture.

Throat slid up and down.

The corners of Jiang Yan's lips curled up, and he put a big hand on the head of the little pudding next to him. In the next second, instead of handing over the drink to Mu Yao, he leaned forward and moved closer to Mu Yao. In astonishment, he bit her small mouth, then slipped his tongue in, and gently hooked it in.

The girl's little mouth was full of strawberry flavor, sweet.

Under the palm, Little Pudding wanted to raise his head, but Jiang Yan held it down.

"Brother, brother." Little Pudding took a big mouthful of the chocolate milkshake, and reached out to push his brother's big hand above his head.

Pudding's head can't move.

The blush spread from the base of her neck, the tips of her ears were completely red, all the milkshake in Mu Yao's mouth was sucked away, even the tip of her tongue was sucked hard, and she heard the cry of the little pudding at her feet , her heart was about to burst out.

Before she reached out to push him, Jiang Yan had already backed away.

The boy's eyes were dark, and he licked the corner of his lips with a happy expression, "It's delicious." So it's not that he doesn't like sweets.

The big hand that was pressing on top of Pudding's head was released.

Little Pudding raised his little head, pouted his little mouth, and scolded milkily: "Brother, don't press Pudding's head, Pudding won't be able to see you anymore."

Hearing this, Mu Yao's face was hot, and she glared at Jiang Yan who was opposite him in embarrassment.

After watching the polar bears, Jiang Yan took Mu Yao and Little Pudding to see other animals indoors. When they reached the corner, there happened to be no other tourists around.

Smelling the clear breath from the tip of her nose, it was the first time that Mu Yao knew that the boy was so vicious.

She held the strawberry milkshake in her hand and couldn't put it down, but Jiang Yan covered Little Pudding's eyes with one hand, leaned over, bit her lips lightly, and tasted it again. After a while, he let go of the cover The hand holding Pudding's eyes.

"Brother, Pudding can't see the way."

Little Pudding pouted, and stared at Jiang Yan with **** eyes. He felt that his brother was a bit mean.

Contrary to the cold outside, the heating was turned on indoors, and warm lights were turned on where some animals lived, making the surroundings warm.

In the Tiger Mountain room, the tiger and the cub were walking around, and from time to time they let out bursts of tiger roars, which scared the little pudding into hugging Jiang Yan's thigh, both frightened and wanting to watch.

The little guy was also very good at comforting himself, the little fat hand patted his little chest, and he said childishly: "Pudding will not be afraid, the tiger is locked up, so it can't bite pudding."

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows, "You are the fattest, and tigers like to bite more meat."

Little Pudding tightened his chubby hands around Jiang Yan's leg, "My brother is bad, pudding is not fat, but pudding is cute."

"Yes, pudding is the cutest." Mu Yao tugged at the bear ears on the top of the little guy's head, coaxing softly.

She knew that Jiang Yan liked to bully Pudding very much.

The girl is exquisite and beautiful, the boy is tall and outstanding, plus a cute little dumpling, such a trio is very eye-catching all the way, and the two girls in the small shop just now noticed them.

The delicate girl and her friend were embarrassed when they saw the tall boy not far away.

Just now they were laughing at the young man for not knowing what was good or bad, for his lack of vision, but now they looked at the girl beside him who was too beautiful to speak of, the delicate girl was simply incomparable to him.

The delicate girl blushed in embarrassment when she thought of how she confidently asked for the contact information of the other party just now, but the other party ignored her at all.

In the Mu family villa.

When Mu Xiaoxue came back from the company, she shut herself in the room.

"Xiaoxue, open the door, I'm mother." When He Xiumei came back after finishing her face, she heard the servant say that her daughter had returned.

After a while, the door of the room was opened, and Mu Xiaoxue's face with red eyes from crying appeared behind the door.

"What's the matter? What's going on?" He Xiumei always loved her daughter, and when she saw her crying, she hurried forward, "Why is Xiaoxue crying?"

He Xiumei was worried that the servant would see the joke, so she helped Mu Xiaoxue into the room and closed the door, "Tell mom, what happened?"

Before Mu Xiaoxue transmigrated, she was just a small entertainer struggling at the bottom of the entertainment circle. In the entertainment circle full of beauties, her appearance was not outstanding. Moreover, she had always had an unlucky physique. No matter what she did, All failed.

But unexpectedly, she turned out to be the heroine in the book.

She is beautiful, comes from a wealthy family, and has a golden finger like the koi system.

It was like a dream. All along, she had adapted well to this status and became the daughter of a wealthy family.

But now, not only was she hidden by the company, she also lost the koi system, and now even her favorite Jiang Yan was snatched away by Mu Yao.

"People on the Internet say that I am an illegitimate daughter, accuse me of spreading rumors to slander Xiaoyao, and, Xiaoyao is with Jiang Yan." Mu Xiaoxue said to He Xiumei with eyes.

Especially when she realized that she was not the heroine, but Mu Yao was, a wave of resentment surged up uncontrollably, she knew that Mu Yao had robbed her of the heroine role.

"Netizens scolding your illegitimate daughter?"

He Xiumei frowned slightly. Her appearance was delicate and gentle. Even in middle age, due to frequent maintenance, her appearance was a little more charming, and she was not old. In addition, her personality was gentle and considerate, and Mu Wanhai always loved her. she.

"En." Mu Xiaoxue responded in a low voice, and now everyone on the Internet thinks she is an illegitimate daughter and abuses her at will.

He Xiumei looks gentle, but it doesn't mean she has a gentle temperament, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to rely on having a daughter and eventually marry into the Mu family.

She touched Mu Xiaoxue's face, "Silly boy, you are not an illegitimate daughter."

Mu Xiaoxue looked at He Xiumei suspiciously.

He Xiumei seemed to recall, she said with a smile: "Mu Yao is not your father's daughter at all, you are the only daughter of the Mu family, how can you be an illegitimate daughter?"

Isn't Mu Yao Mu Wanhai's daughter? Why is this not mentioned in the book at all?

Mu Xiaoxue felt that something was deviating from the original plot in the book.

However, she thought that Mu Yao was originally a female cannon fodder, and after she divorced Jiang Yan, the two would never have any contact with each other again. Now, Mu Yao has become Jiang Yan's girlfriend, which is also a plot that deviates from the book. Therefore, it is no longer surprising that Mu Yao is not Mu Wanhai's daughter.

Mu Xiaoxue bit her lip, suppressing her excitement, she asked in surprise, "Why is this happening? What's going on here?"

"I used to hide it from you because you were still young." He Xiumei told her, "Ye Yun is also Mu Yao's mother, she was pregnant before she married Mu Wanhai, and Mu Yao is not Mu Wanhai's child at all. "

She and Mu Wanhai had always been lovers. However, the Mu family was in a difficult time at that time. In order to get the support of the Ye family, Mu Wanhai chose to marry Ye Yun.

This also became a thorn in her heart.

Fortunately, Ye Yun passed away within two years after giving birth.

"What about Mu Yao's biological father?" Mu Xiaoxue asked excitedly.

"No one knows, but what is certain is that the identity of Mu Yao's biological father cannot be revealed, and it is shameful. Otherwise, Ye Yun would not keep it a secret after being abandoned by a man. Even Mr. Ye didn't know that Mu Yao was not Mu Wan. daughter of the sea."

What a dazzling existence Ye Yun was in City B back then, but what a pity, wasn't she being teased by an ordinary man and then abandoned?

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoxue felt less resentment in her heart. Isn't Mu Yao the daughter of the Mu family, and her biological father abandoned her and her mother?

Those netizens called her an illegitimate daughter, but Mu Yao is a **** with an unknown father.

"Xiaoxue, you can't tell the truth about this matter, you know? It's still time to announce Mu Yao's identity, so I can only wrong you." He Xiumei touched her daughter's head and told her, "Your father will take care of it. will make it up to you."

Mu Xiaoxue wanted to ask why, but she suddenly remembered that in the book, Mu Wanhai would trick Mu Yao into signing a share transfer agreement later.

It was because of this that Mu Wanhai never announced that Mu Yao was not his biological daughter.

In the past, she might feel sorry for Mu Yao, a cannon fodder sister, and remind her, but now, knowing that Mu Yao has taken away her male lead, she will no longer sympathize with Mu Yao, and even wants to see Mu Yao in the book. The ending, came to a tragic end.

"I know, Mom."

"I know you are a sensible child, and my mother loves you very much."

He Xiumei comforted her, "As for that Jiang Yan from the Jiang family, he is really in good condition, and he is also very suitable for you, Xiaoxue, but he is already with Mu Yao, you..."

"It's ok."

When Mu Xiaoxue heard her mother mention Mu Yao's background, she had a strange look on her face.

"Mom, after a while, Jiang Yan will discover Mu Yao's true colors." She said.

A person's appearance can become beautiful, but his personality cannot be changed no matter how he conceals it. Now it's useless for Mu Yao to pretend to be the best, her arrogant and vain face will be exposed.

She remembered that there was a brief description in the book. When Mu Yao was living in the country, there was a boy she liked, and the two were still together.

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