Inside the dressing room.

Mu Xiaoxue glanced at the news on the Internet.

The photo was taken of her standing with Jiang Yan at the auction site, she was smiling, and the photo of her leaning forward to thank Jiang Yan was taken from the side and rear, as if she was leaning over Qianqian whispered to Jiang Yan again.

The news also said that Jiang Yan spent a lot of money to buy the red diamond for her.

Mu Xiaoxue clicked on the comment.

"Who is this guy? He's so handsome. He's not from the entertainment industry."

"I heard from my friends that for such a high-profile auction, people with money and no status will not get invitations. Obviously, the man in the photo has a high status."

"Leaving aside Mu Xiaoxue's character, she is quite compatible with this man."

"Aren't you confused a while ago? Why did you see Mu Xiaoxue on Hot Search again? It's not enough to spread rumors and slander my sister. Now I'm here to buy Hot Search again. It's so annoying."

"Ahhh, is there anyone like me who only pays attention to this man's long legs? I bow down to my suit pants. To be honest, Mu Xiaoxue is not worthy of such a man."

"My relative works in Jiang's Group. The man in the picture is Jiang Yan, the heir of Jiang's Group. Yes, it is Jiang's Group. So, Mu Xiaoxue has climbed a high branch?"

"Wow, is the story upstairs true? Is this the real version of the domineering president? He's so handsome, even a male star should be handsome. Not to mention, Mu Xiaoxue standing with this Jiang Yan is very eye-catching. The most important thing Yes, Mr. Ba threw ten million to vent his anger for Mu Xiaoxue, I'm sore."

"Rich people like beautiful women, and the CP feeling between the two is quite strong."

"Mu Xiaoxue is so powerful. She hooked up with the heir of the Jiang Group and received ten million red diamonds. I'm Lemon Essence, so please kill me."

"I like this couple, the domineering president and the charming flower in the entertainment circle, best wishes!"

Fang Feng looked at the corners of Mu Xiaoxue's lips, he smiled and said, "I thought you didn't like gossip before, but it turns out that you don't like the subject of gossip."

Mu Xiaoxue admitted generously, "Well, only he can do it."

Fang Feng glanced at her and said with a smile: "Okay, I know you like the heir of the Jiang Group. Just now, two brands have expressed interest in contacting us and want to speak for you." Advertisers are like this, The limelight turned very fast.

"Just check it out." Mu Xiaoxue called Jiang Yan again, but she still didn't answer.

Isn't Jiang Yan angry with her?

Mu Xiaoxue bit her lips, and she simply sent a message to Jiang Yan: [A Yan, I'm sorry about the news on the Internet. Because I am an artist, I am more concerned by the reporters. When they photographed me standing with you, they spread rumors randomly. However, you don't need to care, when the heat passes, netizens will forget about it. 】

She hit send.

This afternoon, she deliberately stood with Jiang Yan in order for the reporters to take pictures. Although she thought carefully, this time the hype was not planned by her team. The reporters at the auction helped her invisibly. Even if Jiang Yan was angry and asked to investigate, she could not be blamed.

At this time, the door of the dressing room was pushed open, and the assistant carried a pair of male and female bear dolls in both hands.

"Sister Xiaoxue, this is a gift from a fan." The assistant brought the two bear dolls in front of Mu Xiaoxue.

Mu Xiaoxue took a look, "Did you thank the fans for me?" After what happened last time, she is now at a low point, and she needs to stabilize the fans who like her.

"Yes, the other party asked me to tell you that he will always like you, support you, and never leave you." The assistant relayed the fan's words.

Mu Xiaoxue was quite happy to have fans like her like this, "Have the fans left?"

"Sister Xiaoxue, he probably hasn't left yet."

"Yeah." Mu Xiaoxue took a piece of cardboard from the side, and signed on it, "You can give it to the fans for me, and say that I thank her for her support."


Outside the door of the assistant's studio, he saw that the male fan was still there. He was wearing a brown coat with a blue plaid shirt inside, which was neither fish nor fowl.

However, the assistant didn't show any disgust, "You haven't left yet, this is Sister Xiaoxue's autographed name, I gave it to you, she is very grateful for your support for her."

The male fan took the card with both hands excitedly, looking at the signature on it, he was a little incoherent, "I will always like Xiaoxue, and I will always stand behind her." The male fan carefully hid the card in the inner pocket of the coat inside.

Time passed bit by bit, and Jiang Yan was so tormented that he couldn't sit still. Seeing the redness in the corner of the girl's eyes, he scratched his heart and lungs in pain.

Jiang Yan stood on tiptoe, trying to lick the moisture from the corner of the girl's eyes, but he was not tall enough.

The wait was long and unbearable, Jiang Yan stared at the wall clock, knowing that when the hour hand pointed to nine o'clock, the tense string in his heart broke.

The next second, when Jiang Yan opened his eyes again, he was in the office, and he raised his head from the desk.

Taking the jacket next to him, Jiang Yan strode out.

It took nearly 20 minutes to drive from Jiang's Building to the old community. Along the way, Jiang Yan frantically stepped on the gas pedal and arrived in only ten minutes.

Standing in front of Mu Yao's residence, Jiang Yanxu put on a serious look on his face before he rang the doorbell.

Along the way, the tightness in his chest and the anxiety made it difficult for him to breathe. It was not until the door was opened, and he looked at the delicate figure standing behind the door, that his heart calmed down.

"What are you doing here?" The girl's soft voice was somewhat annoyed.


It was obvious that he had done nothing wrong, but at this moment he felt inexplicably guilty.

Mu Yao stared at Jiang Yan with her dark eyes for a while, then she stepped aside, "Come in."

Jiang Yan followed her and saw Mu Yao sitting down on the sofa. He walked over and wanted to sit down beside her.

However, the next second, the girl's little hand pushed him away, "Sit over there."

There wasn't even a place for him if it wasn't explained clearly.

For fear of offending Mu Yao, Jiang Yan obediently sat down on the single sofa next to him.

The boy is tall and tall, sitting on the narrow single sofa, he looks a little embarrassed, and there is nowhere to put his long legs.

"Did you participate in the auction with Mu Xiaoxue today?"

Mu Yao didn't beat around the bush at all, and asked directly.

"Absolutely not. I didn't know she was there too." Jiang Yan was so annoyed now that when Mu Xiaoxue greeted him today, he should have avoided him, not even giving her a chance to get close.

"You threw a lot of money for her at the auction?" Mu Yao continued to question.

"No, the news is all scribbled. That Mu Xiaoxue has nothing to do with me. The red diamond I photographed is for you." After he got the diamond in the afternoon, he had already sent it to the Human processing and cutting to make hair clips.

Jiang Yan's eyes darkened, "I will deal with the news on the Internet, no one can escape who spreads the rumors and publishes the news." He looked at Mu Yao eagerly, "Yao Yao, you have to trust me."

The room became quiet, and Jiang, who was lying on the sofa, had already fallen asleep, and he didn't know if he was dreaming. He smacked his mouth, whimpering.

"Well, I believe you." Mu Yao said.

Hearing this, Jiang Yan was stunned, so easy?

"Is there anything else you need? I'm sleepy." The meaning in Mu Yao's words was obvious, and she asked him to leave.

Jiang Yan looked at the girl in a tangerine nightgown with dark eyes.

Under the light, Mu Yao has bright eyes and bright teeth, and her long black hair hangs naturally on her shoulders. Such a sweet and gentle color makes her lively and lively.

However, her red lips were slightly pursed, where was her usual sweet smile?

Jiang Yan stood up, walked over in two steps, and sat down beside the girl cheekily, "You believe me, why are you still angry? Is it because I don't answer your phone? That's because..."

The girl's juicy eyes looked at him.

Jiang Yan paused, how could he tell her that he turned into a dog and stayed by her side all the time, it was so unbelievable, she would think he was crazy, or she would think he was lying and prevaricating, which one? The results were all he didn't want.

"I fell asleep in the lounge, turned my phone to silent, and forgot to be on my desk. I didn't know you called me. I'm sorry to make you worry and anxious."

The man's deep voice was full of tenderness, "Jiang's Group has installed surveillance cameras everywhere, and I can ask someone to call out the surveillance cameras to prove that I have just left the building and have not gone anywhere."

He was indeed asleep, but it was forced to fall asleep, and he was not lying to the girl.

"No, I trust you."

Whether it's the description of Jiang Yan in the book or her understanding of Jiang Yan, she knows that Jiang Yan doesn't know how to play with emotions, and she doesn't bother with people who play with emotions.

If Jiang Yan really likes Mu Xiaoxue, he will pursue Mu Xiaoxue directly, not flirting.

Moreover, from her point of view, since they decided to be together, they need more trust and honesty is very important.

Jiang Yan explained to her frankly that she chose to believe him.

"But it's one thing to trust you, it's another thing to feel uncomfortable."

She can be rational, but she can't control the pain in her heart. Any girl who makes so many phone calls will feel wronged if her boyfriend doesn't respond at all.

"I know."

He was with her just now, and when he saw her red eyes, he felt so uncomfortable that he might as well stab him in the heart with a knife.

He held the girl's cheeks with slightly callused big hands. He leaned close to her and kissed the corners of her eyes in her clear and dewy gaze. He really wanted to do this just now, but unfortunately the dog was too short to hold her cheeks. no.

The light-colored thin lips were hot, and they pressed down on the corners of the girl's eyes. After kissing her a few times, he still felt unsatisfied. He stuck out the tip of his tongue and gently licked away the moisture from the corners of her eyes.

The corners of Mu Yao's eyes turned even redder, not from grievances, but from the tip of the man's tongue.

She was ashamed as if she was a little peachy.

The long eyelashes fluttered slightly, and the corners of her eyes were always wet and greasy. Her body stepped back, her face was flushed, "It's so dirty, why are you licking everything like ginger."

Last night, she thought he was drunk, so he would bark like a puppy and keep licking her face, but now, he is not drunk, why is he still licking her like a puppy.

The thin lips curled up, and Jiang Yan wanted to move closer, "It's not dirty, Yaoyao is sweet everywhere."

Mu Yao was still a little angry, she didn't want to forgive him easily tonight, she stretched out her hand and directly covered Jiang Yan's mouth, "No more kisses, let's go, I'm sleepy."

The girl's palm was soft, with a light scent of shower gel, Jiang Yan kissed, the coldness in the dark eyes faded, and a smile overflowed.

Jiang Yan was driven out of the residence by Mu Yao, who looked at her eagerly, like an abandoned dog.

Seeing the young man's expression, the little anger in Mu Yao's heart disappeared, "You lower your head."

Jiang Yan obeyed obediently.

Mu Yao stood on tiptoe slightly and approached Jiang Yan. Under his dark and shiny eyes, her red lips parted slightly, and then she bit his lower lip lightly, her white teeth just biting against him. The location of the little red mole.

There was a slight tingling and numbness, and Jiang Yan's heart beat wildly. He wanted to hug the delicate person into his arms, but the girl backed away quickly, and she smiled at him with crooked eyebrows. In a second, she closed the door, and the tangerine skirt disappeared behind the door.

When the fingertips touched the bitten place, Jiang Yan's heart felt sharp, and he wished to drown in this feeling.

After standing in front of the door for a while, Jiang Yan went upstairs.

He took out his mobile phone and directly ordered to the other end of the line to clear all the information about him on the Internet and find out who spread the rumors.

Early the next morning, as soon as the sky brightened, Jiang Yan received a call from Mr. Jiang.

"Grandpa." He pinched the center of his eyebrows, and his dark eyes became clearer.


Mr. Jiang's angry voice came from the other end of the phone, and he asked angrily, "The news is true. Did you get involved with the eldest daughter of the Mu family?"

"No." Jiang Yan sat up.

Mr. Jiang knew Jiang Yan's character well. If his grandson said no, then he didn't.

Mr. Jiang snorted angrily, "Hmph, then you should pay attention to it. After all these news, you say how sad that child Xiaoyao is."

"I've explained it to her."

He doesn't know what other people's girlfriends are like, but his girlfriend, when others don't believe him, she is willing to listen to his explanation docilely and communicate with him instead of crying and accusing him , His Yaoyao's thoughtfulness makes people feel distressed.

Hearing this, Mr. Jiang's anger subsided a little, "Let me tell you, next time there is such a scandal, you hurt Xiaoyao's heart, see if I can break your leg!"

Jiang Yan is used to his grandfather loving Mu Yao more than him. His voice just woke up was very low and hoarse, "If there is another time, I don't need you to take action, Grandpa, I will do it myself."

Only then did Mr. Jiang snort in satisfaction, "I heard that the board of directors has approved the establishment of a branch."

Jiang Yan didn't take it seriously, "The group of old antiques are looking for you?"

"I'm letting go of it now, let me do whatever you want."

In the past, he cared about the affection of a group of old courtiers and pampered them more and more. Now Jiang Yan is more ruthless and decisive than him. It is also a good thing to deal with moths in the group.

Jiang Yan twitched the corners of his lips, "I thought you wanted me to show mercy."

Mr. Jiang stared at the other end of the phone, "I'm old, and it's not like I don't know right from wrong."

Someone on the Internet discovered that a new message was posted under the account of the Jiang Group: [Reporting Mr. Jiang's words: I already have a girlfriend, and the red diamond is also given to my girlfriend. It has nothing to do with a certain actress, and the rumormonger will be held accountable. 】

Although the number of fans who follow Jiang Yan Group is not as high as that of top-tier celebrities, there are still millions of them. In addition, Jiang Yan was on the trending search yesterday. Many netizens went to the official account to find more photos of Jiang Yan Here, not only did they pay attention to the official account, some netizens also left messages asking for the president's photo.

Qing Leng's official account became much more lively.

As soon as the news came out today, the fans of the former Buddhism, as well as the newly added fans yesterday, immediately became melon-eating people.

"I'm dying of laughter. I think Mu Xiaoxue is the fastest actress in the entertainment circle. This is the third time. Every time she is on the hot search list, she is quickly slapped in the face. She has become my laughing stock." gone."

"Everyone, please pay attention to Mr. Jiang's words. A certain actress, hahaha, I found out that Mr. Jiang has a strong desire to survive. He must have made his girlfriend angry last night."

"I'm so sour. Although I don't know who this Jiang Yan's girlfriend is, but as the heir of such a large group, he has no hesitation in announcing that he has a girlfriend. It's true love."

"A certain actress, isn't she talking about Mu Xiaoxue, who just finished the trending search yesterday? Damn, she couldn't be the one who deliberately pulled Mr. Jiang into the scandal yesterday. According to Mu Xiaoxue's scheming in the past, I don't think I have any. Wrong guess."

"I'm so embarrassed for Mu Xiaoxue. Jiang always has a girlfriend. She doesn't want to be a three. I still remember that she is an illegitimate daughter, and her mother is also a three. It really is hereditary."

"This is the fastest official clarification I've ever seen. Between the lines, I can feel President Jiang's full dislike for a certain actress, and he doesn't even want to mention her name."

"The president with the strongest desire to survive, I'm in love with him, I feel that President Jiang's girlfriend is definitely not the white lotus type like Mu Xiaoxue."

"A certain actress who is rumored to be rumored to have been fired by the president of a large group should quit the circle, don't act well, and think about being a moth all day long, vomit."

Netizens are extremely disgusted with Mu Xiaoxue's younger sister spreading rumors, and now she is making scandals with the CEO who has a girlfriend. Many people ran to Mu Xiaoxue's account to start scolding.

At this time, the Mu family.

Ever since old lady Mu came back, Mu Xiaoxue would try her best to spend breakfast with her, and it's the same today.

The old lady Mu was in good spirits. She looked at her beloved granddaughter, "Xiaoxue, why did I hear that you went to the auction with that child from the Jiang family?"

"Grandma, Jiang Yan and I met by chance." Mu Xiaoxue replied with a smile.

"Meeting is fate. Didn't Mu Yao break off the engagement with that child from the Jiang family? If you really like him, take the initiative. Although that child Jiang Yan has a cold face, with the background of the Jiang family, his ability is not bad. It's enough to be worthy of my eldest granddaughter." Mrs. Mu laughed.

In Mrs. Mu's opinion, the eldest granddaughter is good-looking, she has been cultivated in etiquette and temperament since she was a child, she is absolutely outstanding, and she is absolutely qualified to be the mistress of the Jiang family.

Embarrassment appeared on Mu Xiaoxue's face, "Grandma, I know Jiang Yan is fine, but..."

She thought of Jiang Yan's estranged attitude towards her at the auction, but she also thought of Jiang Yan's rejection of any girl all this time, and the uneasiness in her heart faded away.

Mu Xiaoxue nodded, and responded, "Grandma, I know how to do it."

"The favorability value has dropped by minus 5%."

"The favorability value has dropped by minus 10%."

"The favorability value has dropped by minus 15%."

"The favorability value has dropped by minus 20%."

The voice in my head didn't stop until the favorability value dropped to minus 100%. And every time Mu Xiaoxue heard the drop, her face turned paler, until she heard that the koi system was suspended for a year, her face with exquisite makeup turned pale instantly.

Today was Saturday, after Jiang Yan hung up on Mr. Jiang's phone call, he washed up, then went downstairs and rang the girl's doorbell.

Standing in front of the door, he felt that his move to Mu Yao's upstairs was really wise.

After a while, the door was opened.

I saw the black eyes of the girl behind the door watery, she must have been awake for a while.

Her hair was tied into a loose bun, revealing her curvaceous neck, and there were naughty hair hanging down on both sides of her face, making her small face even more porcelain white and smooth.

She was still wearing a tangerine nightdress, a pair of white wide-tube stockings on her feet, and soft-soled fur shoes.

Jiang Yan stepped forward and looked down at her, "Morning."

"Morning, do you have something to do so early?"

When she was sleeping last night, Mu Yao was not angry with Jiang Yan anymore.

Jiang Yan's thin lips curled up, "Well, we're dating today."

Ever since Mu Yao agreed to be his girlfriend, the old man was hospitalized immediately. He took over the affairs of the group and still had the chance to date her. He felt wronged for Mu Yao.

Mu Yao was dragged upstairs by Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan said that if he didn't eat the food in the refrigerator, it would be stale and he would throw it away, so he asked her to come up for breakfast.

However, until she went upstairs and saw a pair of brand new pink slippers that Jiang Yan had brought out, for some reason, she felt that he asked her to go upstairs for the new pair of slippers.

The last time she came here, she was wearing Jiang Yan's men's slippers.

Mu Yao looked at the boy squatting in front of her, holding her ankle and putting on new slippers for her, her ears turned red.

"Does it look good?" Jiang Yan looked up at her.

Mu Yao nodded, "Yes."

It's just a little childish, there are two cat ears on the pink slippers, she thinks it's a little girl's style.

However, she likes it very much.

When Jiang Yan heard the girl say he liked it, the corners of his lips rose slightly, and he stood up, "Go and sit in the living room, and I'll make you breakfast."

"You do?" Mu Yao blinked.

"Well, I'll do it." It's just a mere breakfast, and it doesn't bother him.

At this time, the door bell rang.

Jiang Yan frowned, why would someone look for him?

He walked over and opened the door. He looked at Uncle Jiang behind the door, and the next second, his thigh was hugged by a ball.

Fat Tuanzi hugged Jiang Yan's thigh with his two small hands. He raised his head and said in a childlike voice, "Brother, brother, Pudding wants to play with you."

Jiang Yan lowered his head, looked at the dumpling on his legs, his temples throbbed, "Uncle Jiang, take him away."

Keep this little guy here, why is he dating Mu Yao today, the two of them get along alone, so, absolutely, you can't let him stay.

"Who's here?" Mu Yao walked over from behind, "Uncle Jiang."

"Beautiful sister." Little Pudding's big round eyes lit up when he saw Mu Yao, he still remembered this sister, she would let him eat cake.

"Brother, Pudding won't leave, Pudding wants to play with the beautiful sister." Fat Tuanzi got off Jiang Yan's lap and hugged Mu Yao instead.

Mu Yao looked at the white and fat dumpling in astonishment, why did she feel that Jiang Yan's younger brother had grown flesh?

"Jiang Puding, come down." Seeing Tuanzi hugging Mu Yao's slender legs, Jiang Yan's eyes darkened, he reached out and lifted the little guy up.

"The pudding won't go, the pudding won't go."

Fat Tuanzi held two short legs and looked at Jiang Yan pitifully with a flat mouth.

Uncle Jiang said: "Master, the young master came to the old house early in the morning, crying to find you."

The young master has always liked the young master very much. Others are afraid of the young master's stern face, but the young master is not afraid at all. Instead, he likes to stick to the young master's body and chase after the young master like a sticky insect.

"Jiang Yan, let your brother stay, he must miss you very much." Mu Yao also said, she likes little pudding very much.

Hearing Mu Yao's words, Little Pudding's eyes brightened, and he looked at Jiang Yan longingly.

"Don't cry." Jiang Yan warned the dumpling in his hand.

"Pudding is a man, he won't cry."

After finishing speaking, Little Pudding sucked his nose pitifully, woo woo woo, my brother almost didn't want pudding anymore.

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