Thinking of this, Jiang Yan's slightly frowned brows relaxed.

"Uncomfortable." Mu Yao's face rubbed against Jiang Yan's arms again, and the dark pattern buttons on the white shirt made her extremely uncomfortable.

"Don't move around." The girl in his arms was fragrant and soft, and Jiang Yan pressed her head.

"Yaoyao doesn't move."

Mu Yao obediently responded, she closed her eyes and began to sleep obediently.

The room became quiet, and the air was tainted with Mu Yao's fruity fragrance, with a sweet breath.

Under the palm, the girl's hair is soft and smooth.

Jiang Yan tightened his jaw, and gradually let go of his hands, "Mu Yao, you lie down and sleep by yourself."

The person in his arms didn't respond, and leaned softly against him.

Jiang Yan pushed her away a little, only to see her eyes closed tightly, falling asleep.

Trouble fine!

Frowning slightly, Jiang Yan supported Mu Yao, put her on the bed, pulled the quilt aside, and covered her up.

After closing the door, Jiang Yan walked out.

"Ayan, are you here?" Mu Xiaoxue glanced at the door that had just been closed, she smiled and said, "You've been out for a long time, so I'll come out to take a look."

"Yes." Jiang Yan passed by her side.

A fruity scent drifted by, and Mu Xiaoxue's eyes darkened, "Ayan, have you seen Xiaoyao? I didn't find her."

Jiang Yan kept stepping, his back was cold, "I haven't seen it before."

When eating at noon, Mu Yao was woken up by a servant.

Half of the alcohol was gone, she opened her eyes, her consciousness was still dazed, she stopped being coquettish, but became extremely obedient, responding to what others said, "Okay."

The lunch was very rich, and the long table was full of various dishes.

Everyone had already sat down on the dining chairs, and because of Mr. Jiang's presence, many people became cautious.

"Is Xiaoyao awake?" Mr. Jiang asked the housekeeper.

"Miss Mu Yao has woken up." As soon as the butler Uncle Jiang finished speaking, Mu Yao came down from upstairs.

Looking at the people already seated, she was extremely embarrassed, "I'm sorry, Grandpa Jiang, I overslept."

Everyone's eyes fell on Mu Yao.

She had just woken up, her face was still red from drunkenness, her eyes were watery, a little hazy, bright and moving, and everyone present were stunned.

Many people already knew that this was Mu Yao, Jiang Yan's former engagement partner. Before, they had always heard that she was dark and earthy, and she came from the countryside, but they didn't expect that she was not only not ugly, but also extremely beautiful.

Noticing the expressions of other people, Jiang Yan's eyes sank in displeasure.

"Xiaoyao is here, sit down quickly." Mr. Jiang signaled Mu Yao to sit down next to him, and Jiang Yan was sitting opposite.

"Let's start eating. You don't need to be cautious, just pretend that I, an old man, don't exist." After all, Mr. Jiang knew that everyone was afraid of him, and his serious face softened.

"Grandpa Jiang, I'm not polite." It was Lu Chen who spoke. The Lu family and the Jiang family are considered family friends. Lu Chen often came to Jiang's house to play, and he respected Mr. Jiang more.

Mu Xiaoxue looked at Mu Yaopiao, and she asked, "Xiao Yao, where were you just now? I haven't been able to find you."

"I'm drunk and I'm sleeping." At this time, Mu Yao answered every question, her voice was soft and soft, her eyes were watery, full of the smell of alcohol.

Mu Xiaoxue was surprised by Mu Yao's cuteness, her eyes fell on Mu Yao's pink face, she understood, "Is the guest room on the second floor?"

Mu Yao nodded: "Yes."

Mu Xiaoxue didn't ask any more questions, she cared: "Xiaoyao, after drinking wine, you will feel better if you drink some hot soup."

"Okay, thank you." Mu Yao took the hot soup in her hand and took a sip. Because it was a little hot, she subconsciously pursed her lips.

Stained with water color, the red lips are shiny and very beautiful.

Mu Yao raised her head and looked at Jiang Yan who was staring at her across the way. She blinked blankly, and the next second, her eyebrows were curved, and her beautiful red lips were raised.

Good-looking and cute.

Jiang Yan's hand holding the chopsticks tightened, he looked away in embarrassment, his chest seemed to be about to explode! He thinks Mu Yao who is drunk is extremely stupid!

In the afternoon, everyone proposed to watch a horror movie in the movie theater. Of course, the boys didn't care. Several girls were afraid and looking forward to it, and even deliberately picked a place closer to Jiang Yan.

After all, it is scary and tense, and in a dark atmosphere, it is most likely to happen something that people look forward to.

The screen in the film and television hall was huge, and Mu Yao was sitting in the corner of the sofa, hugging a pillow that she didn't know where it came from, sitting quietly by herself.

She looked at the screen with a quiet side face.

On the other side, Jiang Yan was sitting in the middle of the sofa, with Mu Xiaoxue on the left and Chen Qinghui on the right.

The light on the screen was completely dimmed, and the room was plunged into darkness.

In the next second, a terrifying ghost suddenly appeared on the screen, scaring several girls to scream.

In the tense atmosphere, Jiang Yan got up and walked outside.

Mu Yao looked at the screen, unlike other girls, she looked at the screen with big eyes blinking, she was not afraid of the ghosts in the movie, she was very calm.

Suddenly, the place next to her sank slightly, and a tall figure sat down.

In the dark, no one noticed the corner of the sofa.

The tall figure was extremely domineering, and immediately took up Mu Yao's loose space, and she was squeezed to sit against the wall.

Mu Yao turned her head and looked at the tall figure with the light of the screen.

"Take it."

A deep voice sounded, and a bottle of... yogurt was stuffed into Mu Yao's hand.

Mu Yao looked at Jiang Yan blankly.

The tip of the nose is a girl's sweet fruity scent, Jiang Yan's face is clear and handsome, "Look what I do, drink."

Little idiot!

There was a hint of warmth on the yogurt bottle, obviously the temperature left by the big hand. Mu Yao responded softly: "Okay."

In the next second, a fruit bowl was placed on the pillow on Mu Yao's thigh, and it was filled with washed clean, dark red and purple cherries.

Mu Yao blinked her eyes, and smiled with her small mouth, "Yao Yao likes to eat this."

The knuckle-boned fingers were tightly clenched, and the tip of the heart was like being bitten by an ant. It didn't hurt, it was crispy and numb.

Jiang Yan didn't look sideways, letting the darkness cover his bright eyes.

After the movie is over, the lights in the theater are turned on.

Mu Xiaoxue tried to find Jiang Yan's figure. When she was watching a movie just now, she realized that he was not there.

Involuntarily, she immediately went to look at Mu Yao at the corner of the sofa, and saw that she was alone, sitting there quietly, holding a plate of cherries, eating lukewarmly.

At this time, the door of the film and television hall was opened, and Jiang Yan walked in from the outside.

The uneasiness in Mu Xiaoxue's heart faded slightly, and she looked at him with a smile on her face.

"Brother Yan, where have you been? You weren't there when you watched the ghost movie just now, were you afraid and hid?" Chen Qinghui joked.

Jiang Yan sneered coldly: "Boring."

It was the second day after Mu Yao regained consciousness completely, and she still knew her own wine taste. She had asked her mother about her drunk appearance before, and her mother said that she was very good. So this time, she shouldn't have made any jokes.

There was Professor Xu's class in the morning, and Mu Yao came to the laboratory early.

Looking at all kinds of spices on the shelves, Mu Yao's hands were a little itchy. After passing through, she didn't even mix the spices.

"Mu Yao, morning."

A clear male voice sounded behind him, and Fu Zhengran walked in from the outside. He was wearing a light blue shirt today, and he looked even more refined and handsome.

"Good morning, monitor." Mu Yao responded with a smile.

Fu Zhengran walked up to Mu Yao, and said to her: "These spices are newly bought, there are more than 500 kinds, other spice schools will also purchase them one after another, I believe there will be more complete by then."

Mu Yao's eyes lit up.

In the past, she owned a small spice library with thousands of spices, but now she is very poor, and the more than 500 spices in front of her are already a treasure for her. This is why she is determined to change majors. Only when she comes to the Department of Flavors and Fragrances can she have the opportunity to come into contact with so many spices.

Fu Zhengran looked at her, and asked gently: "This Saturday, there will be a small spice exhibition on Nanjiao Road. Are you interested in going to see it? I happen to have tickets."

Of course Mu Yao is interested.

The school's spices can be used in the laboratory and cannot be taken out. She wants to make some perfumes and sell them for money, so she needs spices. "Squad leader, how much is the ticket?" She wanted to buy it.

"The ticket was given by my father's friend. There is no one around me who is interested in this aspect. If you are interested, just treat it as visiting with me." Fu Zhengran said with a smile.

Mu Yao doesn't like to take advantage of others, "Then I'll treat you to dinner, monitor."

"it is good."

When class was about to start, Xu Yan didn't even think about it, and rushed to sit next to Mu Yao, "Xiao Yao, you arrived early?" She began to dig out things from her bag, buns, potato chips, biscuits, Chewing gum, sour plum, drinks...

She didn't eat breakfast, so she took a big bite of the steamed stuffed bun, "Xiao Yao, do you want some? I brought a lot of food."

"I also just arrived not long ago, no need, thank you, I also brought food." Mu Yao smiled.

Hearing the food, Xu Yan's eyes lit up instantly, "What delicious food did you bring?"

"I brought some fruit, do you want some?" Mu Yao took out the crisper box filled with cherries and cherries, opened the lid, and it was filled with small, cute, crystal-clear dark red fruits.

"I don't like to eat fruit." Xu Yan was about to wave her hand to refuse, but when her eyes fell on Mu Yao's beautiful little face, she swallowed, and immediately changed her mouth, "Then I'll eat one."

Contrary to her liking for junk food, over the past few days, she found that Mu Yao would bring a box of cherries or cherries to school every day, eating very healthy.

If she followed Mu Yao's example and ate a little more fruit, would she be as beautiful as her?

"Well, try it, these are very sweet." Mu Yao pushed the crisper over.

Xu Yan was not polite, she directly picked up a cherries and put them in her mouth, it was crisp and sweet, fresh and plump, "It's delicious."

"Then you can eat more." Mu Yao said with a smile.

"Wuuuuuu, Xiao Yao, why are you so beautiful and have such a good personality? If I had your face, I would walk sideways in school." Xu Yan really likes Mu Yao, she is so delicate and beautiful, pure and watery, with a good temper And a kind girl, who doesn't like it.

The boys in the class don't need to say more, there are often boys in the slow class who want to send love letters to Mu Yao, but they are blocked by the people in their class. Moreover, there was an activity to select the school beauty on the campus forum these days, and none of them put Mu Yao's photo on it.

According to the boys in the class, the pets of their own class will never be snatched away by pigs from other classes. Now, they wish Mu Yao could keep a low profile and keep a low profile so that no one would notice her beauty.

It was getting dark.

In the small building, when Jiang Yan walked over, he found that his paw was pressing on a leather ball. It was obvious that the stupid dog was playing with it just now.

He raised his dog's paw and slapped the ball away.

The ball landed at Mu Yao's feet, she was answering the phone.

"Squad leader?" Mu Yao was surprised that Fu Zhengran called her.

Over there, Jiang Yan walked to the side of the quilt, lay down lazily, closed his eyes and rested.

On the phone, Fu Zhengran's voice was gentle and clear, "It's me, calling you suddenly, will it disturb you?"

"No, monitor, do you have anything to do with me?" Mu Yao saw that Jiang had stopped playing football, so she walked over.

After taking the torn beef jerky, Mu Yao held the phone in one hand, and picked up the beef jerky in the other to feed Ginger.

"On Saturday, do you mind if I bring Tong Xin? She heard that I was going to the exhibition with you today, so she asked to see you." Fu Zhengran was really embarrassed, and he never thought that his sister would like Mu so much. Yao.

A boy's voice came from the phone, and Jiang Yan, who was lying on the quilt, opened his eyes instantly and pricked up his right ear.

"You said little Tong Xin is coming too? I don't mind, I like her very much." Mu Yao fed a piece of beef jerky into Jiang Jiang's mouth.

Her right ear was erected vigilantly, Mu Yao wants to go out with other men?

"The exhibition starts in the morning, let's make an appointment at nine o'clock, what do you think?" Fu Zhengran asked.

"No problem, then let's meet at the gate of the exhibition at nine o'clock on Saturday morning." Mu Yao said.

Fu Zhengran smiled lightly, and his voice became more warm, "I will send the address to your mobile phone later."

"Okay, thank you, monitor."

After hanging up the phone, Mu Yao lowered her head and saw Jiang's right ear pricked up high, a kind of indescribably cute. She rubbed its head, "Why is the little thing in a daze after eating?"

Biting the beef jerky in his mouth, Jiang Yan's round dog eyes gave Mu Yao a fierce look.

He recognized that the call was from the boy he met in the mall before, and the other party seemed to be in the same class as Mu Yao.

She has only been transferred for more than a week, and she actually started dating him?

The light in the dog's eyes sank, and the beef jerky completely lost its flavor.

After feeding the ginger, Mu Yao went into the bathroom to take a shower.

On the bed, there was the sound of the mobile phone receiving a message. The dog's eyes lit up, and Jiang Yan's chubby dog ​​body jumped onto the bed.

Jiang stretched out a dog's paw to press the phone, and found that the phone had been set with a password by Mu Yao.

The screen lights up, showing unread messages, but only the time agreed at the beginning, and the location of the appointment is hidden behind, and you need to turn on the phone to see it.

Gritting the dog's teeth, Jiang Yan wanted to input numbers, but the toes of the dog's paws were tightly hugged, and they couldn't type flexibly like human fingers.

Jiang Yan clumsily pressed the screen with the side toes of his paw, and the first number succeeded.

He continued to press.

wrong password.

He didn't know the password of Mu Yao's mobile phone.

I don't know how long it took, Mu Yao came out of the shower, she was wearing a white nightgown, because she had just taken a shower, her fair skin was slightly pink. The thin and soft hair tips were soaked with water, and they were wet, hanging down naturally on both sides.

Pretty and fresh.

Jiang Yan moved his dog's eyes away unnaturally.

"Ginger, why did you come to my bed again?" She hadn't seen the little thing sneaking onto her bed for a while, and she thought it had been changed, but she didn't expect to be caught on the scene again.

She walked over and held the little thing in her arms.

The wet hair fell on Jiang Yan's neck, head, and ear tips, and there was an indescribable itchiness.

Because just after taking a bath, the scent on Mu Yao's body seemed to be wet too, it was wet and soft, mixed with the scent of shower gel, it smelled very good, so he moved the dog's body unnaturally.

Mu Yao hugged it tightly and sat down beside the bed, she grabbed one of the little thing's paws and checked, "Are the little feet dirty?"

Ginger's dog paws are small, round and a little fat. Because I didn't go out in the room all day, it wasn't dirty.

Mu Yao rubbed Jiang Yan's dog's head, and praised, "Ginger is the cleanest dog." After speaking, she put the little thing aside, and then reached for the phone.

Seeing this, Jiang Yan hurried to Mu Yao's side, wanting to watch her unlock it, but Stupid Dog's body was too short, he couldn't see the phone screen at all.

Jiang Yan was in a hurry.

He voluntarily climbed onto Mu Yao's legs, his round dog body trying to penetrate Mu Yao's body.

"What's wrong? Do you want me to hug it?" Mu Yao stroked its dog's head.

"Woof." Jiang Yan shook the dog's body, learning to beg for a hug in shame.

Mu Yao thought it was funny, so she picked up Jiang.

Jiang Yan lay obediently in her arms, but in the next second, he was placed on the small quilt.

"Ginger is going to bed." Mu Yao unlocked the phone and read the message.

Jiang Yan lay on the floor, dumbfounded.

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