This is a proposition.

Nalan Yun listened to it in his ears, and his heart was clearly like a mirror.

Qu Tianhan is not a woman to provoke.

Nalan Yun also knew it well in his heart.

In the ninth life ago, she was known for her ruthless iceberg.

When getting along with the other nine female protagonists, they rarely smile.

In the end, because of his blackened heart, he killed Xu Ze with his own hands.

And in this life, there has been such a change.

It inevitably made Nalan Yun feel a little afraid in his heart.

Although Qu Tianhan's eyes did not show any killing intent.

But Nalan Yun could see the hint of threat hidden in the depths of Qu Tianhan's eyes.

In this regard, Nalan Yun chose to remain silent.

"Oh, don't speak?" Seeing this, Qu Tianhan smiled.

"Xiaoyun, in the first nine lives, among the ten of us, the only person I liked was "Four-Two-Seven" was you. "

"I really treat you as a sister. "

"Can't you, tell me the truth?" As he spoke, Qu Tianhan stretched out his hand and gently covered the back of Nalan Yun's thin hand.

Nalan Yun lowered his eyes, and his eyes were on the few holy land books that Qu Tianhan had given him.

After being silent for a long time, Nalan Yun put down the book collection and bowed slightly to Qu Tianhan: "Farewell." "

With that, he turned around and left the hall.

Qu Tianhan was a little surprised.

Looking at the few books on the table, Qu Tianhan's eyes became more and more dangerous.

"It seems that there are really a lot of women staring at Xu Ze in this life...... Do you want to rekindle your old relationship with him?"

"Hmph, how could I let you succeed. "

Qu Tianhan's heart, since he confessed to Xu Ze, began to become more and more selfish.

She is reluctant to share Xu Ze with other women!

She used all means to occupy Xu Ze!

Xu Ze inexplicably felt that his nose was itchy.

He feels this way every time something bad is going to happen.

It can't be related to the ancient spirits, right?

Just thinking about it, the sedan chair stopped outside Nalan Mansion.

Nalan Honghe respectfully lifted the sedan curtain: "Holy Son, Nalan Mansion has arrived." "

"Hmm. "

After getting off the sedan chair and looking at the magnificent mansion, Xu Ze walked inside with his hands behind his back.

Behind, the people of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce followed up with each other, one by one with low eyebrows and pleasing eyes, for fear that Xu Ze would be dissatisfied.

"Holy, the Son is here!"

A cry instantly ignited the lively Nalan Mansion.

Boom, countless people in Nalan Mansion hurriedly responded, and some sect masters and city lords who got the news in advance had already been waiting in the living room for a long time, and hurriedly went out accordingly.

Watching everyone come up and brag wildly to themselves.

Xu Ze's face was calm, and his eyes were just looking for it in the waiting room.

"What about the Holy Maiden?"

"Back to the Holy Son, the Holy Maiden was talking to the second lady of my family in the hall before. Someone immediately stepped forward and replied.

Talk to Nalan Cloud?

Xu Ze raised his eyebrows slightly.

He knew Qu Tianhan's character.

is also clear about Nalan Yun's character.

The two of them can be said to have nothing to do with each other.

Why are you still talking?

"Holy Son, Holy Son, the Holy Son is coming, we are waiting for a long time!"

Just when Xu Ze was puzzled, a roar sounded from behind.

But I saw a fat man dressed in luxurious clothes, with a round head, a round face and a round belly, with heavy steps, panting and rushing up.

"The little head of the Nalan family, Nalan Xing, meet the Holy Son!"

As he spoke, Nalan Xing had to kneel on the ground and kowtow with difficulty.

Xu Ze knew him.

He is the father of Nalan Qing and Nalan Yun.

Although he is the nominal head of the Nalan family, in fact, everything in the family is handled by the eldest lady Nalan Qing.

He, the head of the family, is basically an empty shelf and belongs to the role of a passerby.

However, looking at his hard time kneeling, Xu Ze was empty, and his fat body stopped there all of a sudden.

"Excuse me. Xu Ze said indifferently.

"Thank you, Lord Xie Shengzi!" Nalan Xing hurriedly thanked him, his little eyes flashing with excitement and admiration.

Qiankun Continent, who doesn't know the Holy Son Xu Ze? (If you read a violent novel, you can go to Feilu Novel Network!)

A genius who is unique in the upper and lower worlds.

It is also a big man in the holy land, under one person and above ten thousand.

This kind of person can come to Nalan Xing's house, which is really a glorious thing for Nalan Xing.

Moreover, I heard that the Holy Son was actually invited by his eldest daughter Nalan Qing.

Nalan Xing's heart is even more beautiful bubbling 0....

It seems that it is time for him, the head of the family, to give up to his eldest daughter.

"By the way, what about the eldest lady? Why don't you call her out to receive the Holy Son?" Thinking of this, Nalan Xing suddenly found that Nalan Qing was not here.

The maid hurried down, but before she had taken a few steps, a cry came from behind.

"I'm coming!"

Nalan Qing's voice sounded.

Xu Ze turned his head to look.

I saw a woman with heavy makeup on her face and a fancy dress, hurriedly running in from outside.


The living room fell silent.

A few embarrassed coughs rang out.

Nalan Qing ran in front of Xu Ze, with a smile on his face: "Lord Holy Son has made you wait for a long time, I, I'll dress up a little in the back." "

As he spoke, he straightened up the bear that puffed up after I don't know how many layers, with a flattering smile on his face.

Xu Ze: "......"

Although I wanted to complain when I was in the ninth life ago.

Nalan Qing has the foundation of beauty, and her makeup is at least about ninety-five points.

But once she put on her own makeup, her appearance plummeted, and she was no different from Sister Pomegranate.

Facing this wink-eyed cute, but incomparably bright face.

Xu Ze's eyelids twitched involuntarily.

"Miss Nalan, it's really ...... Larger than life. "

"Thank you Holy Son for the compliment!" Nalan Qing rubbed his hands and bowed 1.0 repeatedly.

Who's tm you.

In the hearts of everyone present, such a sentence flashed.

"Holy Son, the evening feast will be fine, and I hope that the Holy Son will move to the hall and wait for a while. Nalan Qing immediately stuck to Xu Ze's side, grabbed Xu Ze's arm, and deliberately rubbed the old tall bear on Xu Ze's arm.

The other sect masters and city lords were stupid.

This Nalan Qing is too bold! How dare he take the initiative to approach the Holy Son?

However, what surprised everyone even more was Xu Ze.

Xu Ze was neither angry nor displeased.

There was even a hint of a natural smile on that calm face.

It's as if you acquiesced!


It seems that the Nalan Chamber of Commerce is about to take off.

In the hearts of all of them, this terrible thought arose.

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