At this moment, up and down Nalan Mansion, it is as lively as the New Year.

The news that the Holy Son and Holy Daughter of the Holy Land were coming to Nalan Mansion spread in an instant.

This made everyone in Nalan Mansion very happy.

Although the Nalan Chamber of Commerce is now growing in power.

But no matter how you put it, it's just a chamber of commerce.

In the face of such a transcendent power as the Holy Land, it is still a lot lower.

Now the Holy Son and the Holy Daughter actually came to Nalan Mansion in person.

This is like announcing to the entire Qiankun Continent that the Holy Land and the Nalan Chamber of Commerce have a very close relationship.

In the future, the Nalan Chamber of Commerce will have the Holy Land as a backer, and in the face of other forces, the waist pole can be said to be hard and hard.

If you want to provoke the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, you must think about the holy land behind the Nalan Chamber of Commerce!

"Quick! Hurry up and get the room out! Everything is according to the best specifications!"

"Hurry up and prepare for the banquet, all the celebrity chefs in Wanjin Prefecture will come in handy for me, otherwise Miss Ben will raise you for what to eat every month!"

"Where's the singers and dancers under the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, go get dressed up!

Nalan Qing anxiously ran up and down the hall.

Countless subordinates are also in a hurry.

Nalan Yun sat in the busy hall, holding a book in his hand, watching quietly.

It's as if the busyness around her has nothing to do with her.

I saw that my sister was still sitting there.

His hair was messy, and the clothes on his body were also home wide-sleeved shirts.

Nalan Qing was anxious: "Yun'er, don't just sit still, the Holy Son and Holy Daughter are here, you should also go and dress up, comb your hair, and change your clothes!"

As if he hadn't heard it, Nalan Yun looked intently at the book in his hand.

Nalan Qing walked over in two steps and snatched the hand from Nalan Yun's hand.

"Yun'er, the current Holy Son is still Xu Ze, and that Holy Daughter is still Qu Tianhan, do you know?"

Nalan Yun picked up another book from the side with an expressionless face and opened it silently.

"You know?" Sister Mo Ruo, a sister who knew that Nalan Yun was like this, Nalan Qing understood on the spot, "Do you know that Xu Ze is still the Holy Son in this life?"

Nalan Yun gave Nalan Qing a pig-like look, and then looked down at the book in his hand again.


When Nalan Yun was in the ninth generation ago, she was full of books in the world and was known as the smartest woman in the world.

She seems to know everything, but because of her indifferent nature, she is not interested in anything.

"Since the Holy Son is still Xu Ze, it's okay!" Nalan Qingyi gritted his teeth, his eyes were full of fighting spirit, "Yun'er, didn't you like Xu Ze quite much when you were in the ninth life, or you would sacrifice yourself and dedicate yourself to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, right?"

Nalan Yun stared intently at the book and stretched out a middle finger.

"Ah, I'm annoyed! Why is it Xu Ze who is bothering me again!"

Nalan Qing hugged his head and wanted to cry without tears, "Do I have a grudge against him?

After screaming, Nalan Qing hurriedly rushed to the inner room and started a new round of busyness.

Seeing the troublesome woman gone.

Nalan Yun breathed a sigh of relief and began to concentrate on reading again.

Suddenly, her brow jumped, as if sensing something, and she raised her head.

"Holy Maiden, please come here. "

Outside the door, a cacophony was heard.

But I saw that the previous group of people who welcomed the Holy Son and Holy Daughter had already returned some of them at this moment.

They were surrounded by a beautiful girl with a respectful look on her face.

The girl is like an iceberg, cold and pressing, but noble and beautiful.

Surrounded by a cluster, it is like a blooming snow lotus, which makes people pay attention to it.

I saw the girl who was surrounded by people.

Nalan Yun's eyes moved, and he lowered his head without a trace, looking at the book in his hand.

"Nalan Mansion is really much more exquisite than I imagined. "

Qu Tianhan walked into the hall, took a cursory look around, and saw Nalan Yun sitting there motionless.

"I also asked the holy woman to take a moment, and the little one went to invite the master of the house and the young lady to come and greet the guests. The subordinate smiled all over his face, and kept nodding towards Qu Tianhan.

"Miss, isn't there one here?" Qu Tianhan looked at Nalan Yun and said with a smile, "It's been a long time, Second Miss." "

Nalan Yun glanced up at Qu Tianhan.

Although Qu Tianhan did not say it explicitly. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

But the moment Nalan Yun's eyes intersected with her, he already knew that Qu Tianhan was the same woman as himself and his sister.

She opened her mouth slightly and spit out two words: "Please." "

So saying, he took the book and got up to go to the back room.

The few people who followed Qu Tianhan's side were almost frightened.

Second Miss, this is the Holy Maiden of the Holy Land...... How can you talk to her like that?

Although everyone knows that their second lady is this kind of character.

However, if the saint is unhappy, then their Nalan Chamber of Commerce will be completely finished.

"Eh, Second Miss, don't go, this time I came to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, and I brought you a few small gifts. "

Qu Tianhan stopped Nalan Yun, smiled and took out the secret book of the Basic Holy Land from the storage ring.

"I know that the second lady has always liked to read, these books in the Holy Land, I don't know if they can still pass your eyes?"

looked at the book in Qu Tianhan's hand.

Nalan Yun's eyes widened suddenly.

She closed the book in her hand, walked quickly to Qu Tianhan, and took the book in Qu Tianhan's hand.

After opening and looking at it a few times, Nalan Yun's stunned face gradually showed a feeling of excitement.

"You may be seated!"

Nalan Yun closed the book in his hand and pointed to the chair next to him, with a somewhat dull, but unexpectedly serious expression on his face.

It seems that the same girl as in her memory is still so easy to buy.

Qu Tianhan sat down, and Nalan Yun also sat next to Qu Tianhan as if he had changed people.

even poured a cup of tea for Qu Tianhan in person.

With a sweep of his eyes, the rest of the people also understood what the second lady meant, and immediately retreated.

Taking the tea, Qu Tianhan took a sip and said with a smile: "I haven't seen you for so long, in this life, you are still the same as before." "

"Hmm. Nalan Yun replied softly, "The same." "

Whether it is Nalan Yun or Qu Tianhan.

It's all the same as the previous nine lives, and it has never changed.

"Speaking of which, the memory of my previous ninth life is only stuck after returning to the Holy Land and sealing it. Qu Tianhan seemed to recall the past and said, "In the memory of those years, I have been haunted by demons and almost died in the retreat room. "

Then, the memories of the former nine lives were completely broken. "

"What about you, where did you and your sister go after that time?" Qu Tianhan asked Nalan Yun.

"Read a book. Nalan Yun's answer was simple.

In the memories of their previous nine lives, at the last moment of killing Xu Ze, everyone chose a new path.

Or choose to live in seclusion in the mountains and forests, or choose to be with the grave soil as a companion and reminisce about the past.

And Nalan Qing and Nalan Yun returned to Wanjin Prefecture to resume their past lives.

Doing business, reading books, until the memory is interrupted, and the life is renewed.

"Really...... If I could be as free as your sisters, I wouldn't have to worry about it every day. "

Qu Tianhan smiled, she didn't have the appearance of an iceberg beauty at all, just like an ordinary girl talking to her best friend.

However, soon, Qu Tianhan's expression gradually calmed down.

"So, in this life, what do you think?"

"Do you still want to stay by Xu Ze's side like the previous ninth life?"

Show one’s true colors in the end.

Qu Tianhan asked her fatal question two!.

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