Nalan Qing walked out of the room with an aggrieved face.

Although he has tried his best to redeem it, the restrictions given by Xu Ze to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce are still greatly beyond Nalan Qing's imagination.

Every year, the Nalan Chamber of Commerce earns forty percent of the tax.

As well as all kinds of resources, they must be sold to the Holy Land on a priority basis, and the Holy Land is honored.

But at the same time, the Nalan Chamber of Commerce can reach a cooperation with the Holy Land.

The resources of the Holy Land will also be tilted towards the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, and support some of the practices of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce to achieve a win-win situation.

Under Xu Ze's coercion and temptation.

Nalan Qing had to ask to think about it for a few days.

"It's too much...... What kind of holy place is this, this is a robber at all......"

Nalan was full of bitterness.

Xu Ze's approach was undoubtedly a fierce robbery of her money.

It's an empty glove white wolf.

But Nalan Qing didn't dare to confront the Holy Land, so he had to compromise and delay it for a day.

After taking a few steps, a light laugh caught Nalan Qing's attention.

She hurriedly turned her head, only to see a girl in a blue shirt leaning against a pillar on the side.

looked at Nalan Qing who came out of the house with a smile.

Qu Dumping Cold ......

Seeing that person, Nalan Qing was shocked.

"Come to think of it, Miss Nalan has already met with the Holy Son. "

Qu Tianhan walked in front of Nalan Qing.

Nalan Qing hurriedly lowered his head, rubbed his hands and smiled: "Looking at your temperament and appearance, are you the Holy Maiden of the Holy Land, Qu Tianhan?"

See Nalan pretending to be stupid.

The corners of Qu Tianhan's mouth raised an arc.

She leaned over to Nalan Qing's ear and whispered, "Nalan Qing, if I didn't guess wrong, you have also recovered the memory of the previous ninth life, right?"

Nalan Qing's body trembled, and there was a look of disbelief in his eyes.

But soon, her mind spun rapidly, and immediately returned to normal: "I don't know what you are talking about, Lord Saint.... What restores the memories of the previous nine lives?"


Qu Tianhan narrowed his eyes, and a hint of chill flashed in his eyes.

She didn't expect that Nalan Qing would want to pretend to be stupid with herself.

However, Qu Tianhan didn't say much.

She gently patted Nalan Qing's shoulder and walked past her.

"So, that's the best~~. "

"Miss Nalan, let's talk about it when we have time......"


Accompanied by the sound of the door closing.

Nalan Qing's heart skipped a beat.

"Qu is cold...... He even regained the memories of the previous nine lives?"

"No, won't it? Could it be that except for me and Yun'er, other women are also ......?"

Thinking of this, Nalan Qing's face gradually became embarrassed.

In the first nine lives, most of Nalan Qing's thoughts were on making money, and the relationship with the rest of the heroines could only be said to be lukewarm.

Everyone is only gathered for the same goal.

But after the restart of this life.

The heroines who were originally reluctant to stand on the united front because of Xu Ze have long since parted ways.

Moreover, in this life, Xu Ze has no signs of blackening.

In other words, the heroines of the former ninth generation may have begun to fight openly and secretly for the monopoly of Xu Ze.

From Qu Tianhan's words just now, Nalan Qing heard a trace of intimidation.

Perhaps it was to warn Nalan Qing that since he had chosen to deny the memories of the previous nine lives, he should not be involved again.

Nalan Qing took a few deep breaths.

With an embarrassed face, he hurriedly left the inn.

I heard the sound of the door opening behind me.

Xu Ze didn't need to turn around, he knew that it was Qu Tianhan who came.

He took a sip of tea, played with a few pieces of jade that Nalan Qing gave him, and smiled: "Have you talked to that Miss Nalan?"

A trace of panic flashed on Qu Tianhan's face, and he quickly returned to normal: "Well, just a little chat......"

She didn't want Xu Ze to know about the memories of the former ninth life.

Qu Tianhan felt that this kind of thing was, after all, a struggle between these women. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

As long as Xu Ze can no longer be blackened in this life and be his holy son well, it's fine.

Seeing the slight change in Qu Tianhan's expression.

Xu Ze was also helpless in his heart.

He knew Qu Tianhan's thoughts.

It's different from Xu Ze who wants to save everyone.

Qu Tianhan just wants to monopolize Xu Ze and refuses to share his lover with other heroines.

I sighed in my heart.

Xu Ze's mood was slightly complicated.

"Chilling ......"

Xu Ze just spoke.

Suddenly, a trace of evil qi suddenly entered Xu Ze's perception.

He looked shocked and stood up suddenly.

"What's wrong? Xu Ze. Qu Tianhan was also startled.

"There are evil cultivators. "

Xu Ze frowned and said, "Dump Han, don't move around here, I'll be back immediately!"

As he spoke, he flashed and quickly disappeared in front of Qu Tianhan.


Qu Tianhan was a little helpless.

You can go, and take me with you.

What are you doing in such a hurry? It's like having a relationship with other women behind your back......

In an instant, Xu Ze's figure had appeared outside the wilderness.

There was an empty space all around.

In the distance, there is only a lone dead tree standing on this wasteland.

Feel the ominous atmosphere.

Xu Ze walked towards the dead tree step by step.


When he came to the dead tree, on the dead tree, a painting carved on the tree by someone unknown attracted Xu Ze's attention.

It was the shape of a peach heart.

But the heart of the peach was full of cracks, and it was even pierced by a sharp arrow.

A trace of black mist spilled out of the nick.

Xu Ze stretched out his hand and touched it gently.

Suddenly, a snow-white hand stretched out from one side and grabbed Xu Ze's wrist.


Xu Ze hurriedly turned his head, but saw a girl in a black robe and a hood, grabbing her hand tightly.

The scarlet nails were about to seep into their flesh.

“...... Ancient Spirit. "

Xu Ze's face was as usual, but a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes.

Under the hood, the girl showed her beautiful, but extraordinarily pale, extraordinarily indifferent, mortal face.

The eyes full of blood light stared at Xu Ze coldly, making it impossible to see any expression in them.

"Why, you are here......" Gu Ling's voice lost the spirituality in his memory, as if it came from hell, extremely hoarse.

"I feel you. "

Xu Ze calmed down and said indifferently.

"......" Gu Ling did not speak.

Those blood-colored eyes clearly reflected Xu Ze's figure.

It seems that he wants to keep this man in his eyes forever.


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