Nalan was as stunned as a chicken.

No, you were still a spirit bird when you went in, how did you become a roast chicken when you came out?

Still...... It's quite fragrant......

"Hahahaha, isn't the girl here to joke? A familiar bird, but he wants me 50,000 spirit stones, doesn't he really take me for a fool?"

Xu Ze laughed, opened the folding fan, and shook it gently.

How could his own holy flame be something that such a low-level spirit beast could resist?

Although this thousand-tailed spirit bird is rare, it is just a dish in the Holy Land.

"You ......" Nalan Qing glared at Xu Ze.

She is not a fool, and immediately understood that it was definitely this man who did something in her own tongjasper!

"Heh, Your Excellency is a good means...... Nalan Qing's heart was about to explode, but his face was still trying his best to remain calm, "But "Nine-nine-zero" is that you ruined this jasper, but it is not a question of whether to buy it or not. "

"Fifty thousand spirit stones, please hand over a lot of money. "

Nalan Qing gritted her teeth, if it weren't for the money, she would have rushed up and beaten this man up a long time ago.

Dare to destroy my Nalan Chamber of Commerce's things?

I really didn't take my eldest lady seriously!

Xu Ze's voice was as calm as water, and he smiled: "What if I don't pay it?"

"Don't pay?" Nalan Qing laughed angrily, his teeth creaking, "Your Excellency is afraid that you don't know who I am, right?"

"Dare to be powerful in Wanjin Prefecture, the place of our Nalan Chamber of Commerce, it seems that Your Excellency is really tired of living. "

As he spoke, Nalan Qing took a step forward.

On his right hand, a transparent flame was wrapped.

The mystical power of the concentration period swirled around her.

The wind blew through the bamboo forest, and the bamboo forest whirred.

"Nalan Qing, dare to show your occult power in front of me, your courage is not small. "

Xu Ze smiled coldly.

Nalan Qing was taken aback by his words, he hadn't revealed his identity yet, how did he know who he was?

didn't wait for Nalan Qing to figure it out.

Xu Ze had turned around slowly, his face calm and terrifying.

I saw the face in front of me that was so familiar that I couldn't be more familiar.

Nalan Qing was like a thunderbolt empowerment, and the whole person only felt a boom and froze there.

"You ......"

Xu Ze?

How is it possible, how can this person be Xu Ze?

No, his back, his voice.

No wonder it's so familiar......

Nalan Qing's mind suddenly flashed countless fragments of the past.

Her legs were trembling, and she took two steps back.

"Why, how could it be your ......"

"Hmm, how could it not be me?" Xu Ze shook the folding fan, his eyes full of playfulness.

Between the lightning and the fire.

Countless thoughts flashed through Nalan Qing's mind.

Her trembling body gradually stabilized.

Holding back the inexplicable sourness and fear in his heart, Nalan Qing forcibly made a calm smile.

"Original...... I see. "

"Presumably, as the Lord of the Demon Abyss, you already know that the Ten Thousand Paths Saint Secret is in my hands, right?"

Xu Ze: "?"

Lord of the Abyss?

When did you become the lord of the Demon Abyss in this life?

Soon, Xu Ze understood something.

Come to think of it, it should be because the Demon Yuan Evil Cultivator has been too rampant in recent days.

And Nalan Qing took advantage of the memories of the previous nine lives, and preconceived his current identity as the previous villain.

Indeed, in the minds of the heroines, Xu Ze's former ninth life was the saint son who degenerated from high to the villain who abandoned the heroines and destroyed the entire world.

However, that is not what Xu Ze wants, but the storyline of "Qiankun Immortal Emperor" is like this. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

But it's a pity that in this life, Xu Ze no longer has to follow the original plot.

The villain of the Lord of the Demon Abyss in this life has also changed from the role of Xu Ze to one of the ten heroines of the previous nine lives, Gu Ling.

The original green turtle male protagonist inexplicably became his little brother.

And he continued to sit firmly on the throne of the Holy Son, overlooking the universe.

In this life, Xu Ze is just living with his own ideas.

The only thing worth his attention is to save the blackened hearts of these ten heroines.

That's all.

"What is the Ten Thousand Paths of Sacred Wisdom? I don't know, so what?"

Xu Ze pretended to be confused and asked with a smile.

"You...... Don't you know?" Nalan Qing was a little confused by Xu Ze's rhetorical question.

No, she has obviously let that group of evil cultivators spread the news of the "Ten Thousand Dao Saint Recipes" in her hands0....

Why, this Xu Ze is like a nobody, who doesn't seem to know?

Wait a minute.

Suddenly, a decisive fragment flashed in Nalan Qing's mind.

The corners of her mouth twitched, and her expression, which had been finally calmed down, gradually became nervous.

"Uh...... Venture, take the liberty of asking, you ...... Who are you now?"

Xu Ze's expression gradually became indifferent.

He slowly opened his hand.

A Holy Land Holy Son Order appeared in Xu Ze's hand.

"Nalan Chamber of Commerce, Nalan Qing! Monopolize the spirit stones, secret realms, and arms business of the Qiankun Continent, in a vain attempt to monopolize the Qiankun Continent. "

"This Holy Son came to the Nether Realm this time to punish you, a profiteer who doesn't know the height of the sky!"

Nalan Qing only felt his head buzzing.

Xu Ze's words were like rolling thunder, exploding wildly in Nalan Qing's ears.


He...... Is he still the Son in this life?

No, why is this happening.

Did you just speak to the Son?

"Nalan Qing, do you want to know who destroyed the more than 100 secret realms you monopolized?"

looked at Nalan Qing, who was already scared.

The corners of Xu Ze's mouth raised, and he put away the Holy Son Order in his hand.

"It's difficult, is it you, the Holy Son..... 5.5. "Nalan Qing was also instantly stunned at this moment.

If the person in front of him is the Lord of the Demon Abyss, he is an evil cultivator.

Nalan Qing can naturally bite the bullet and rely on the "Ten Thousand Dao Saint Recipes" and his gang.

But the man in front of him is the Holy Son...... It is the Qiankun Continent, the Holy Son under one person and above ten thousand!

On Nalan Qing's forehead, wisps of cold sweat flowed.

She knew that no matter how powerful the Nalan Chamber of Commerce was, it was just a chamber of commerce on the Qiankun Continent after all.

But the Holy Land, that is the master of all things, the top of the upper realm, is like a god overlooking all beings!


My family fortune.


My ambitions.

It will be confiscated by the Holy Land......

Nalan Qing only felt that it was dark in front of him, and the whole person fell to the ground with a pop.

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