Hear Nalan Qing's words.

Xu Ze was a little dissatisfied in his heart.

This woman didn't even hear her own voice.

I really didn't take myself to heart at all.

After the other heroines were reborn, they were very sensitive to themselves.

Only this Nalan Qing only knows how to make money, and he really loses money.

This kind of woman, if she doesn't teach her a lesson, she will never know who is the sky.

"Oh, good quality, girl, why don't you come in and talk?" Xu Ze smiled.

Outside the door.

Hearing the response in the house, Nalan Qing hurriedly pushed open the ~ door and walked in.

But I saw this clear-new and elegant bamboo forest.

A man in a blue robe on a white background, with his back to her, was sitting in a gazebo drinking tea.

Nalan Qing couldn't see his face.

But I always feel that this back is really familiar, as if there is a person's face, and it is about to come out in my mind.

"Doesn't the girl have good goods for me to see?

Xu Ze's voice like a spring breeze made Nalan Qing feel uplifted.

She hurried back to her senses, a merchant smile on her face.

It doesn't matter who he is!

Anyway, today's pig is slaughtered by itself!

"Ahem, have you ever heard of a new spiritual weapon launched by the Nalan Chamber of Commerce in recent days?"

Nalan Qing took out a piece of jade from his arms.

The jade is green all over, and it is inlaid with bird and beast patterns with gold edges, which looks extremely luxurious.

"This is Kingfisher Tong Jasper, which is the new spirit beast jade launched by the Nalan Chamber of Commerce. "

"In this jade, there is a thousand-tailed spirit bird sealed, as long as the user drops blood to recognize the master, use a trace of Xuan Qi to urge, you can summon a well-behaved and lovely rare spirit beast, a thousand-tailed spirit bird. "

As he spoke, Nalan Qing stepped forward and handed the jade to Xu Ze, taking a look at this person's appearance by the way.

However, as soon as he raised his foot, Xu Ze hooked his hand, and the jade in Nalan Qing's hand flew into Xu Ze's hand.

Nalan Qing saw that he had no chance to step forward, so he had to smile and stay where he was.

"Oh, what a funny little thing. "

Xu Ze played with this piece of jade and smiled.

This kingfisher is a psychic jade made by a certain chamber of commerce in the later stage of the novel "Qiankun Immortal Emperor".

The main use is for those large spirit beasts that are large and difficult to carry into battle.

The psychic jade seals the spirit beast in the jade, and whenever it is used, it can be summoned at any time.

However, according to the timeline, the time when this thing will appear should be thirty years later.

Unexpectedly, Nalan Qing would have been sorted out in advance now.

Moreover, he also turned the psychic jade used by the combat spirit beasts into this kind of portable jade for the entertainment of the losers.

I have to say that this Nalan Qing's grasp of the psychology of the loser is indeed first-class.

If it is not Xu Ze who is sitting here, it is not the Holy Son.

If it's a loser, then you can't resist the temptation and pay directly.

"However, how much does this piece of jade cost?" Xu Ze put the jasper on the table, picked up the teacup and took a sip.

Nalan Qing smiled, rubbed his hands and said, "It's not expensive, 50,000 high-grade spirit stones." "


Fortunately, Xu Ze has deep determination.

Otherwise, a mouthful of strong tea will definitely squirt out.

50,000 high-grade spirit stones?

You fool?

It's not that this thing isn't worth 50,000 spirit stones.

But Xu Ze, as a reincarnation, and even more so as a traverser, has read the original novel.

Knowing the prototype of this thing, he sold it for thirty or fifty spirit jade.

Even if it is a thousand-tailed spirit bird sealed in this jade, although it is rare, the market price is only a few thousand spirit stones at most.

Nalan Qing is relying on the patent price, relying on others not knowing the price of this thing, and putting it aside to make a big profit.

It's like a time-traveler traveling back decades and making the first mobile phone. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Not to mention the monopoly, I will also price you more than 100,000 units.

How can you embarrass other traversers?

Even if you don't look back.

Xu Ze can make up for it in his brain, and Nalan Qing has the face of this family who deserves to die.

“...... Childe?" Nalan Qing blinked, his face full of anticipation.

After all, he is the founder, and he has a conscience price for everything he sets.

If this son is really rich and really so willful, he shouldn't say anything, right?

Xu Ze calmed down the anger in his heart and said with a smile: "Well, it's really not expensive......

This is indeed a word, a little bit of gnashing of teeth.

"Hehe, if Childe is satisfied, then do you want to buy it?" Nalan Qing's eyes instantly shone like money, "We still have Xuanwutong Jasper here,

Xiangque Tong Jasper, Xuangu Tong Jasper, if the son needs it, we can pack it for the son to take away. "

"Oh, what about the price?" Xu Zepi asked with his back to Nalan Qing without smiling.

Nalan Qing rubbed his hands, and his eyes smiled like a crescent moon: "The price is negotiable, mainly for the sake of your face, son, we are alive in the world, for a row of noodles, with these things, you can definitely make you have more face in front of other sons and brothers, and feel more noble." "


Xu Ze nodded slightly: "Yes, the girl is right, these things, how many are counted, I bought them all." "

Nalan Qing was overjoyed and hurriedly took out other jade from his arms.

However, Xu Ze raised his hand at this moment and said with a smile: "However, before that, I will inspect the goods first, right?"

"Of course, you can buy it, it's all yours. Nalan Qing nodded again and again, with a flattering look like a profiteer.

Xu Ze picked up the piece of kingfisher tong jasper, and as soon as his heart moved, a drop of blood fell on the jade.

Soon, a flash of light flashed through the jade, and the blood did not enter the jade.

After recognizing the master, the corners of Xu Ze's mouth raised, and a trace of holy fire qi poured into Tong Jasper.

Then, Xu Ze pretended to be puzzled and frowned: "Hmm, why can't I summon this spirit beast in the jade?"

"Eh, how, how is that possible!"

Nalan Qing was taken aback.

Although she loves money and is greedy, she also knows that if she wants to make money, she must have a good reputation.

In terms of quality, it is all a price and a quality, and there is no mistake.

But how could there be a problem with this jasper?

"It seems that your jade is not as valuable as I imagined. "

Xu Ze pretended to be disappointed and threw it away.

Nalan Qing hurriedly caught it, staring at Tong Jasper in his eyes with a puzzled face.

"No, it's impossible? How could there be no thing? When I came out, I clearly packed the spirit beast......"

Nalan Qingdu entered a trace of aura and found that there was really no reaction inside.

She hurriedly crushed the jasper.

I saw a hot steam coming out of the jasper fragments.

A fragrant smell of meat poured out of it.

Nalan Qing looked at it intently.

Is there any thousand-tailed spirit bird in this jade?

There was only a bare roast chicken, with a gluttonous aroma, lying on the ground on all fours.

.. Evening..

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