The most luxurious inn of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, the top Tianzi room, is worthy of the price of one high-grade spirit stone per day.

The top room on the sixth floor, rockery, hot spring, bamboo forest, and pavilion.

There are also colorful butterflies flying and birds chirping.

Entering the room, it is like coming to a small landscape world, which is refreshing.

"Although Nalan Qing loves money, he has a price for a thing, and the thing is worthy of the price, but he is not a profiteer. "

Looking around the room, Xu Ze nodded slightly, very satisfied with this room.

Although I am more satisfied with the things of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce.

But this does not mean that Xu Ze has no opinions.

You can love money, you can make money.

But to have a monopoly under the nose of the Holy Land, it will definitely not work.

If this growing power is not restrained, sooner or later it will break out of the control of the Holy Land.

Walked around.

Xu Ze left the room and walked next door.

He wanted to discuss with Qu Tianhan about Nalan Qing.

Nalan Qing is a woman with a lot of earning power.

Xu Ze wanted to restrain her under the Holy Land.

As long as she can be honest and not cause trouble, she will provide spirit stones and money to the Holy Land every year.

It also prohibits the sale of 517-level weapons to the Qiankun Continent.

Xu Ze didn't want to embarrass Nalan Qing too much.

After all, no matter how she said it, she was once Xu Ze's woman.

Although Xu Ze was reversed.

And it's also a relationship of mutual use.

"Cold, are you there?"

Xu Ze came to the door next door and knocked on the door.

There was no response from inside the house.

But I can feel the cold breath in the house.

Xu Ze frowned, nudged the door, and found that the door lock didn't seem to be completely locked, and pushed it open as soon as he pushed it.

Since he pushed it away, Xu Ze also walked in.

But I saw that this room was different from Xu Ze's room.

It was freezing and snowy.

Snow-capped mountains, vistas, and even a little red plum.

Even in the air, there was a slight chill, which made Xu Ze shiver.

"It seems that the inn here will also change the scenery according to the preferences of the guests. "

Xu Ze walked into this icy and snowy place, bypassed the rockery, and saw a steaming hot spring in front of him.

Outside the hot springs, blue clothes are neatly stacked there.

In the hot springs, there was the sound of blood-pumping water and the low humming of a girl.

In the vast (aeef) mist, a wonderful figure can be faintly seen.


Xu Ze wiped an itchy nose on the back of his hand, and his brows jumped.

Although I don't know how many times I have seen the reincarnation of the previous ninth life.

But no matter how much he saw it, Xu Ze felt so amazing and beautiful.

What a perfect woman.

"Huh?" heard a noise behind him.

Qu Tianhan noticed that a man with green eyes came behind him.

Her face changed, and she hurriedly squatted into the hot spring.

After seeing that it was Xu Ze, his face suddenly turned red and white.

I don't know if it's anger or shyness.

"Ahem, Dumpling, I'm here to talk to you about business. Xu Ze's face did not change, with a decent and gentlemanly expression.

"You ......" Qu Tianhan blushed and gritted his teeth, "What are you talking about at this time?"

Xu Ze stared at Qu Tianhan, who was red-eared, without squinting, but with a serious look: "I want to talk to you about Nalan Qing, I don't know if you are free." "

"Are you free?" Qu Tianhan was almost angry by Xu Ze's words, looking at Xu Ze's non-squinting appearance, he was even more ashamed and annoyed, "You, can't you go out first!"

"It doesn't matter to me, it's the same everywhere I talk. Xu Ze didn't panic, and even wanted to find a seat to enjoy quietly.

"You...... Get out!"

A cold snap rushed Xu Ze out of the room.

Lying on the ground, Xu Ze got up helplessly with a head of snow on his head. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

I've seen it so many times in these nine lifetimes, why are you resisting so much in this life.

"Cough, you wash the cold first, rest and rest after washing, let's talk about it tomorrow......" Sticking his head into the door, Xu Ze looked at the beautiful figure.

"It's all said get out!"

Several ice blades flew past the side of Xu Ze's face and stuck on the pillar next to Xu Ze's face.

Seeing this, Xu Ze laughed twice and turned to leave.

Qu Tianhan blushed, and with a hook of his hand, Xuanli closed the door tightly.

I have been wandering outside with Xu Ze for several days, and today I was finally able to rest, take a bath, and relax.

This scumbag also came to tease himself.

"There is a serious person in front of the person, and a scumbag in the back. Qu Tianhan patted the surface of the water with a huff, his cheeks crimson, "Dead scumbag......"

"Sure enough, the word perfect is only worthy of the cold. "

Xu Ze returned to the room with a happy expression on his face.

Although I can't eat it yet, it's okay to look at the cooked duck.

Among the ten heroines, the one who expressed the peak of the full score was Qu Tianhan alone.

The other nine, although they all have high scores above 90 points.

But it's poorer, or it's shorter, or it's thinner.

More or less flawed, not as perfect as Qu Tianhan.

Fortunately, his first successful strategy now is Qu Tianhan.

Although there are still a lot of troubles ahead.

But at least, Xu Ze's heart is still very happy now.

Walk under the gazebo in the bamboo forest.

Xu Ze poured himself a cup of tea and took a sip.

Just as I was about to close my eyes and rest for a while.

Xu Ze suddenly felt that there seemed to be a sneaky aura outside the door.

This breath, unfamiliar, mixed with a hint of familiarity.

"Oh? "

The corners of Xu Ze's mouth lifted.

He didn't make a sound, just drank his tea silently.

Not for a while.

The sneaky person outside seemed to finally be unable to bear it.

There was a soft knock on the door.

"Inside...... May I ask the man in the room, but the boy who showed his pride in Wanjin Prefecture today?"

A woman's voice rang out from outside the door.

Although it has been a long time since this voice has been heard.

But as soon as her voice sounded, Xu Ze thought of Nalan Qing's face full of money.

"Oh, it's just a few spirit stones, it's not about pride, what is the girl asking for?" Xu Ze smiled.

Outside the door.

Nalan Qing pouted his ass, wanting to see through the crack in the door what the person he was talking to looked like.

I don't know why.

This person's voice is really familiar.

"Hey, who is it? Why do I get more scared the more I listen to this voice......

Nalan Qing was a little flustered.

But when she thought of making money, she still held back the panic in her heart, and pretended to be calm and said, "Is Childe interested in doing a profitable business with me?"

"I have a batch of high-quality goods here, and I want my son to see them. "。

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