The maid's voice fell.

Nalan Qing almost fainted to the ground.

Fortunately, the maid quickly supported Nalan Qing, so that the girl did not fall to the ground indecently.

"Give, give me!"

Nalan Qing snatched the photo stone from the maid's hand and opened it ~ to watch.

But in the picture, two blurred figures were wreaking havoc on the secret toll station of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce.

The fire dragon flies, and the ice phoenix soars.

frightened a group of people from the Nalan Chamber of Commerce and scurried, and the scene was extremely spectacular.

"Yes, one hundred and twenty secret realms were destroyed by these two people?"

Nalan Qing looked at the scene in the shadow stone in a daze, and his face turned pale.

In order to control all the secret realms in the Qiankun Continent, the secret realm fee is charged.

Nalan Qing can be said to have made a bloody investment.

Use a large number of spirit stones to lure the Qiankun Continent to scatter their cultivation, and let them work for the Nalan Chamber of Commerce.

Then, with the memory of his previous life, he found a large number of secret realms, opened them up and used them to buy and sell.

In a few months, more than 300 secret realms were found.

Just relying on the profits brought to Nalan Qing by these more than 300 secret realms, it is incomparably considerable, and it can be regarded as a huge profit.

But now, it was taken by someone?

Nalan Qing only felt a pain in his heart, just like the mountains of gold and silver in front of him, growing wings and flying away from his eyes.

This is the most acceptable thing for Nalan Qing.


"It's too much! These two people are too much!"

"My Nalan Chamber of Commerce has no grievances with them, they dare to do such a thing that smashes people's jobs!"

"Give them to me! Issue a hunt and kill order! Whoever kills these two will be rewarded with 100,000 spirit stones! Divine Xuan Soldier and Heaven-level Exercises, you can choose!"

Nalan jumped on his feet.

His face was as swollen as a fat-headed fish, and he trembled with anger.

And Nalan Yun, who was sitting on the side and reading a book silently, was extremely calm.

To her, there seemed to be nothing that interested her other than reading books.

Chase away the maids.

Nalan Qing turned his head with a look of grievance.


Falling on Nalan Yun, Nalan Qing howled and cried, "It's too much!


Nalan Yun looked at the book in his hand expressionlessly, and let Nalan Qing dangle himself.

"Those one hundred and twenty secret realms can earn tens of thousands of spirit stones every day! plus so many treasures in the secret realm, do you know how much money this adds up?"

"Woo woo, it's just ruined like this......"

Nalan Qing's stinginess, Nalan Yun couldn't be clearer.

When I was a child, I went shopping with her, and she had to quickly pick up a penny when others dropped it and put it in her own pocket.

Every time I go out and come back, the things I bring to myself are always a small snack for a few pennies.

This is true even if the family is rich now.

It can be said that the picks can no longer be picked.

Let her spend a few pennies for no reason, she will be uncomfortable, she will die.

What's more, this time I lost such a huge sum of money.

However, after all, the Nalan Chamber of Commerce did not rely on the secret realm to make money.

It's a pity, but it's not fatal.

Moreover, as long as the Shenlong Cannon is made in large quantities, it will be sold to all parts of the Qiankun Continent and the tail gold will be collected.

The Nanalan Chamber of Commerce will definitely become the leader of the major chambers of commerce in Qiankun.

"When all the dragon cannons are sold, I will provoke a war!"

"Only when those sects all fight with each other, and all use the weapons of my Nalan Chamber of Commerce, can I have a chance to earn more. "

"I'm going to make more money!

Nalan Qing pinched Nalan Yun's face and rubbed it vigorously: "When the time comes, everyone in the world will respect us, even those in the Holy Land, they will bow down in front of me!"

"Hehehe, thinking of this, Miss Ben is in a much better mood!" (Read the violent novel, go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

Nalan Yun: "......"

This sister of her own, is it not that she was crazy by money in the first nine lives, and she committed some serious illness in this life.

Although in the ninth generation ago, Nalan Qing was like a money-hungry person.

But it seems that this life is more serious than before.

Nalan Yun, as the sister who has been by Nalan Qing's side for the longest time, naturally sees it very clearly.

"Xu Ze. Nalan Yun looked at the book in his hand and suddenly spit out two words.

Nalan Qing's wild laughter suddenly subsided, and he raised his eyebrows and looked at his three-no sister: "What did he suddenly say?"

"Nope. Nalan Yun turned a page of the book.

"Hmph, even if Miss Ben doesn't have a man, she can rely on her own hands in this life to become a woman who dominates the world!"

Nalan snorted coldly, crossed his arms and said, "Moreover, isn't Xu Ze now the Lord of the Demon Abyss? "

"Moreover, as long as he cultivates the Demon God Cult, he will definitely find a way to take away the Ten Thousand Dao Saint Secret from me. "

Spreading out his hand, the quaint scroll appeared in Nalan Qing's palm.

"If we can take him down, then spread the word and give our Nalan Chamber of Commerce a reputation. "

"If you can't get it, then sell him this "Ten Thousand Dao Saint Ming Jue" at a large price and make him a lot of money. "

"How is it, your sister and I have a good business acumen, right?"

Nalan Qing was extremely confident in his plan to grasp these two ends.

In any case, she thinks the advantage is hers!

In this regard, Nalan Yun did not say anything.

He just raised his eyebrows, closed the book, and took another one from the hill of books on the side.

I saw that my sister looked uninterested.

Nalan Qing pursed his lips.

Then look at Nalan Yun carefully.

Because she had been staying in the house and reading, she had pale skin, thin legs and feet, like a match.

Nalan Qing couldn't help frowning and said, "Speaking of which, Yun'er, although it's a good thing that you like to read, you can't stay at home all the time for twelve hours a day." "

"In this life, you have to go out more or less to do activities and talk to others. "

Nalan Yun didn't raise his head, and his voice was flat: "Don't." "

"If you don't go out, then you can say three words to me. Nalan Qing pursed his lips and glared at Nalan Yun, "Any word, say three!"

Nalan Yun glanced at Nalan Qing like a fool.

It seems that he thinks his sister is too noisy.

She raised her little hand to aim at Nalan Qing, but her gaze remained from the book.

The next second.

Nalan Qing's eyes were blurred.

I suddenly appeared in the courtyard outside the study.

"Hey, Yun'er, what do you mean by throwing your sister out!" Nalan rushed to the door of the study with a huff, but before she could get close, she felt an electric current from head to toe, and she trembled all over.


The realm defense of the Concentration Period was like paper paste in this current, and Nalan Qing shuddered and fell to the ground and twitched.

"You, you stinky sister...... You dare to call your sister with a thunderbolt......"

"Sister, I hurt you in vain......"

Lying on the ground, Nalan Qing spit out a puff of black smoke and fainted.

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