Qu Tianhan showed a look of surprise.

But soon, her heart was filled with rage, and her eyes became darker and darker.

"You still dare to fight back!"

"You bad guy, you dare to fight back!"

Qu Tianhan's blackening value soared wildly.

At this moment, he doesn't care about the gap in strength between himself and Xu Ze.

Hysterically rushed up, jade palms flying.

Boom, boom, boom.

Every palm roared, and the sky trembled.

But this terrifying monstrous palm power was easily unloaded by Xu Ze and blocked from his body.

Qu Tianhan became more and more annoyed, and his fight was even more disorganized.

In the end, it even turned into a blind vent of anger.

Ice palm, flying flower palm, sky-high fist.

Even Wang Baquan beckoned out.


Xu Ze waved his sleeves and shook Qu Tianhan away.

Without waiting for Qu Tianhan to react, the whole person grabbed Qu Tianhan's neck and grabbed it in his hand like a kitten.

"You, let go of me!"

Qu Tianhan kicked at Xu Ze's chest.

was grabbed by Xu Ze's right hand.

Watch her kick again.

Xu Ze's hand flipped over, and an invisible mysterious force turned into a rope, directly tying her whole person.

"You let 04 go of me!Otherwise, I'll go back and tell the Holy Lord!Just say that you bullied me!I'm going to let his old man make the decision for me!" Qu Tianhan gritted the rope with his teeth and struggled desperately.

The whole person is full of anger.

"Let go of you, and still find the Holy Lord?"

Xu Ze landed expressionlessly.

After finding a bluestone, Xu Ze sat down and pressed Qu Tianhan on his lap.

"What do you do!"

Qu Tianhan's body trembled, and his eyes were full of disbelief.

"Do you remember when you were a child, when you were disobedient, how did your senior brother teach you?"

Xu Ze's face was pale, and the words he said were extraordinarily calm.


I heard Xu Ze call himself a senior brother.

In Qu Tianhan's mind, the scene when he was pressed to the ground and spanked by Xu Ze when he was a child appeared.

"You, you dare! You dare to hit me! I will hate you in this life and in the next life!" Qu Tianhan was frightened and squirmed desperately.

However, Xu Ze's Xuan Power is so strong.

Just by virtue of Qu Tianhan's cultivation that had just broken through the distraction period, where was his opponent?

Xu Ze slowly raised his hand.

His eyes turned to the sky, looking at the old man and the young man with dull faces.

His thin lips opened lightly, and he coldly spat out a word.

"Get out. "

The old man and the young man hurriedly fled without saying a word, scrambling to escape from the secret realm.

At this moment, in the secret realm of Nuoda, only Xu Ze and Qu Tianhan are left.

"You, you don't really want to fight, do you?" Qu Tianhan finally coaxed, and his originally blackened eyes suddenly became extremely clear at this moment, "Holy ...... Son?"

"Call me Senior Brother. "

Xu Ze's face was expressionless.

Qu Tianhan was about to cry: "Senior brother, I was wrong, don't ......"

Xu Ze lifted the hem of his skirt.

Expressionlessly, he raised his hand.


A crisp voice resounded through the secret realm.


The girl's screams echoed in the sky.

"Woo woo woo...... I was wrong...... I was really wrong......"


looked at the girl lying on her lap, hiding her face and crying.

Xu Ze shook his numb right hand and released the rope on her body.

I'm really cornered.

Xu Ze was also helpless in his heart.

In this life, many things have already upset him enough.

Ten heroines, one can cause trouble more than the other.

The ancient spirit in front of him gave Xu Ze a terrible headache.

You're cold, you're also the number one female!

Can't you make it easier for me?

In desperation, Xu Ze finally couldn't hold back the evil fire in his heart and lost his biggest temper since the crossing. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Look at this crying girl whose voice is hoarse.

Xu Ze was also a little distressed.

However, if you don't toughen yourself again, let her know that it's powerful.

I really won't have a good life in the future.

Revive the husband, revive the husband.

With a sniffle, Qu Tianhan got off Xu Ze's lap, covered his buttocks, and limped to the side.

Like a beaten puppy, teary eyes.

As if it was the first time he really knew Xu Ze, Qu Tianhan's eyes were full of grievances and tears when he looked at Xu Ze.

"Woo woo, I, I just want to, I just want you to pay attention to me......"

"Why, you hit me so much...... Woowoo woo ......"

Xu Ze's heart softened, and his brows wrinkled unconsciously.

Indeed, I was angry for a while, and I did hit it a little harder.

Looking at his hand, which was still a little swollen, Xu Ze coughed lightly, got up and walked towards Qu Tianhan.

Seeing this, Qu Tianhan shrank back as if he was afraid.

"Does it hurt?"

Xu Ze frowned and asked.

Qu Tianhan nodded vigorously, and his nose was bubbling from crying.

"But, my heart hurts more, you know?" Xu Ze squatted down, looking at Qu Tianhan's eyes, full of bitterness.

Qu Tianhan was even more aggrieved.

This iceberg saint on weekdays cried out with a wow, tears like rain.

"You talk nonsense! You don't stop beating me! You lie to me!"

"It's my twentieth birthday in a few days, and I deliberately pulled you out of the Holy Land just so that you could accompany me for your birthday. "

"But you're doing this to me, woo-woo-woo......"

"Can't you see why I'm angry with you! You bad guy!"

Xu Ze knew.

You have to make a decision.

He pulled Qu Tianhan into his arms.

Ignoring Qu Tianhan's obstruction, he lowered his head and kissed Qu Tianhan's cherry lips.

That moment.

The crying disappeared in an instant337.

The whole secret realm, quiet only the sound of the breeze.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Ten minutes.


Xu Ze gently left his red lips, looking at the red cheeks and tears in the corners of his eyes, there seemed to be some reluctant Qu Tianhan.

Xu Ze slowly closed his eyes.


A went.

Victory or defeat is here!

【Qu Tilt Cold Blackening Value-999】

[Congratulations to the host, the perfect heroine, Qu Tianhan!]

The prompts of the system have long been blocked by Xu Ze.

At this moment, he was just silently waiting for Qu Tianhan to speak.

For him, Qu Tianhan's next sentence will determine whether his brave act is effective or not.

Half a day.

There was no sound.

Only the faint breathing of the two of them lingered in their ears.

Xu Ze couldn't help it, he opened his eyes and looked at Qu Tianhan.

"Cold, I ......"

Qu Tianhan suddenly stretched out his finger and blocked Xu Ze's mouth: "Don't talk, I'm thinking about things." "


Qu Tianhan's eyes were full of longing for the future, and he completely lost the blackened appearance just now.

At this moment, her eyes are incomparably pure, how can there be half a point of haze.

"Xu Ze, you say, if we get married at that time, who do you want to invite?"

Xu Ze: "???"

This effect seems to have gone too far.

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