When Xu Ze woke up full of energy.

Qu Tianhan was shrinking in the crook of Xu Ze's arm, falling asleep with his eyes closed.

Looking at the lovely person in his arms, a trace of tenderness flashed on Xu Ze's face, and he couldn't help but reach out and touch her seductive red lips.

It seems that Qu Tianhan is not sleeping deeply.

At this touch, Qu Tianhan's body trembled, and he immediately woke up.

"Uh......h Son. "

Looking at the handsome man in front of him, Qu Tianhan blushed and hurriedly broke away from Xu Ze's arms.

"You, you're too much......"

Staring at Xu Ze, Qu Tianhan was full of shyness.

If he didn't have the memory of the previous nine generations, with Qu Tianhan's character, he would have stabbed Xu Ze with a sword.

But it was precisely because of the memory of the previous nine lives that Qu Tianhan had no other thoughts in his heart except for shyness.

The love for Xu Ze in my heart resurfaced again.

Qu Tianhan's "600" heart still loves Xu Ze after all.

"Don't you have anything to say to me like this......"

Although there is no errand.

But it's also close to each other.

Qu Tianhan blushed, wanting Xu Ze to give her an explanation.

If Xu Ze can confess obediently, and then swear to cut off relations with those women when he goes back.

The song will naturally be accepted beautifully.

"Of course there is...... Xu Ze gently rubbed Qu Tianhan's head and said with a smile, "Tinghan seems to have weighed a lot recently." "

"My arms are numb from the pressure. "

"It's time to lose weight. "


Outside the cave.

In the secret realm, there are monks from the Lan Chamber of Commerce everywhere.

The old man from before floated in the air, his hands behind his back, and looked coldly around the secret realm.

"Third uncle. "

A vague figure flashed, and a young man hugged his fists and said, "The entire secret realm has been searched, and I haven't seen the figures of those two wicked people." "

"Impossible, those two people have never left since they entered the secret realm, how can they not find it?

The old man's face was unhappy and said: "Smash my cornucopia of Nalan Chamber of Commerce today, and I don't dare to think about what I want to do tomorrow." "

"Search again!"

The boy was just about to clench his fists.

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound.

A cave in the corner of the secret realm exploded.

A terrifying cold wave poured out of the blast.

Everyone was shocked and turned their heads to look.

I saw a blue-shirted girl, holding an ice sword, chasing a man like crazy.

"You scumbag! Stop! Don't run!"

"I, I was wrong! Didn't I just say you should lose weight! Stop chasing! Stop chasing!"

"You dare to say! Stop!"

The two of them were extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, they flew from one end of the secret realm to the other end of the secret realm.

"Found them!

The old man was furious and immediately ordered everyone to chase after him.

Xu Ze wanted to cry without tears.

Looking at Qu Tianhan, who was holding a sword behind him and slashing after him, he was almost speechless.

How could he have thought that Qu Tianhan was a little heavier just a little bit, and she could have such a big reaction.

Originally, Xu Ze saw such a good lyrical opportunity, and decided to say something love, appease Qu Tianhan well, warm his feelings, and make it more convenient to attack in the future.

But I didn't expect that one wrong sentence would lead to such a killing disaster for myself!

Look behind Qu Tianhan again.

The monks of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, like jackals that smelled blood, chased after them in unison.


Qu Tianhan had just broken through, and his breath was still extremely unstable.

This sword qi swung and directly cut off a few inches of Xu Ze's green silk and flew past Xu Ze's face.

The top of the mountain in the distance was directly wiped out by this sword qi!(Read the violent novel, go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

The monks of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, who were still pursuing, saw it and braked sharply on the spot.

Then he turned his head and ran wildly towards the secret border.

"Bastard, run, run away!"

"Isn't it the distraction period! You haven't seen the distraction period or whatever!"

When the old man saw that this group of people was so frightened by this sword that he fled in all directions, he was so angry that he almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

"Third uncle, the strength of these two people is not right, compared to a few days ago, why are they so much higher!"

The boy was still very sensible.

Seeing the unusual appearance of these two people, he was inevitably a little surprised, "Three days ago, one of them was in the distraction period and the other was in the concentration period. "

"Why is there such a breakthrough in just three days?"

"Even if you get a chance in the secret realm, it shouldn't be so fast, right?"

The young man's words made the angry old man calm down immediately.

Looking at the two of them, it seems that there is infighting. "

"It's better for us to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, and wait for the two of them to lose......"

The sword qi in Qu Tianhan's hand swung towards Xu Ze desperately.

Xu Ze's face was full of helplessness, so he could only hide everywhere.

"Pour cold, calm down, it's wrong for me to say that you're too heavy, we have something to say......"

Qu Tianhan bit his silver teeth, and he was even more angry.

"Got something to say?"

You hugged me and slept for so long, you didn't do anything, and when you woke up, you prevaricated me with the bullshit that I gained weight.

I want to be as irresponsible as the previous IX, right?

You want to be a scumbag like the previous nine lives, right?

"Today, I will eliminate the harm for women! Kill you, a dead scumbag who harms women from good families!"

With an angry roar, Qu Tianhan was also merciless, and a sword was swung out, and hundreds of millions of cold lights flickered.

Secret Techniques of the Holy Land!

The abyss is cold!

At that moment, the entire secret realm instantly turned into a glacier.

The forest is covered in a thick layer of ice, and the secret realm is snow-white!

The old man and the young man were dumbfounded, and their mouths opened wide.

As a person from the Netherworld, where have you ever seen such a terrifying mystical technique!

Just between swinging the sword, it actually plunged the entire secret realm into the cold!

Fortunately, Xu Ze reacted quickly, and immediately exercised, and an inextinguishable flame wrapped himself.

Only then did he resist this terrifying abyss.

"You're crazy! This 5.3 is a killer move!"

Xu Ze's lips were so white from the cold, but fortunately, the flames on his body were still warm and did not freeze him.

"That's it!"

Qu Tianhan had already been carried away by anger, and now his mind was full of cutting Xu Ze and dropping him, a scumbag, on a tree for future generations to warn!

Seeing that Qu Tianhan was so resolute, Xu Ze also had a nameless fire in his heart.

He is not a man who is tied up and allowed to be hacked to death by women.

"Okay, since my woman is disobedient, then I have to teach her a lesson!"

The flames in the body suddenly raged, and the secret realm like a glacier was rapidly melting at this moment.

Looking at Qu Tianhan stabbed by a sword, Xu Ze's eyes were surging with flames, and he slapped his palm in the air, like a fire god descending to earth.

The ice sword in Qu Tianhan's hand instantly shattered into ice foam and disappeared with the wind.


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