In an underground vault.

The aura was in a swirling shape, pouring into Xu Ze's body.

The exercises practiced by Xu Ze, "The Secret of Burning the Heavens", are gradually getting better at this moment.

The sixth level of exercise breaks through and gradually enters the seventh realm.

When the "Sacred Flame Burning Heaven Technique" is practiced to the Mahayana, its power is no less than that of the Demon God Cult.

What's more, in the reincarnation of the Ninth World, Xu Ze had already modified this "Holy Flame Burning Heaven Technique" exercise to perfection.

Practicing to Mahayana, the power is even higher than that of the Demon God Cult.

However, the Flame Burning Technique is a practice of accumulation.

Only by laying a good foundation and not being arrogant or impatient can we achieve supreme mystery~ power.


The heat rippled from Xu Ze's body.

The breath of the flame enveloped the body, gradually turning from red to blue.

By his side.

Qu Tianhan also knelt cross-legged on the jade bed, his eyes slightly closed.

Take a long breath of cold mist.

Qu Tianhan's body was already covered with a thin layer of ice.

As the ice flakes fell.

Qu Tianhan's whole person seemed to be a little colder, a little more cold.

The cold light of his eyes flickered, his ice muscles and jade bones, and he was more celestial.

"Ice Clear Cold Jade Jue", breaking through to the sixth level!

"Distraction...... I can be regarded as catching up with the Holy Son. "

Qu Tianhan opened his eyes and looked at the man beside him who looked like a furnace.

"Huh?" Qu Tianhan's eyes widened.

She found that Xu Ze's cultivation was growing in a terrifying manner.

In his body, the Xuan Li was like boiling magma, rumbling.

"No, there seem to be two different powers in the body of the Holy Son. "

"Two forces, each of them has reached the cultivation of the god transformation stage?"

Qu Tianhan looked surprised.

Not bad.

Xu Ze's biggest hole card is that he has two completely different cultivations in his body.

It symbolizes the sacredness and justice.

and the Demon God Cult, which symbolizes depravity and sin.

If an ordinary monk practices two exercises at the same time, then the mystical power generated by the two exercises will blend with each other and become one.

But in Xu Ze's body, these two completely different exercises each account for half of Xu Ze and grow separately.

In the end, Xu Ze's body also condensed two cultivation strands that were both in the god transformation stage!

Qu Tianhan rubbed his eyes vigorously.

However, when he opened his eyes again, the original two strands of cultivation disappeared in an instant.

All that remained was the raging flame, blazing.

"How could it be, did I perceive something wrong?"

Qu Tianhan had never seen such a situation.

Even if the memories of the previous nine lives were combined, Qu Tianhan had never seen anyone who could have two kinds of cultivation at the same time.

This is equivalent to Xu Ze looking like he is in the god transformation stage at this time.

But the actual strength is equivalent to the sum of two powerhouses in the god transformation stage!

No, it's even possible, multiply, not additive!

When Qu Tianhan was puzzled.

At this time, Xu Ze also opened his eyes.

Accompanied by a sky-high flame.

Everything around me gradually calmed down.

"Whew, it's finally time to enter the god transformation period. "

Xu Ze moved his fingers, looking relaxed.

Although there is the experience of reincarnation of the ninth life.

But Xu Ze is not practicing a single exercise.

The two exercises are running in the body at the same time, and the energy required is simply too much.

After practicing for three days, Xu Ze only felt a little lacking in spirit and wanted to sleep well.

"Oh, are you already distracted?"

Seeing the girl beside him who was looking at him sluggishly, Xu Ze smiled.

Qu Tianhan came back to his senses and nodded vigorously.

"That's good, let's take a break here today, I suspect that those people from the Nalan Chamber of Commerce should have searched all over the secret realm. "

Xu Ze yawned, rolled over and fell on the jade bed.

"It's cold, if you don't mind, lie down and squint for a while. "

patting the vacant seat beside him, Xu Ze said cheekily.


Qu Tianhan's face turned red.

In my mind, there seems to be some pink scene.

The heart is beating wildly.

I was excited, scared, and there was still a little expectation between them. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Qu Tianhan lay down cautiously.

On one side of his face, he saw Xu Ze's soft eyes.

That moment.

Qu Tianhan seemed to recall the sweet moment with Xu Ze in the previous ninth life.

His sweet words, his gentleness......

Qu is cold, Qu is cold.

You can't afford to repeat the same mistakes.

What kind of scumbag is he, don't you know in your heart?

If you give in just because you remember the love you once had, what else are you worthy of being a saint in the Holy Land?

Qu poured a chill.

He closed his eyes in anticipation.

Forget it, it's just one more mistake......

The next is not an example.



Qu Tianhan did not usher in the scene she imagined.

When he opened his eyes, he found that Xu Ze had closed his eyes slightly, and he seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.


Qu Tianhan felt numb.

No, why are you really asleep?

Didn't you take the initiative in the first nine lives?

"Hey, scumbag......"

Qu Tianhan's face was embarrassed, and he snorted coldly.

I wanted to turn around.

However, before he could turn around, one hand grabbed Qu Tianhan and pulled her into his arms.

Qu Tianhan's heart stagnated.

raised his head, but saw that Xu Ze still had his eyes slightly closed, as if he just used her as a pillow and held her in his arms.

"You...... Are you asleep?" Qu Tianhan's face turned red.

was held in the arms of a man so affectionately.

What's more, this man actually likes it very much in his heart......

Lose your marbles.

I'm going crazy!

Qu Tianhan's eyes swirled like mosquito coils.

My heart was about to jump out.

【Qu Tilt Cold Blackening Value-10】

【Tilt Cold Blackening Value-1】

【Tilt Cold Blackening Value-1】

Although Xu Ze closed his eyes, he could still feel the tension of the warm jade in his arms.

Feeling the sweetness of the tip of his nose, Xu Ze enjoyed this comfortable feeling, but did not go any further.

Because he knows that now is not the time for the relationship to go further.

Although, among the ten heroines, Xu Ze's favorite person is indeed Qu Tianhan.

Whether it is her beauty or the gentleness that is inadvertently revealed from the cold, Xu Ze is fascinated.

But she couldn't accept that Xu Ze would betray her after he had her.

In other words, if Xu Ze establishes a relationship with her, and then he has to attack other heroines.

Then her blackening value should be properly filled.

At that time, it will become a new trouble.

In addition, Xu Ze really doesn't have much energy now.

Use Qu Tianhan as a pillow and sleep comfortably.

That's all he can do at this point.

Soon, Xu Ze fell into a deep sleep.

And the nervousness of the girl in her arms seems to have gradually calmed down.

.. Every..

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