In a trembling of the cave.

A dark room slowly opened in front of Xu Ze and Qu Tianhan's eyes.

Qu Tianhan glanced at Xu Ze in surprise: "Dark room, Holy Son, why do you know that there is a dark room here?"

Xu Ze calmly interrupted Qu Tianhan's words: "Secret realm caves usually have dark rooms, isn't this a normal thing." "

Is this kind of thing normal?

Qu Tianhan was a little confused.

But I don't know what to refute.

"Let's go. "

Xu Ze stepped into the dark room.

Qu Tianhan immediately followed.

Wait for the two to enter the dark room.

The dark exterior door gradually closes.

From the outside, there is no trace to be seen.

Head down the dark hallway.

Xu Ze held the holy flame in his hand and lit it in front of him.

Qu Tianhan followed behind Xu Ze and carefully looked at this secret realm.

"The aura here is so sufficient, could it be the land of the spiritual veins of the secret realm?"

As he spoke, Qu Tianhan stretched out his hand to touch the dragon-like lines on the wall.

Xu Ze's eyes were quick, and he immediately pressed Qu Tianhan's hand.

"Do it, do it!" Feeling Xu Ze's warm hand, Qu Tianhan's face turned red, and a burst of heat rose.

Xu Ze glanced at Qu Tianhan and said, "Be careful to touch the mechanism here, this kind of cave that was built at some point is not ordinary. "

"If you accidentally touch the mechanism, then we may not be able to see the sun outside from 827. "

"Woo ......" was taught a lesson by Xu Ze's head and face, Qu Tianhan whimpered, and withdrew his hand stupidly.

Although she has the memory of the ninth generation.

But in the memory of these nine lifetimes, most of the time spent in the Holy Land.

So a lot of things in the nether world are half-understood.

Picking up people and things and exploring secret realms may not be as experienced as other heroines.

Usually high coldness.

It's just a way for her to protect herself too simply.

Xu Ze clenched Qu Tianhan's hand tightly, and said helplessly: "You still hold my hand, so as not to touch something by mistake." "

How could he not know who Qu Tianhan was.

After the reincarnation of the ninth generation, she is the coldest among the ten heroines, and she is also the most ignorant.

It's like a nine-day fairy, who doesn't know the sinister world and only has a cold and pure heart, what's the use?

This kind of girl will not be easily pitted because of her cold appearance.

But once you are caught, it will be heartbreaking.

cough, that's right, it's Xu Ze, a big scumbag.

As far as I can remember, there are several traps that have been dodged.

Soon, the two of them came to a heavy gate.

The door was closed, and a rotten brass lock on the door did not move. (aeee)

It really looks like no one else has explored this place yet.

Xu Ze made a palm, and the decaying copper lock was shattered with a palm, completing the mission for countless years.

Pushing open the door, a dazzling light lit up from the door.

"This, this is ......" Qu Tianhan looked at everything in front of him and was stunned.

But I saw that there were bookshelves in this gate.

The bookshelves are full of quaint books, and if you take out a random one, they are all heaven-level mystical techniques and mystical skills handed down from ancient times.

On the other side, there are whole boxes of spirit stones.

Like mountains and rivers, it occupies most of the secret room.

And in the center of the room, there is a jade bed that exudes a rich aura.

It seems that this is a place left by a certain Xuandao predecessor when he practiced in ancient times.

Qu Tianhan looked stupid. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Even as a saintess of the Holy Land, when had she ever seen such a scene?

"Holy Son, Holy Son, here is ......"

Xu Ze pretended to pick up a book, flipped through two pages at random, raised his eyelids and said, "It seems that the books here are all ancient metaphysical exercises, maybe it is the practice secret room of a certain senior." "

"That senior should have given up here after his cultivation attainment, and he was happy from now on. "

Xu Ze is too familiar with this place.

In his first life, he practiced here for ten years, and practiced hundreds of ancient mystical techniques.

After memorizing all the books here, Xu Ze will no longer use this place in his later lives.

And in this life, bringing Qu Tianhan here, there is also a little selfishness of Xu Ze.

"This, so many good things, why don't we move back to the Holy Land?" Qu Tianhan's eyes lit up, and the first thing that came to mind was to quickly move back to the Holy Land and use it for the Holy Land.

You're a girl, take this kind of fate back to confiscate?

The corners of Xu Ze's mouth twitched, and he almost wanted to punch the pig's head.

Xu Ze walked a few steps with his hands behind his back, and said calmly: "There are hundreds of millions of books in the Holy Land, and these mystical techniques are all ancient books, and bringing them back is at best a drop of water into the sea." "

"Why don't you cherish the opportunity and take advantage of these days to hurry up here to use the aura of heaven and earth to practice mystical skills and improve yourself?"

Qu Tianhan suddenly realized.

She took out a book of Xuanji, opened it and read a few pages, and nodded slightly: "Indeed, it is better to be selfish when walking in the Xuanjie...."

Looking at Qu Tianhan, who was silent, Xu Ze smiled helplessly.

He knew that it was really difficult for Qu Tianhan, a good child who was cold on the outside and hot on the inside, to make her do something selfish.

He stretched out his hand, gently patted Qu Tianhan's shoulder, and comforted: "Don't worry too much, there are hundreds of millions of spirit stones here." "

"Let's use up some of them and bring the rest back to the Holy Land, which can be regarded as a blessing to the Holy Land. "

Qu Tianhan opened Xu Ze's salty pig hand and looked at Xuanji intently: "Don't disturb my cultivation, you go over there and take a look." "

Xu Ze: "......"

Well, he overestimated Qu Tianhan's purity.

Anyway, he was reincarnated in the ninth generation, and even if he was a pure child, he would become a human spirit.

Seeing that Qu Tianhan began to memorize these mystical skills silently, Xu Ze did not bother, took a few spirit stones, and came to the jade bed to practice.

Three days later.

Wanjin State.

In the study, Nalan Qing looked at the secret report in his hand and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Someone who broke into the secret realm and didn't pay the fee? What else to report about this kind of thing, kill it to make an example. Casually throwing the secret report aside, Nalan snorted coldly, and looked at the account book of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce again.

Looking at the countless money on the ledger, Nalan Qing's eyes flashed with shiny ingots, and the corners of his mouth were almost to his ears.

"Hehe~ There are too many orders for the Shenlong Cannon, thirty orders for the Changshengmen, twenty-five orders for the Sword Immortal Palace, and several city lords' mansions have sent orders, making a lot of money~"

"When this batch of Divine Dragon Cannons is sold, I will promote the Sky Destroying Musket. "

"That's right, mortals' money can't be let go, inferior spirit stones are used as spirit stone lamps, and the eliminated magic weapons can be dismantled to make some farming tools, anyway, mortals don't know whether it's good or bad, so they charge according to the market price of one percent more. "

"Speaking of which, our Nalan Chamber of Commerce must also have a degree of identification, and in the future, the goods of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce will be labeled with the logo of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce to crack down on counterfeiting and shoddy!"

"Money, money, money~ In the future, the money of the entire Qiankun Continent will be all Miss Ben's!"

"When the time comes, the people of the Holy Land will be polite to me when they see me, hahaha. "

Watching his sister holding the ledger in the room, she seemed to be jumping around.

Nalan Yun picked up the secret letter on the ground with an expressionless face.

After reading it, a fine light flashed in Nalan Yun's eyes.

"Holy fire?"

silently put the secret letter on the candle flame and burned it.

Nalan Yun lowered his head again and looked at his book.

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