Xu Ze stood at the top of the mountain, looking down at the monk who was desperately climbing the mountain.

Looking at the dense patch like ants, Xu Ze nodded lightly.

Yes, just like the original plot, although Ye Fan was a little slow at the beginning, he soon exceeded most of it, and now he is firmly in third place.

If there is no accident, it is no problem for Ye Fan to pass the first assessment.

In order to maintain the plot as much as possible, Xu Ze deliberately designed three assessments that were exactly the same as the original plot.

Climb the holy mountain, crack the formation, and test your talent.

The first and third assessments were not a problem for Ye Fan.

But the key is the second assessment.

Cracking the formation, Ye Fan was originally completed with the help of Lu Qingqing, one of the heroines, and it was cheating.

But now, Lu Qingqing is gone.

I don't know if this Ye Fan can pass smoothly like in the original plot.

"Ahem. "

When Xu Ze was secretly thinking to himself.

A light coughing sound caught Xu Ze's attention.

He hurriedly turned around and found that Qu Tianhan had come over at some point.

Walking to Xu Ze's side, Qu Tianhan stopped and watched the situation on the holy mountain road.

"It seems that the assessment has begun. "

Qu Tianhan is still as indifferent and detached as he is on weekdays.

It's as if the hot and cold of the previous days was fake.

Xu Ze bowed his head slightly, he didn't know why, he always felt a little uncomfortable standing beside Qu Tianhan.

After thinking for a while, Xu Ze realized that he and Qu Tianhan seemed to be standing a little too close.

It's almost close to sticking together.

Xu Ze glanced at Qu Tianhan.

As if she didn't notice, she just stared silently at the monk on the mountain path of the Holy Land.

The side face was indifferent, as if Xu Ze had come over with his own dead face.

Just when Xu Ze was thinking about moving to the side, Qu Tianhan suddenly leaned towards Xu Ze, and the shoulders of the two collided together.

Her gaze was still on the bottom of the mountain, and she said, "Among this group of monks, there seems to be one who is particularly outstanding. "

Xu Ze was still feeling the soft touch on his shoulder, and he was a little dazed.

Subconsciously looked down at the mountain, this time, Xu Ze was even more dumbfounded.

But I saw the group of monks who were running to the top of the mountain.

A turquoise figure, like a spirit jumping in a mountain stream, rushed towards the top of the holy mountain.

The girl, dressed in emerald green clothes and with a double ponytail on her head, looked innocent and lovely.

Lu Qingqing!

Xu Ze's eyes lit up, and his heart was overjoyed.

Good guy, I thought there was one less of the ten female leads.

I didn't expect Lu Qingqing to arrive at a critical time!

Now the future plot is guaranteed!

Although Xu Ze tried his best to stay calm, the joy in his eyes did not hide from Qu Tianhan's eyes.

Qu Tianhan's brows furrowed without a trace, and his eyes were much gloomy.

She naturally remembered Lu Qingqing.

After all, in these nine lives, Lu Qingqing, like her, is also a woman who has been abandoned by Xu Ze.

However, although they are all abandoned.

But Qu Tianhan is good for Lu Qingqing, or for Xu Ze's other abandoned women, and he doesn't feel sympathy at all.

On the contrary, there is a dissatisfaction.

'Why do you have to mess with flowers and grass when you already have me?'

This kind of thinking, coupled with the distortion of Xu Ze's love, has caused Qu Tianhan's heart to be extremely fragile now.

Looking at the joy in Xu Ze's eyes that couldn't be concealed, Qu was so jealous that he couldn't help but feel a trace of killing intent.

You scumbag...... It turned out that at this time, I had thoughts about other women......

I thought you were a serious person!


The undisguised killing intent made Xu Ze, who was still happy, suddenly feel excited.

He subconsciously glanced at Qu Tianhan beside him.

found that Qu Tianhan didn't seem to be looking at him, his eyes were just on the group of monks at the bottom of the mountain.

Could it be my delusion?

But this murderous aura is clearly the ...... coming from his side

Xu Ze rubbed his temples.

I guess I'm too tired from worrying about the development of the plot lately, so there's something wrong with my perception, right?

This is a big deal, and if a monk perceives confusion, he is not far from going mad.

Xu Ze felt that it was necessary for him to find a psychiatrist.

Qu Tianhan looked at the bottom of the mountain and said indifferently: "Holy Son, in your opinion, which of these monks who went up to the mountain to worship is more optimistic?"

Xu Ze immediately came back to his senses and said calmly: "The green-clothed girl just now, I saw that although she was surrounded by mysterious qi, she was still walking like a fly under heavy pressure, which shows that this woman has an extraordinary physique and a different talent, and she is really a good seedling of cultivation." "

Hmph, the first one to say that woman?

Qu Tianhan's eyes sank, and he secretly wrote it down in his heart.

"There is also the son-in-law who is ranked first, although he is a little lacking in stamina, but he is also a target for training. "

"The woman in second place is not bad. "

"There is also the third boy, although he looks like he is running reluctantly, but there is no sweat on his forehead, which means that he is just hiding his strength, if I guess correctly, he should come out on top in the first round of assessment. "

Xu Ze casually commented on a few smoke bombs earlier, but actually focused on Ye Fan, who was ranked third.

After all, the original plot was that the Holy Maiden Qu Tianhan was here to assess a group of monks.

It was also she who discovered Ye Fan's talent.

But now that the plot has gone wrong, it has become the Holy Son Xu Ze to invigilate.

This made Xu Ze worry that there would be a large deviation in the plot in the future, so he introduced the male protagonist to Qu Tianhan in advance.

However, after Qu Tianhan listened to Xu Ze's first comment, the latter ones couldn't listen to it for a long time.

She nodded casually and said a few perfunctory 'uh-huh' sounds.

In my heart, I was thinking about how to drive this Lu Qingqing out of the holy land.

After thinking for a while, Qu Tianhan made up his mind and looked at Xu Ze: "Holy Son, you have been busy with the assessment for the past few days, and the remaining two rounds of audit, let me do it for you." "

Xu Ze was slightly stunned.

This, what's the situation?

The plot that was originally a little uncontrollable was actually corrected back by itself?

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