Nalan Chamber of Commerce, Qu Tianhan is naturally very clear.

Especially the sisters of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce.

and Qu Tianhan, but also very familiar.

In the first nine lives, if you say that Qu Tianhan has a slightly better relationship with any of the ten heroines.

That may be Nalan Qing, Sister Nalan Yun.

There is no other reason.

Nalan Qing is a woman who is dedicated to money and is very easy to control.

Nalan Yun, on the other hand, only likes to read books, and has no interest in other things.

Compared with other heroines, these two women, Qu Tianhan is still very pleasing to the eye.

"Now that Lu Qingqing and Lin Yuer have recovered the memories of the previous nine lives. "

"Those two people must have recovered their memories as well. "

Inside the study.

Qu Tianhan, who was packing his things and preparing to go to the Nether, was preparing a gift for the two sisters of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce.

In this life, Qu Tianhan deliberately wooed the two, so he naturally wanted to make more "four-seven-seven" preparations.

Nalan Qing likes money, so prepare money for her.

And Nalan Yun likes to read, so give her books from the Holy Land.

At that time, with their help, it will naturally be much easier to suppress Xu Ze.


I choose a book.

Suddenly, Qu Tianhan saw a storage ring hidden between the books in the bookshelf.

Take the storage ring and take a look.

A yellowed origami frog appeared in front of Qu Tianhan's eyes.

Seeing the origami frog, Qu Tianhan's eyes froze, as if he remembered the past.

"Speaking of which...... My birthday seems to be approaching......"

Because the rise of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce is extremely rapid, and the Divine Dragon Cannon is related to the future war in the Qiankun Continent, the elders are also very in favor of the Holy Son and Holy Maiden's approach to the Nether.

Day 2.

After handing over the internal affairs of the Holy Land to the Great Elder Qi Tian.

Xu Ze instructed Lin Yu'er to stay in the Holy Fire Palace, and then went to the Nether Realm with Qu Tianhan.

"The Nalan Chamber of Commerce is located in Wanjin Prefecture, if we hurry up, we will be able to return to the Holy Land almost tomorrow. "

Coming down from the holy mountain, looking at Qu Tianhan walking slowly, Xu Ze reminded.

Qu Tianhan glanced at Xu Ze and snorted a little unhappily.

Xu Ze found out that Qu Tianhan's neck was wearing the blue pendant chain that Xu Ze had given her before.

And I don't know if it's wrong.

Qu Tianhan left the holy land this time, and even dressed up a little.

The lips are red and the teeth are white, and the face is powdered, which looks a little more flattering than usual.

It's a complete dating posture.

It seems that it is false for Dump Han to ask me to go to the Nether Realm and go to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, and it is true that he has exclusive possession.

Xu Ze was helpless.

Qu Tianhan usually shows people with a cold look.

But the ghost idea in my heart is really no less than that of other girls.

"Ahem, of course, if Dumpling wants to wander around the Nether Realm more, it's not like I can't accompany you......"

Xu Ze changed his mistake and immediately changed his words.

"Hmph. "

Sure enough, Qu Tianhan raised the corners of his mouth without a trace, and turned his head to the side arrogantly.

I haven't seen Xu Ze in the past few days, Qu Tianhan is not only angry, but also thinking about how to turn defeat into victory.

Seeing Lin Yuer and Jing Xiaoxuan grabbing left and right against Xu Ze.

And as a childhood sweetheart who grew up with his son, he was a little left out.

Qu Tianhan is not in a hurry, it must be fake.

Coincidentally, the matter of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce reached the Holy Land at this time.

Qu Tianhan immediately thought of his identity.

Since you can't just monopolize Xu Ze like other girls.

Then it has to be monopolized by official business.

Plan through, plan pass.

Qu Tianhan was proud in his heart.

As for what kind of dragon cannon or anything to buy, it doesn't matter. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

finally got together with Xu Ze alone.

That's naturally how long it can be delayed.

In the slow and leisurely flight of the two.

It wasn't until it was dark that the two of them had just flown out of the range of the Holy Mountain.

In an endless mountain forest.

Xu Ze lit a bonfire, sat on the side, closed his eyes, and recuperated his breath.

Qu Tianhan sat expressionlessly on the edge of the bonfire, his eyes looking towards Xu Ze from time to time.

The two hadn't been alone for an unknown amount of time.

It seems that since that day, Xu Ze pressed her on the chair and said something affectionately, he has been looking like a cold war.

In fact, Qu Tianhan also wanted to be alone with Xu Ze.

But the messy heart made her not know what to say after getting along.

Because of identity, plus some heart disease.

So that she can't show her heart in front of Xu Ze like other heroines.

If Xu Ze can take the initiative......

"Take the initiative, the child can be full moon, okay......"

Taking out a piece of meat ration from the storage ring, Qu Tianhan skewered it on a knife and roasted it over a campfire....

Waiting for the meat to emit aroma, Qu Tianhan glanced at Xu Ze and said, "Holy Son, do you want to eat something?"

Xu Ze closed his eyes and did not respond.

At this moment, he is running the Xuan Qi in his body, wandering through the Xuan Qi of his body.

All around, the flame is swirling, exuding a warmth that does not belong to late autumn.

"When you practice, you know the ...... of practice"

A trace of anger rose in Qu Tianhan's heart, and he took a bite of the ripe piece of meat.

"Don't you know what's going on in people's hearts?"

"Can't you just take the initiative!"

"I know that I and other women talk to me, but when I come here, I can't even let out a fart......"

"You did it on purpose!"

The more Qu Tianhan thought about it, the more angry he became.

I remembered what I saw Xu Ze and Jing Xiaoxuan a while ago.

That's even more infuriating.

"Forget if the first nine lives abandoned me, I want to do it again in this life, right......"

"Scumbag, I really scrapped you......"

Looking at the knife in his hand.

His eyes turned to Xu Ze, who was cross-legged and his eyes closed, and a dark thought suddenly rose in Qu Tianhan's heart.

Walked in front of Xu Ze.

The bright knife was already aimed at Xu Ze's vital point.

It seems that as long as the knife falls, Xu Ze can let go of too many troubles in the harem in this life.

Qu Tianhan's 0.0 eyes became more and more gloomy.

The murderous aura inadvertently revealed made Xu Ze shudder involuntarily.

He opened his eyes suddenly, looked at Qu Tianhan, who was startled by himself, and covered her mouth.


Qu Tianhan held the knife and struggled desperately, but was pressed into his arms by Xu Ze and couldn't move.

"Shhhh Xu Ze blew out the bonfire with one palm, dispersed the aroma of the barbecue, and said with a serious expression.

Qu Tianhan nodded weakly, closed his eyes, and waited for Xu Ze to fall.

At this time, two terrifying breaths came from the sky.

Two figures appeared outside the grass not far from Xu Ze and Qu Tianhan.

Qu Tianhan realized something at this time, and immediately restrained his breath and held his breath.

"This breath, the Extreme Period?"

Qu Tianhan and Xu Ze glanced at each other, and the two secretly stretched out their heads and looked into the distance.


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