Originally, it was more than ten meters tall ozone grass, but now it is less than 1 meter left.

As for how many leaves he had picked, Chu Feng had lost count, anyway, Atasino was tired enough and sweating profusely.

Of course, the capture level of ozone grass is not low, around 60.

"There are only two leaves left. Atasino became excited, "Come on, let's get out of the way!"

Wrapped in so many leaves, she really wanted to see what was inside.

"Come on!" Chu Feng smiled.

I'm looking forward to the deliciousness inside!

Two grab the leaves!

"Three, two, one!"


The two of them started at the same time, and the last two leaves were picked off together.

Suddenly, the water splashed.

Slapped in the faces of the two.

"Ah...... It's so cool!" Atasino exclaimed, a beautiful smile on his face.

Chu Feng also felt a burst of coolness, his face was cold, and his eyes couldn't wait to look at the ozone grass.

At first glance, it feels like a tender tongue, rolled up!

Puff, puff......

Suddenly, the "tongue" stretches out, making a splash and bursting with water inspiration.

The meat is pink and tender, as if it can be broken by blowing!!

Looking closely, the leaf veins exude a faint glow, gently jumping, like elfin small eyes.

If you listen closely, you can still hear the gentle agitation of the leaves, which is full of vitality and makes people obsessed.

It is the essence of the sunlight that shines on it and absorbs only the nutrients from the mineral-rich gray cloud!!

The layers of leaves wrapped around absorb toxic ingredients and give off a strong smell, and this ozone grass exudes an unusually fresh fragrance.

On the surface, Ozone Grass is the king of vegetables in the Sky Garden!

Congratulations on completing the task, successfully capturing the ozone grass, and rewarding the golden body!]

Suddenly, the system sends a prompt.

Chu Feng was ecstatic in his heart.

Golden body, this skill is very bad!

As long as it is enabled, it will be invincible for one second, and any attack will be invalid.

Of course, there are also drawbacks, that is, after opening it once, there will be a cooldown time, and the length of the cooldown time is related to the amount of physical strength.

In other words, it is basically not possible to use it continuously!

"Is this ozone grass, it looks so cute!" Atasino stared at him, and the joy on his face grew stronger.

Chu Feng said: "Come, let's eat together!"

"Huh, do you want a piece to eat?" Atasino was slightly surprised.

"Of course!" Chu Feng said: "Ozone grass is a special cooking ingredient, two leaves are picked at the same time, and two bites must be taken at the same time when eating."

"Otherwise, you won't be able to eat delicious!"

With his current strength, he can't take two bites on the ozone grass almost at the same time, so he has to be Atasino.

I picked up the leaves with Atasino just now, and I have a very tacit understanding, and I believe that there is no big problem in eating them at the same time.

Hearing this, Atasino nodded: "Okay, come on!"

"Three, two, one!"

Both of them bite into the ozone grass at the same time.

The two mouths quickly approached, and at a certain moment Atasino's eyes dilated, and he didn't know what to think, and he was stunned for a moment.

It was such a small action that caused her actions to have a sequence with Chu Feng's actions.


Chu Feng bit on the ozone grass first, and Atasino bit on the ozone grass later.


So, the ozone grass became rotten, Chu Feng hurriedly spit it out, Atasino's face changed, and he immediately spit it out, and the ozone grass in his mouth became rotten.

Immediately after, the ozone grass that had been bitten twice rotted at a rate visible to the naked eye!

Chu Feng looked at Atasino and said, "You hesitated just now, causing the two of us to be inconsistent, so ......"

"Right...... I'm sorry!" Atasino said, his face flushed, "Let's try again!"

Nodding, Chu Feng said, "Okay, let's go pick that tree!"

The two landed on a nearby ozone grass.

Hiss, hiss......

Soon, the two of them worked together to clean all the leaves, revealing the delicious ozone grass pulp.

"It should be okay this time, right?" Chu Feng said, "At the same time, don't have messy thoughts, I won't bite you!"

"I see!" Atasino took a deep breath and adjusted his mood, "Let's go, no problem!"

"Okay, then I'll count, three, two, one!"

As soon as Chu Feng's voice fell, the two of them bit the ozone grass flesh at the same time.


Very synchronous.

The two mouths bite down on the flesh of the ozone grass, and at the same time touch lightly together.

Both of them were stunned.

There was dead silence all around.

From the side, the two of them are in a very strange position, almost lying there, mouth to mouth.

Chu Feng didn't think so much, stood up, and began to taste the taste of ozone grass pulp.

It is a strong feeling of eating, and when you bite lightly, the elasticity of the teeth is transmitted back to the upper and lower jaws as you bite through the tight fibers, which is really enjoyable to chew.

At the same time, the refreshing flavor that bursts open, and the just right amount of bitterness of the leaves, which is undoubtedly addictive, is a very powerful food.

The king of vegetables is well deserved!


When you swallow the delicious food in your mouth, you feel like every cell is dancing happily.

It's delicious, it's so cool!

【Ding.】 Eating Ozone Grass rewards +300 Constitution. 】

【Ding.】 Eating Ozone Grass rewards cooking skills +30. 】

【Ding.】 Eating Ozone Grass rewards +3 Food Luck. 】


In an instant, the system emitted a series of sounds.

Chu Feng felt a warm current flowing through his body, and his strength improved a lot.

Enter the system interface.

Host: Chu Feng

Constitution: 2650+

Cooking skills: Level 4+

Food luck: better+

Consciousness: 3500 m+

Abilities: Burst Sound Fist, Air Step, Eat, Eat, Meteorite Shield, Displacement Flash, Palm Sucking, Flying Thunder Magic, Golden Body

System space: 10,000 cubic meters

Capture Level: Estimated 270

The Burst Punch can exert 38 times more power.

Seeing this, a satisfied smile appeared on the corner of Chu Feng's mouth.

"Wow, it's delicious!Q bomb, Q bomb!" Atasino next to him took a bite of the flesh of ozone grass, looking satisfied.

"Huh?" Chu Feng glanced at her and found that a faint light was released from her body, but it was the food cells that were activated again.

It seems that ozone grass is also a suitable ingredient for the gastronomic cells of Atasino.

"Chu Feng, we ...... Let's take another bite!" Atasino suggested.

"Yes!" Chu Feng nodded.


However, at this moment, a figure landed not far away, and the ground shook.

Chu Feng's divine sense swept away, and his face suddenly turned ugly.

"Damn, this guy is here!!"

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