The book "Qiankun Immortal Emperor" has a total of ten heroines.

The ten heroines have different personalities, beautiful appearances, and their own characteristics.

Or as cold as an iceberg, or clear and pure, or eccentric, or gentle and virtuous.

Of course, these heroines were all taken advantage of by Xu Ze, the original villain of the book "Qiankun Immortal Emperor", and finally abandoned them.

However, not all girls in the world have good personalities.

The same goes for the heroines.

In the first ninth reincarnation, the heroines of Xu Ze's strategy, all of them loved him deeply, and they also liked these girls.

However, only one of them is completely different from the others.

She may also like Xu Ze.

But compared to Xu Ze, what she likes more is another.


Monks, self-cultivation, and money are all things outside the body.

She is the only one who loves money like her life, and her biggest pursuit is to gather the wealth of the world in the palm of her hand.

In order to make better money.

She wanted to get on the noble connections of the Holy Land.

even took the initiative to dedicate himself to Xu Ze.

belongs to the kind of heroine who takes the initiative to overthrow the villain.

But later, Xu Ze ruthlessly abandoned her.

I don't know if it's because she was hurt by Xu Ze, or because she hates Xu Ze for ignoring the treaty of her former allies, so that she can't make a lot of money.

She also hated Xu Ze and joined the heroine's harem team to fight for 223 Xu Ze.

She is the eldest lady of the first chamber of commerce in the future Qiankun, Nalan Chamber of Commerce, Nalan Qing.

Clean, incorruptible, upright.

Although the meaning of the name is very good, her greedy character is a headache.

She is also the heroine who makes Xu Ze the most helpless and headache in this ninth reincarnation.

It's been so long since the tenth life, Xu Ze really doesn't want to have anything to do with her.

Now that he heard the name of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, Xu Ze couldn't help frowning.

"Although I have to see those two women in the morning and evening. "

"But forget it for now......"

Xu Ze held his forehead and sighed again and again.

In fact, just one Nalan Qing is enough.

It's a shameful thing to be pushed back, don't mention it.

But she also has a younger sister.

That's even harder of the hardest.

Wanjin State.

The Nalan Chamber of Commerce is magnificent and magnificent, standing like a palace in Wanjin Prefecture.

The tower reaches the sky, layer by layer, circle by circle, straight to the sky.

The entire scope of Wanjin State is almost managed by the Nalan Chamber of Commerce.

All kinds of shops, restaurants, and even J Courtyard.

As long as there is a place where money is traded, it belongs to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce.

The convoy of the eldest lady Nalan Qing entered the state city.

What greeted him was like a royal relative.

The city lord was like a minion, standing at the gate of the city with several sect masters to greet him.

With smiling faces, they hugged their fists and bowed to the sedan chair again and again.

However, it is a pity that the team did not stop at all, but in this formation, they entered the city and came to the Nalan family.

Back at home, Nalan Qing ignored these clansmen who came forward to salute, and walked into the backyard with a frosty face.

"Where's the second miss?"

Nalan Qing asked.

The family on the side immediately responded respectfully: "Miss Hui, the second lady is reading in the house." "

Nalan Qing came to the door, and his cold face suddenly softened.

"Yun'er, my sister is back. Knocking on the door gently, Nalan Qing said in a low voice.

No response was heard.

Nalan Qing was not in a hurry, but gently pushed open the door.

Inside the room, a girl in plain white clothes sat on a seat.

Her orange hair, the same color as her sister, was draped over her shoulders.

But it's different from my sister's natural curls. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

The girl's orange hair was straight and long, and it was extremely smooth.

There was a dull look on her clear and flawless face.

Mu Mu looked at the book in his hand.

Nalan Qing smiled gently.

She took a box of snacks and came to Nalan Yun's side.

"Yun'er, this is your favorite dim sum, my sister bought the white cloud candy from Yuncheng~"

As he spoke, he opened the lid and took out a piece of white and soft candy.

"Hmm. "

Nalan Yun's expression was still wooden, and he didn't seem to be interested in anything.

"Well, the white cloud candy is delicious. Stuffing a piece of sugar into Nalan Yun's mouth, Nalan Qing said with a smile.

"Hmm. "

While chewing, Nalan Yun turned a page of the book.

The eyes like black jade are dark, and only the contents of the book are reflected.

Nalan Qing sighed helplessly.

She knows her sister's character.

Even if the two sisters recovered the memories of the previous nine lives at the same time.

But her sister's personality can't be changed.

"Facial paralysis, few words, only like to read, alas, my sister. "

Sitting aside with his face propped up, looking at his sister who would not be bored reading a book for a day in the house, Nalan Qing sighed helplessly.

"Speaking of which, do you remember Xu Ze?"


Nalan Yun, who had been indifferent, suddenly raised his head and looked at Nalan Qing.

But soon, he frowned and turned his gaze back to the book: "Scumbag." "

spit out two words cutely, and Nalan Yun had nothing else to say.

"Recently, the Demon Yuan Evil Cultivator has been doing evil everywhere, and he is still looking for the Ten Thousand Dao Saint Secret Formula, do you know about this?" asked Nalan Qing with a bracing face.

Nalan Yun didn't speak, still with a paralyzed face.

"I suspect that Xu Ze in this life may have become the Lord of the Demon Abyss in advance. Nalan Qing sighed, "Originally, in this life, I still wanted to make money from him like before...... But since he has fallen ahead of schedule, I have no choice but to put out my plan to kill the scumbag in advance. "

Nalan Yun flipped through a page and continued to look at the book in his hand.

Nalan Qing continued: "The Ten Thousand Dao Saint Recipe is his only reliance on cultivating the tenth level of the Demon God Cult, and if I release this news, he will definitely come to our Nalan Chamber of Commerce to snatch this book." "

"When the time comes, our family's God Destroying Array will be opened, even if he is a strong person in the Xuanzun Realm, he will definitely not be able to resist this Ancient God Destroying Array, and he will be wiped out!"

"Then, we can use the name of destroying the Lord of the Demon Abyss to shock the Qiankun Continent and sit firmly in the first place of the Qiankun Chamber of Commerce from now on!"

"At that time, all the money in the world will fall into my hands, ahhahahaha!"

Nalan Qing clenched his fists and laughed proudly.

Nalan Yun looked at the book in his hand, and said without raising his head: "It's difficult." "

"......" Nalan Qing looked smug on his face, and looked at Nalan Yun speechlessly, "Then sister, do you have any way? You are a person who has read all the books in the world, you are the hope and wisdom of our Nalan family to deal with the big scumbag!"

"You are wise, I am rich, to deal with that dead scumbag who deceived us in the ninth world, wouldn't you be able to catch it!"

Nalan Qing clenched his fists again, with a look of joy in his face.

Nalan Yun still didn't raise his head, and spit out a word with that paralyzed face.

"Difficult. "


For a while, the room was filled with an awkward atmosphere.

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