Elder Qingdan is the Elder of the Danfang Sect of the Holy Fire Palace.

And Jing Xiaoxuan quarreled with him because of teaching problems.

Obviously, Jing Xiaoxuan's Dan Dao was already above Elder Qingdan.

The ninth Dan Dao attainment, the scared Qingdan elder almost turned his back on his anger.

Fortunately, Xu Ze's timely appearance also ended the quarrel between the two.

"Really! What kind of students are you teaching at this level! What kind of Dan are you practicing!"

Jing Xiaoxuan followed Xu Ze angrily, stomping her little feet wildly.

Xu Ze was full of helplessness on the side, and said with a wry smile: "It seems that Xiaoxuan doesn't need to take classes in the Danfang anymore?"

"Well, there's nothing these old men can teach me. Jing Xiaoxuan snorted coldly, hugged her arms and said, "You might as well give me a separate Dan room and let me refine the Dan by myself." "

Jing Xiaoxuan's words are a bit selfish about herself.

She was born with a void vein now, and if she wanted to re-enter the Xuan Dao like the previous ninth life, she had to refine the Continuation Vein Pill.

However, she is a mortal, and she has no medicinal materials and no pill furnace, how can she practice pills.

Listening in the Dan room, even if she listens to it for a long time, it will be difficult for Jing Xiaoxuan to get started with alchemy.

If Xu Ze can agree to his request and open up a pill room for himself, with the sufficient elixir and spiritual materials in the holy land, what elixir can't he want?

"Okay, if you want to do alchemy, I'll ask someone to open a room for you, and you can practice it yourself. Xu Ze smiled.

"Really!" Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes lit up and she was overjoyed.

"Of course, but I have a strain here, if you want to practice, use it to practice. "

Xu Ze took out the dragon grass that Lu Qingqing had cut off Hu Yefan in the secret realm from the storage ring from the storage ring.

This thousand-year-old dragon yin herb has an excellent effect, in order not to destroy the heavens, Xu Ze has been waiting for Jing Xiaoxuan.

"Dragon's Grass?"

How could Jing Xiaoxuan not know this.

She was surprised to take the spirit grass that shone with a pale blue light.

Listening to the sound of a dragon's groan coming out of the spirit grass, Jing Xiaoxuan showed a surprised expression.

"Where did you get this artifact, Holy Son?"

"Previously obtained from the Secret Realm. Xu Ze smiled and said, "If you want to refine the pill, take this to practice." "

"Really, really...... Holy Son, do you really want me to use such a good thing to make alchemy?" Jing Xiaoxuan was excited and surprised in her heart, "Wan, if the practice is broken, I..."

"If the practice is broken, I will give this dragon grass to Xiao Xuan. "

Xu Ze reached out and pinched Jing Xiaoxuan's face, and said softly: "In my heart, the value of this dragon grass is less than half of Xiaoxuan's. "

That's true.

Although the dragon grass is extremely precious, it is not very useful to Xu Ze.

However, in Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes, the value of this dragon grass is really too high.

Xu Ze's words suddenly moved Jing Xiaoxuan.

"I, I will definitely not disappoint the expectations of the Holy Son!

Jing Xiaoxuan grabbed the dragon grass hard, and her eyes were full of excitement.

Soon, Xu Ze ordered to go down and let the disciples of the Holy Fire Palace prepare a separate alchemy room for Jing Xiaoxuan.

wanted to find someone to help her, but Jing Xiaoxuan insisted on doing everything by herself.

Then, he turned his head and sent Xu Ze out of the Dan room, closed the door and started alchemy.

"Holy Son, don't bother me in the next ten days and half a month!"


Looking at the hot scene in the Dan room.

Xu Ze, who was kicked out of the door, helplessly supported his forehead.

Let's just let her do alchemy.

As soon as this girl refines the Dan, she doesn't care about anything.

It just so happened that during this time, I also had to consider Qu Tianhan's birthday gift.

Although Xu Ze had thought about it, he wanted to ask Lin Yuer and Lu Qingqing what they thought, and wanted to ask them what the girls liked.

But when I think of them, these girls don't deal with each other.

If you ask like this, I'm afraid you'll only be taken to the ditch.

Depressed, Xu Ze had no choice but to leave the Holy Fire Palace and come to the Floating Island, where the Zixia Palace was hanging out.

At this time, the disciples of Zixia Palace were gathering together, discussing something with each other.

Xu Ze was curious and walked over. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

But I saw several disciples of Zixia Palace, holding a few delicate magic weapons in their hands, and they seemed to have to discuss the comparison.

"Senior Brother Wang's exquisite jade pendant is made by a famous craftsman in Donghuang Longmingzhou? "

"Eh, how can there be, look at Senior Sister Liu's Yuxia sword, the sword body is Changhong Xuantie, the scabbard is high-grade Xuanyu, and it is a ...... created by 3,000 famous craftsmen of the royal family for 20 years."

"Senior Brother Zhang praised it falsely, I look at Senior Brother Zhang's ......"

"'~Ahem. Xu Ze clenched his fists and coughed, which immediately interrupted the boasting of several disciples.

Seeing Xu Ze, the Zixia Palace disciples were startled and hurriedly saluted: "Holy Son." "

"Hmm. Xu Ze walked past everyone with a calm face.

But when he walked past a few people's sides, he deliberately stopped and looked at several Zixia Palace disciples: "Have you heard that there are any rare things in the Nether Realm, which are suitable for gifts?"

Several Zixia Palace disciples glanced at each other.

At this time, Senior Brother Wang immediately smiled and clenched his fists: "The Holy Son is worried about the birthday of the Holy Son next month?"

"Ahem. "

Xu Ze frowned and coughed unhappily.

Senior Brother Wang was so frightened that he hurriedly apologized again and again: "I'm sorry, Holy Son! The disciple has no intention of figuring out the Holy Son's thoughts, and I hope that the Holy Son will forgive my sins!"

Xu Ze waved his hand: "It's okay, you also know that I have lived with the Holy Daughter in the Holy Land since I was a child, and those ordinary spiritual treasures and mysterious weapons in the Holy Land are only afraid that they will not enter her eyes." "

Senior Brother Wang's eyes rolled and he said with a smile: "In that case, why didn't the Holy Son go to the Nether Realm in person and choose a gift for the Holy Maiden?"

"The disciple heard that in recent months, there has been a force in the Nether Realm called the Nalan Chamber of Commerce that has risen extremely fast. "

"The Nalan Chamber of Commerce claims to have all things. "

"Whatever is in the Qiankun Continent, no matter the treasures of heaven and earth, no matter the treasures of spirit beasts, the Nalan Chamber of Commerce can get their hands on it and sell it. "

"If the Holy Son is worried about gifts, why don't you take a moment to go to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce to have a look?"

Senior Brother Wang's words made Xu Ze gasp.

Nalan Chamber of Commerce?

These four words made Xu Ze's eyelids jump wildly.

In his mind, the two girls in the reincarnation of the former ninth life suddenly appeared, giving him a special headache.

"Nalan Chamber of Commerce is easy to say......"

"But it's there two young ladies ......"

Big trouble.

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