"Ten Thousand Paths of Sainthood!"

As soon as the Demon Venerable Order came out.

All the evil cultivators in the Qiankun Continent immediately began to search with all their might.

For a time, the Qiankun Continent was in turmoil.

As if they were crazy, the cultivators began to kill the earth.

Qiankun Continent.

Wan Jinzhou.

A long procession was marching through the mountains.

In the middle, a luxurious eight-person sedan chair slowly moved forward under the escort of more than a dozen masters of the Condensation Period.

In the sedan chair, faintly, a shadow reflected on the bead curtain can be seen.

A cold woman's voice sounded from the sedan chair.

"Hu Han, where are you? "

The monk named Hu Han hurriedly came to the sedan chair and said respectfully: "Miss Hui, you have already arrived at the realm of ten thousand golds." "

"Hmm...... It's been a hard work. "

The woman said indifferently.

"It's not hard, we are born as people of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, and we are ghosts of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce when we die, and I am willing to be the eldest lady and the Nalan world, and the liver and brain are all on the ground!"

Hu Han lowered his head and lowered his eyebrows, extremely respectful to the woman in the sedan chair.

The woman didn't respond to 04, but silently took out a brocade box from her side.

Slowly open the brocade box.

Inside, there are scrolls of the book.

On the scroll, in ancient characters, the five characters of "Ten Thousand Ways of Saint Mingjue" are written.

The slender jade hand gently caressed the scroll in the box.

The eyes that sparkle like jewels reveal a hint of nostalgia.

She slowly closed the lid.

Beautiful natural orange curls that fall from the ears to the chest.

Her gaze gradually sharpened.

At this time, outside the convoy, suddenly evil spirits arose.

Under the frightened screams of the family.

More than a dozen evil cultivators, who seemed to have been in ambush for a long time, poured out from all directions.

"Bold! The caravan of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce also dares to stop it!"

Hu Han shouted, drew his knife and jumped out.

"Nalan Chamber of Commerce?hahaha, I didn't expect to catch a big fish!" The leader of the evil cultivators looked crazy and laughed, "Fellow Daoists, kill me! Remove all the treasures of the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, and honor the Demon Venerable!"

"You dare!"

Hu Han was furious.

A group of guardian monks suddenly fought with these evil cultivators.

For a while, the sword light and sword shadow, the mysterious qi roared like a violent wind.

The girl sat in the chariot.

His expression was indifferent, and he was not affected by the killing outside the car in the slightest.


Suddenly, someone stepped on the chariot.

The tightly closed bead curtain was lifted in an instant.

An evil cultivator with red eyes appeared in front of the girl.

Seeing that in the chariot, this girl is so delicate and lovely, and the clothes on her body are extraordinarily luxurious.

There was a hint of greed in the evil cultivator's eyes.

"Protect the eldest lady!" Hu Han was shocked when he saw that there was an evil cultivator in the car.

However, as soon as he turned around, his left arm was slashed by the evil cultivator, and blood gushed out.

These evil cultivators are all around the time of the Convergence Period.

The Guardian Monks had gradually become no match for each other, and most of them were killed or wounded.

Just when everyone was desperate.


The evil cultivator who was just about to step into the chariot suddenly flew out upside down with a scream.

The whole person flew hundreds of meters and exploded like rain in the sky.

Everyone was stunned.

Looking at the rain of blood falling in the sky, they were dumbfounded.

"Just a few bugs, dare to do something to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce. "

"Could it be that the leader of your Demon Abyss didn't tell you that the forces that should not be provoked should never be provoked?"

The car curtain is windless and automatic.

The girl stepped out of the chariot.

Fair skin, orange curly hair, luxurious silk dress.

The whole person is like an elf princess who came out of a painting, extremely noble and submissive. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"Gathering, gathering period?"

The rest of the evil cultivators were afraid, and looked at this girl, cold sweat flowed from their foreheads.

"Go back and tell you the master of the Demon Abyss, the "Ten Thousand Paths Saint Formula" is in my hands, if you want it, he will take it himself. "

The girl slowly showed the scroll in her hand.

A group of evil cultivators suddenly showed a shocking look.

They winked, nodded, and then fled in all directions.

Seeing them flee.

The maiden did not hinder her.

The corners of his mouth were hooked up with a sneer.

"Xu Ze, Xu Ze, I didn't expect that in this life, you would become the Lord of the Demon Abyss so early and start doing evil. "

"But for me, it's not bad. "

"When you come to the Nalan Chamber of Commerce, I will let you die without a place to be buried......"


The girl miscalculated two points.


The person looking for the "Ten Thousand Paths of Saint Wisdom" is not Xu Ze.


Xu Ze is not the current Lord of the Demon Abyss.

The unequal information gap began to make this turmoil gradually become confusing.

And at this time.

Xu Ze, the black pot man who doesn't know these things.

In the midst of the Holy Land, his brow furrowed.

A few days ago, Ye Fan led seventy disciples from the Holy Land to the Nether Realm to assist the Taidou Sword Sect.

Jing Xiaoxuan also successfully audited in the Dan room of the Holy Fire Palace, clocked in and went to class every day, and was very busy.

It seems that everything in the Holy Land is exceptionally calm.

Everyone was immersed in a very delicate atmosphere.


Xu Ze couldn't help but ignore the coldness in this subtle atmosphere.

That's right, Qu Tianhan!

The most terrifying thing is that there are still twenty days, that is, the day of the 700th winter solstice.

It's Qu Tianhan's twentieth birthday!

Thinking of this, Xu Ze felt a little cold sweat on his back.

In fact, for these monks, life is long, and age and birth are clouds.

Therefore, they monks do not care about their birthdays, and they do not celebrate them every year.

Rather, it happens every ten years.

But this time, then we must live well, and we can't slack off.

Ten years ago, when Xu Ze and Qu Tianhan were children, Xu Ze gave Qu Tianhan a birthday gift, an origami frog.

Then he was scolded by Qu Tianhan with a black face for several months, and finally forgiveness.

And this time is also equivalent to Qu Tianhan's second birthday in this life.

It is also the best time for Xu Ze to decide to completely turn the war into a jade silk with Qu Tianhan.

So this birthday gift made Xu Ze worried.

It stands to reason that with the memory of the reincarnation of the previous nine lives, he should not be worried.

However, the premise of the first nine generations to give gifts is that Qu Tianhan does not have the memory of Xu Ze's scumbag in previous lives.

And now, judging from the degree to which Qu Tianhan is blackened at every turn.

It's really impossible to get a general gift.

This matter is still on my mind.

Outside the door, Lin Yuer brought another piece of news that was not very good.

"Holy Son, Xiao Xuan and Elder Qingdan have quarreled!".

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