For women who have been abandoned and thus extremely fragile in their hearts.

With a little stimulation, the blackening is easy to recur.

Qu Tianhan is very angry now.

There is an urge to go on a killing spree.

Of course, Xu Ze didn't know this.

Although the system can remind Xu Ze of the blackening value of the heroines at any time.

However, the blackening value fluctuates with the mood.

From time to time, adding one or subtracting one can drive Xu Ze crazy.

Therefore, in order to be clean, Xu Ze turned off the blackening value reminder most of the time.

Only when the blackening value cannot be controlled, the system will forcibly remind you.

And at this time.

Xu Ze was wandering around Zixia Palace with Jing Xiaoxuan.

Zixia Palace is located on one of the thousands of floating islands in the Holy Land.

Because Elder Zixia, the palace master of Zixia Palace, likes to be quiet, he chose a more remote location.

Ordinary disciples flew with all their might, and if they wanted to come to Zixia Palace from the main hall of the Holy Land, they also had to fly on "two one three" for half an hour.

And like the maids and handymen who can't fly, they can only travel back and forth in cranes.

This time and again, it takes three or four hours to lay the foundation.

For Jing Xiaoxuan, if there was no Xu Ze, it would be too difficult for her to come to Zixia Palace.

Holding a big sweet potato cake in her hand, Jing Xiaoxuan ate it with joy.

Eating your favorite snacks, following your favorite people, and admiring the sea of clouds and bright stars in Zixia Palace.

It's simply the happiest thing in the world.

Jing Xiaoxuan was eating sweet potato cake happily, without any reserve that a girl should have.

The disciples who passed by in the white-topped pink robes of the Zixia Palace looked sideways again and again, showing a somewhat elegant smile from time to time.

Most of the disciples in the Zixia Palace were the genius children of those sect forces and imperial families in the Nether Realm.

has been noble since childhood, so they actually don't look down on sweet potato cake, which is a dim sum that mortals in the lower world love to eat.

Contrary to these people, Jing Xiaoxuan's background is considered low-level even among mortals.

has been abducted and deceived in the pit at the bottom for more than ten years, but it has also made her practice a cheeky skin like an iron plate.

"Hmph, this group of young masters, what to see. "

"I've never seen anything eaten. "

Rolling her eyes, Jing Xiaoxuan complained while eating.

Xu Ze stretched out his hand and wiped the residue from the corner of Jing Xiaoxuan's mouth.

"Hmph. Jing Xiaoxuan felt ashamed in her heart, looked at the half-eaten sweet potato cake in her hand, raised her hands, and handed it to Xu Ze's mouth, "Are you eating? You haven't eaten in the afternoon, have you?"

"In my current state, eating is just an experience of not forgetting your own self. Xu Ze smiled.

Jing Xiaoxuan rolled her eyes, and was about to take back the sweet potato cake: "Hmph, forget it if you don't eat it, pretend to be anything." "

However, before he could take it back, Xu Ze quickly lowered his head and took a bite of the sweet potato cake.

Chewing in his mouth, Xu Ze nodded like enjoyment: "Yes, sweet and soft, fragrant lips and teeth." "

"Hey, don't eat where I bitten!"

Seeing that the half he hadn't bitten didn't move, the half he had bitten was bitten by Xu Ze for most of it.

Jing Xiaoxuan's face was red, jumping and shouting.

"Do you want me back for you?" Xu Ze said with a smile as he chewed and pointed to his bulging cheeks.

In Jing Xiaoxuan's mind, a picture of Xu Ze leaning over and feeding mouth-to-mouth suddenly appeared.

"You, you, you, nasty!"

As soon as she stomped her foot, Jing Xiaoxuan's head seemed to smoke with shame.

But in my heart, I still have some expectations.

Of course, this sense of expectation, she will not show even if she is killed.

No matter how thick-skinned she is, she is also a girl.

It's okay to let her be informal.

Can she ......

That just can't be done!

Xu Ze smiled but said nothing.

This Jing Xiaoxuan is obviously thinking crookedly.

I still want to go back to the dining hall of Zixia Palace and get two to compensate her.

He didn't mention it again.

After all, this Jing Xiaoxuan was already blushing and couldn't raise her head.

If she continues to tease her, who knows if she will be annoyed and angry, and explode directly.

I'm walking.

A familiar voice suddenly sounded.

"Holy Son!"

Xu Ze and Jing Xiaoxuan were stunned at the same time.

The two turned their heads to look, but saw Lin Yuer waving at them with a look of surprise. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Lin Yuer?

Why is she here?

The shyness in Jing Xiaoxuan's heart suddenly disappeared.

saw Lin Yu'er running over panting, walked to Xu Ze's side, and squeezed Jing Xiaoxuan aside without a trace.

"Holy Son, you instructed me to inform the remaining six palaces of the selection of ten Hexuan Stage disciples, and Yu'er has already completed it. "

"Just now, Yu'er just finished informing Elder Zixia and is about to go back. "

"I didn't expect the Holy Son to come to pick up Yu'er in person. "

As she spoke, Lin Yuer hugged Xu Ze's arm happily, blushing slightly.


Jing Xiaoxuan, who was squeezed aside, suddenly exploded.

What does it mean that the Son is here to receive you?

The Holy Son is obviously accompanying me to Zixia Palace to eat pastries, okay!

"Hey, Lin Yu'er, can you not show up at the time you shouldn't be?"

Jing Xiaoxuan gritted her teeth and glared at Lin Yu'er, and warned in a low voice0....

Lin Yu'er rolled her eyes in her heart, but her eyes were only on Xu Ze: "By the way, Lord Holy Son, since it is such a coincidence that we have come to Zixia Palace, let's go taste the sweet potato cake of Zixia Palace, shall we?"

"Lin Yu'er, you ......" Jing Xiaoxuan gritted her teeth, furious.

Look at these two girls who don't deal with each other as soon as they meet.

Xu Ze couldn't laugh or cry.

Although he has the reputation of the ninth scumbag.

But to be honest, he really doesn't know anything about letting the girls (harem) get along in harmony or something.

Being caught in the middle like this, Xu Ze, the dignified son, actually felt an incomparably headache.

"Alas, it's hard to top......"

Xu Ze was in pain and happy in the Holy Land.

And far away in the other corner of the world.

The gray fog is vast, and the heavens and the earth are dead silent.

The girl wore a black robe and a hood to hide her peerless beauty.

She sat in the darkness on a throne made of bones.

The eyes under the hood shimmered red.

In front of her, on the ground, dozens of corpses of evil cultivators were already lying.

The deaths were extremely tragic.

Among them, there are several high-ranking evil cultivator elders, and the appearance of death is even more terrifying.

A group of evil cultivators trembled and knelt down, cold sweat breaking out.

The world was silent.

Only the sound of blood dripping on the ground on Gu Ling's bright red nails was extremely crisp.

"The tenth level of the Demon God Cult, I haven't practiced yet.... 2.0.."

"I'm not ruthless enough to kill that scumbag......"

"I love him so much...... I can't forget him......"

"How should I be...... How can I be a good ......"

The murmurs of pain came to an abrupt end.

There was silence for a long time.

Gu Ling suddenly raised his head slowly, his eyes were red, and there seemed to be a ghostly fire jumping in his eyes.

"Ten Thousand Ways of Sainthood. "

The evil cultivators looked at each other and were puzzled.

What is that?

"All the evil cultivators in the Qiankun Continent, on the orders of the deity, are looking for this "Ten Thousand Paths of Saint Wisdom"!"

Gu Ling stood up and waved his robe.

Suddenly, the blood wind was everywhere, and the evil spirit was rampant.

A terrifying and huge phantom appeared behind the ancient spirit.

The aura that seemed to make Wan Dao tremble made all the evil cultivators shocked, and they hurriedly lay their heads deep on the ground, and they didn't dare to take a breath.


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