The Holy Fire Palace is in the middle of summer all year round.

Although it was late autumn outside.

But the Holy Fire Palace is still vibrant, and it is difficult to see autumn colors.

It's a pity, although the Holy Fire Palace is picturesque.

But the disciples are all big men who are dedicated to cultivation.

I didn't have the heart to enjoy the view.

But this is also as Jing Xiaoxuan's wish.

She had wanted to go shopping in the Holy Fire Palace with Xu Ze a long time ago.

happily bouncing beside Xu Ze, Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes reflected the blue sky on the Holy Fire Palace.

"Hey, Holy Son, Holy Son, do you think this is good-looking~"

Jumping around, Jing Xiaoxuan didn't know where to pick a crimson flower.

She followed behind Xu Ze while pinning the flower in her hair, holding her face and grinning.

Xu Ze felt a little funny, and asked rhetorically, "What are you asking me to evaluate?"

This slightly straight man's speech made Jing Xiaoxuan slightly unhappy.

However, before she could speak, Xu Ze smiled again, and said with his hand: "If I want to evaluate the flowers, then I can only say that they are decent, beautiful and extraordinary, but the light of the stars can hardly cover the sun and the moon." "

"If I Judge ......"

Xu Ze pursed his lips and smiled without saying a word.

All of this seems to be in plain sight.

Jing Xiaoxuan's face turned red.

"Phew...... Flim tongue, scumbag speaks ......"

scolded on her lips, but Jing Xiaoxuan's heart was already like eating honey, sweet and beautiful.

Xu Ze naturally knew what Jing Xiaoxuan was thinking.

Reincarnation of the Ninth Generation, he may be more familiar with Jing Xiaoxuan than herself.

The more she hates a woman who is deceived by others, the more she likes to listen to the sweet words of a man when he cheats on her.

"In my opinion, the safflower is too bright, although it is beautiful and atmospheric, it does not match the freshness and elegance. "

Xu Ze plucked the safflower from Jing Xiaoxuan's head and held it tightly in the palm of his hand.

When you open your palm again, it is like magic, and the red flower turns into a fresh marigold.

Wear the calendula on Jing Xiaoxuan's head.

This pale yellow calendula seems to be integrated with Jing Xiaoxuan, and it looks like an incomparable match.

Jing Xiaoxuan blushed and watched Xu Ze put on calendula for herself.

looked up at Xu Ze's handsome appearance and dusty temperament.

Jing Xiaoxuan's heart beat a few points faster in an instant.

In my mind, I recalled the happiness and warmth I had with Xu Ze.

Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes are like rippling autumn water at the moment, sparkling.

"Holy Son..... ~."

"Hmm, what's wrong?" Xu Ze smiled.

Jing Xiaoxuan plucked up her courage and said in a low voice, "Holy Son, I'm ...... I love ......"

"Holy Son, Holy Son!"

Suddenly, a disciple came running from a distance and called out to Xu Ze loudly.

Jing Xiaoxuan's eyelids jumped, and the corners of her mouth twitched unconsciously.

"Oh, what's the matter?"

Xu Ze turned his head to look at the disciple who was rushing towards him and smiled.

The disciple immediately clenched his fists and smiled all over his face: "Holy Son, today I want to compete with a few senior brothers in alchemy skills, and I dare to implore my Holy Son to do the audit of this competition." "

"Oh, alchemy?" Xu Ze was stunned for a moment, and suddenly thought of something, "Okay, I can go and have a look." "

The disciple didn't seem to expect the Holy Son to really agree, and immediately rejoiced: "Thank you Holy Son for your fulfillment!"

Xu Ze smiled and nodded, and his eyes turned to Jing Xiaoxuan: "Xiaoxuan, what were you going to say just now? Do you like it?" (read the violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)


Jing Xiaoxuan glanced at the dumbfounded, extremely obstructive disciple of the Holy Fire Palace.

The disciple of the Holy Fire Palace also looked at Jing Xiaoxuan with a curious expression, blinking his eyes.

This, in this situation, how do you say it......

"Ahem, Holy Son, I, I mean, I like alchemy...... I like alchemy. Jing Xiaoxuan put her fingers together on her chest, revealing a happy expression, "Alchemy assessment or something, it's great to be able to take a look...... Hehehehehehe......"

That series of laughter, the laughing Holy Fire Palace disciple's back was cold.

Look at the eyes of Jing Xiaoxuan looking at herself, it looks like she is about to shark herself.

The disciples of the Holy Fire Palace subconsciously shuddered, a little creepy.

"Oh, does Xiao Xuan still like alchemy?" Xu Ze asked knowingly, with a surprised expression, "That's great, you and I will go together to see the alchemy competition between the disciples." "

As he spoke, Xu Ze took Jing Xiaoxuan's hand and walked towards the Danfang of the Holy Fire Palace.

The little hand was held in the palm of her hand, Jing Xiaoxuan's face was hot, and she felt that her heart was a little crispy and numb.

Come to the alchemy room.

There were already a few Holy Fire Palace disciples dressed in red stripes on a white background, where they were preparing materials and inspecting the Dan Furnace.

Seeing Xu Ze coming, they were shocked one by one and hurriedly came out to greet them.

"~Greetings to the Holy Son. "

Looking at the six Holy Fire Palace disciples lined up, Xu Ze nodded slightly, recognizing that several of them were all top scholars in the Holy Fire Palace's alchemy.

And the one who asked himself to preside over this assessment just now was Fan Hua, who ranked first in the alchemy score of the Holy Fire Palace.

"Senior Brother Fan, you really invited the Holy Son?"

"It's amazing. "

Seeing that several people secretly gave him a thumbs up, Fan Hua looked proud.

See them in small motions.

Xu Ze smiled and said, "Since you have asked me to do the audit of this alchemy competition and observe the alchemy, then I am welcome." "

"It's all up to the Holy Son!" the six of them clasped their fists and bowed.

"Well, this alchemy, let's take Yurong Dan as the topic. "

Xu Ze put his hands behind his back, and after walking back and forth a few times, he said, "The alchemy time is a quarter of an hour, let's start." "

A quarter of an hour.

Several Holy Fire Palace disciples had solemn expressions on their faces, and they immediately got busy.

Jing Xiaoxuan stood aside and listened to Xu Ze's words.

Unconsciously glanced at him.

As the top of the Dan Dao in the former ninth generation.

Of course, Jing Xiaoxuan knew Xu Ze's purpose altar.

Yurong Dan is a health pill, the technique is simple, and it belongs to the foundation of the Danshi.

However, the refining time of Yurong Dan is half an hour.

Now that Xu Ze has deliberately shortened the time to a quarter, it is also necessary for the Dan Master to increase the flame by four times, and to ensure that the color of the Dan medicine remains unchanged.

This is a great test for the alchemy technique of the Dan master and the control of the Dan furnace.

Come to think of it, only a Dan master above level 4 can reach this level.

Jing Xiaoxuan hugged her arms and nodded gently.

"Unexpectedly, the Holy Son usually doesn't seem to study the Dan Dao very much, but he still understands the doorway very well. "。

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