Facing Xu Ze's words.

It's not just these four who are on fire in their hearts.

Ye Fan, who was waiting for Xu Ze's orders on the side, also had a hot look in his eyes.

It's as if the person who gave the Jade Bone Pill was not Liu Tianyang, but him.

Soon, Lin Yuer took the Jade Bone Pill and arrived at Liu Tianyang.

Liu Tianyang's eyes were slightly red, and he immediately took it.

A warm current rises up in the abdomen.

The right arm, which was originally throbbing, instantly improved a lot.

Liu Tianyang was very grateful in his heart, and his admiration and favor for Xu Ze in his heart were suddenly full.

"Now that Envoy Liu's hand injury has healed, let's talk about business. "

Xu Ze turned around and sat down on the throne, his expression became serious, and he returned to the noble identity of the Holy Son again.

Seeing this, Liu Tianyang immediately took out the letter and presented it to Xu Ze.

Xu Ze opened the letter, and after reading the contents, he also had a plan in his heart.

The Demon Yuan Evil Cultivator intends to destroy the Taidou Sword Sect.

And the sect master of the Taidou Sword Sect was in retreat due to serious injuries, and the disciples under him were not accepted, and it was difficult for the entire Taidou Sword Sect to have combat power.

And the surrounding sects refused to save each other because they were afraid of the Demon Abyss.

In desperation, the Taidou Sword Sect sent a distress letter to the Holy Land.

"Demon Yuan has just attacked the 04 Holy Land before, and countless disciples in the Holy Land are eager to fight with Demon Yuan again. "

"Your letter for help has come at the right time. "

Xu Ze glanced at Ye Fan.

Hearing that it was about evil cultivation, Ye's eyes suddenly burst into anger.

It seems that he was very concerned about the fact that he was almost defeated by the evil cultivator before.

"Holy Son, the disciple is willing to go to the Nether Realm and help the four!" Ye Fan took the initiative to walk out and hugged his fists.

Xu Ze nodded slightly.

"That's very good, Yu'er, send an order to the other six palaces, select ten Hexuan stage disciples in each palace, led by Ye Fan, and go to the Nether to support the Taidou Sword Sect. "

Hearing Xu Ze's words, the four of them were overjoyed, and they all saluted and thanked Xu Ze.

Regarding the matter of supporting the Taidou Sword Sect, Xu Ze did not think about going by himself.

After all, this is just a trivial matter, and it is quite good to use this matter to train Ye Fan.

As for whether the ancient spirits will appear there.

This kind of thing is simply impossible.

Xu Ze knew that with Gu Ling's character, he would definitely not be interested in this kind of sect.

Her purpose is only Xu Ze herself from beginning to end.

After everyone said goodbye and left.

Xu Ze felt a little melancholy in his heart and walked out of the Holy Fire Hall.

He was still thinking about the old spirit.

With the current cultivation of the ancient spirit, as well as the darkness in the heart.

Xu Ze knew that relying only on love to influence was too extreme.

You must become stronger as soon as possible, use strength as a guarantee, and have both hands to prepare, which is the most perfect way.

There are many ways to get stronger.

Reincarnation of the ninth generation, Xu Ze knew most of the mystical skills in the world.

Where are the treasures in the world, and when the ancient secret realm will be opened, he knows it well.

However, these take time.

Even if it is a rocket, it is impossible to jump from the distraction period to Xuanzun in one day.

And Xu Ze's cultivation of Xuan Gong is all a type of accumulation.

"Looks like I'm going to pick up the pace too. "

Xu Ze put his hands behind his back and frowned.

Walk outside the temple.

Xu Ze suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked at the side of the main hall.

A figure quickly ducked to the other side.

But the pale yellow hem still clearly fell into Xu Ze's eyes.

Xu Ze smiled slightly and walked towards the figure.

Jing Xiaoxuan hid behind the wall, her face full of nervousness.

The yellow pendant on her chest was held in her hand.

The whole person looks sneaky, extremely funny, and unexpectedly cute. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"Hmph, don't tell me when you're well, you really forgot about me as a person. "

"And those women are also bastards, who took me to the Holy Land and didn't arrange a place for me to live, causing me to find empty rooms to sleep in at night, and to grab food from those disciples with a shy face during the day. "

"Speaking of which, it's all because of Xu Ze, you guy. "

"Bastard, scumbag. "

"What do you say, as long as our love is not broken, we will fall in love with me again or something...."

"You know how to lie to me......"

Jing Xiaoxuan looked resentful, stretched out her head and secretly looked out.

However, this look, where is there still a trace of Xu Ze.


A hand gently patted Jing Xiaoxuan on the shoulder.


Jing Xiaoxuan screamed in fright and almost rolled down the steps of the main hall.

Fortunately, Xu Ze's eyes were quick, and he grabbed Jing Xiaoxuan's hand and pulled her into his arms.

Jing Xiaoxuan grabbed Xu Ze's robe and looked at the high steps in shock.

She is a mortal body, once she falls from here, even if she doesn't fall to death, she will fall into cerebral palsy.

"Hahaha, it's so dangerous, if it weren't for my quick hands, the person who would be lying on the bed would be Xiaoxuan. Xu Ze looked at the girl in his arms and laughed.


Jing Xiaoxuan gritted her teeth, looked at Xu Ze's smiling face, and couldn't wait to give him a punch to this stinky face.

"Go, go, go, go, go, you bastard!"

Pushing away Xu Ze's embrace, Jing Xiaoxuan blushed and turned around to leave angrily.

Damn, people are kind enough to come to you, and you do this to me......

Angry, angry......

"Xiaoxuan, don't be angry. "

Seeing Jing Xiaoxuan stomping her feet away in anger, Xu Ze couldn't cry or laugh, and hurriedly walked over and grabbed her hand.

"Speaking of which, I've been recuperating from my injuries for the past few days, how are you doing in the Holy Land?"

"Yes, yes, the smell of the plank bed and floor is amazing!"

Jing Xiaoxuan hated her teeth and said angrily.

"Ahem, didn't Yu'er arrange a room for you at 380?" Xu Ze asked knowingly.

Phew, slut, can you arrange a room for me?

Those women don't kill me while I'm a mortal now, even if they have a conscience!

Jing Xiaoxuan rolled her eyes.

was full of grievances, so he could only be angry with Xu Ze.

"Hmph, the Holy Land really has a hand in hospitality, the Holy Son is benevolent, he is so kind to me, I have seen it anyway!"

Jing Xiaoxuan hugged her arms and said angrily.

Xu Ze shook his head helplessly.

This girl is eccentric and likes to lose her temper.

treats himself without any restraints, and he doesn't care at all about the identity of the Holy Son or not.

It can only be said that Xu Ze still likes this kind of girl who is different.

There is a little, modern society, the feeling of coaxing girlfriends.

"Okay, I've wronged you these days. Xu Ze rubbed Jing Xiaoxuan's head, his face full of helplessness, "I happen to be free today, why don't I take you for a walk in the Holy Fire Palace?"

Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes lit up, and her face, which was originally still angry, suddenly became bright.

"Yes, you said! You are not allowed to cheat!"


"Hurry up, go quickly, you're going to be with me all day today!

looked at Jing Xiaoxuan, who changed her face so quickly.

Xu Ze helplessly supported his forehead.

Even if it's the ninth reincarnation.

I'm still not used to the speed at which girls change their faces......

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