Lu Qingqing is one of the ten heroines in "Qiankun Immortal Emperor".

is also the heroine whose role is second only to Qu Tianhan in importance.

Xu Ze was also very impressed by her.

Not because of anything else, but because Lu Qingqing is not only cute, smart and clever.

The most important thing is that when Xu Ze attacked her, it was indeed much more difficult than other heroines.

After all, no matter what the other female protagonists say, the relationship with the male protagonist was not very good at the beginning.

When you start the strategy, you don't need too many crooked brains, just attack hard.

Only Lu Qingqing is different.

Because he entered the holy land with the male protagonist Ye Fan at the beginning, the relationship between them is more harmonious.

In the bright line of the original plot, there is no straightforward green hair plot.

On the contrary, in the finale, the author of Silly Treasure revealed his insidious dark line to a group of ignorant readers.

It turned out that Xu Ze, the villain, was jealous of Ye Fan because of his outstanding ability, so he began to deal with Lu Qingqing.

And, in the middle and late stages of the plot, through an insidious elixir, Lu Qingqing's body and mind were taken down in one fell swoop.

As Ye Fan pretended to slap his face, he dragged him down from the status of the Holy Son.

Xu Ze's evil heart was revealed, so he could only ruthlessly abandon Lu Qingqing and run away in embarrassment, which also caused Lu Qingqing to turn from love to hate.

It's just that on the surface, the author's description is extremely obscure.

When readers read there, they thought that the author had changed the tape and even described the characters incorrectly.

Unexpectedly, this author actually arranged such a green foreshadowing for everyone.

This dog author, isn't it better to write Xiaohuangwen than to write a green-haired text?


Now Lu Qingqing didn't come to the holy land with the protagonist like the original plot.

That is to say...... There's a big problem with the plot!

Xu Ze's heart was beating wildly.

Lu Qingqing is an extremely important part of the ten heroines.

She is a big help for the protagonist's future prosperity.

Without her, this book would have at least half of the plot, and the protagonist would not have risen so fast.

Take a few deep breaths.

Although now it is on the verge of plot collapse.

But fortunately, Xu Ze is also a person who has experienced the ups and downs of the Ninth Generation.

I quickly stabilized my mentality.

"Now that the assessment is imminent, I must not mess up. "

"At least, first put the male protagonist in the holy land, so as to avoid chaos in the future plot. "

Xu Ze's expression immediately calmed down.

He turned around and returned to the Holy Mountain, ready to start the test.

It's just that Xu Ze didn't notice it because of the anxiety in his heart.

In the most corners of the crowd.

A girl in green clothes with two ponytails was holding a bamboo knife, looking at Xu Ze's back with a distorted look of love.

"Brother Xu Ze ......".


Boom...... Boom...... Knock ......

Three bells rang out on the sacred mountain.

The monks who were waiting at the foot of the mountain immediately showed happy expressions.

At this time, an indifferent voice seemed to sound from the sky and reached everyone's ears.

"The Holy Land assessment has officially begun, so those who want to worship the Holy Land should be prepared. "

"Assessment one, within half an hour, close the Xuanli and climb the holy mountain!"

Xu Ze stood on the top of the mountain, stood with his hands in his hands, and said leisurely.

The profound mystical power shook everyone's hearts and made cold sweat dripping on their foreheads.

"What a profound realm...... Who is speaking?".

"Is it the voice of heaven and earth? The masters of the Holy Land are as terrifying as ......


"It is worthy of a holy place, and the first assessment is so difficult...... Isn't this holy mountain so high? It is too difficult to climb the holy mountain in half an hour. "

In the crowd, Ye Fan was also a little numb by this terrifying power.

He rubbed his ears and looked at the sky with a shocked expression.

"This ...... Who is this? It's amazing......


[Back to the host, it was detected that this person's realm was profound, and he was about to gather in the Divine Mystery Realm].

"Concentration Period......" A hint of yearning appeared in Ye Fan's eyes.

He has been in this world for a few days, and he has also known the level of this world from the system, so he naturally knows what the concentration period represents.

[Please rest assured that with the assistance of this system, your future achievements will only be high, not low].

Hearing the system's words, the fear in Ye Fan's heart suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Ye Fan sneered, with a smug expression: "Hmph, that's good, I'm a traverser, a native of the Xuan Realm, and I don't deserve to be afraid." "

[Host, the assessment has begun, please be sure to complete the task of worshipping the Holy Land with a perfect evaluation].

[Otherwise, the system will automatically reduce the level of the Starter Pack for each level of host evaluation].

"Hmph, I'm a traverser, isn't it stable to get a perfect score?".

Ye Fan didn't pay attention to it at all, and immediately strode up the steps of the holy mountain.


A heavy meaning suddenly pressed on Ye Fan's body.

Ye Fan's body shook for a moment, and then he noticed that several monks around him were also pressed by the invisible gravity, and their faces were pale and a little out of breath.

[Host, if you want to climb the holy mountain in half an hour, you must run, please don't stop!].


Ye Fan was dumbfounded.

No, I'm having a bit of a hard time walking now, and you told me you wanted me to run?

Are you crazy or am I crazy?

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