The Holy Fire Palace, a little far away from the side hall.

Along the way, the superb scenery of the holy land fell into the eyes of Liu Tianyang and the four of them one by one.

Ambilight, the rainbow bridge arches.

The palace is layered on top of each other, hidden in the clouds.

Countless floating islands come into view.

On the island, the lake and mountains are peaceful.

Occasionally, cranes spread their wings and swept by, raising a colorful aura, like a rainbow.

On each floating island, you can see the active figures of the disciples of the Holy Land.

Or practice, or sit cross-legged and listen to lectures.

Liu Tianyang and the others were envious when they saw it, and they hated to rush into it and practice and study.

"I thought that our Taidou Sword Sect was also a first-class sect in Shangyangzhou, but I didn't expect that compared to the Holy Land, it was simply ......."

Liu Tianyang yearns for the Holy Land.

It's a pity that his talent is not enough to be top "190", although he is more than enough in the lower realm, but in the upper realm, he can't even rank in the average.

It can only be said that there is also a gap in genius.

Soon, under the leadership of the leading disciples, Liu Tianyang and the others came to the Holy Fire Palace.

The Holy Fire Palace is located in a southerly location of the Holy Land complex.

It is different from the slightly autumn-colored environment of other buildings in the Holy Land.

The Holy Fire Palace, a piece of birds and flowers, seems to be in the middle of summer.

The disciples in the door, dressed in thin summer clothes, were in good spirits, looking at the four disciples of the Taidou Sword Sect curiously.

"The weather in the Holy Fire Palace is hot all year round, and a few of you can use the summer trick at will. "

The disciple who led the way looked at Liu Tianyang and the others who seemed to be sweating a little hot, and reminded him, "On the other hand, we have the Tianhan Palace here, which is cold all year round. "

As he spoke, he pointed to the snow-capped mountains in the far north.

Does midsummer coexist with midwinter?

Liu Tianyang and the others looked surprised.

This holy place, worthy of the upper realm, is truly magical.

Enter the gate of the Holy Fire Palace.

Walk through the rows of glass-like buildings and come to a magnificent hall.

The disciple who led the way stepped forward and pushed open the door of the hall.

"Holy Son, the four envoys of the Taidou Sword Sect have arrived. "

As soon as he pushed the door open, a pure aura of holy fire rushed to his face.

Although this holy fire is not half scorching, this holy breath has its own heavenly might.

Liu Tianyang and the four of them hurriedly lowered their heads, their hearts beating wildly.

"Oh, have the four of you recovered from your injuries?"

A familiar voice sounded in the ears of the four people.

Liu Tianyang was slightly stunned, raised his head, but saw a familiar man in white sitting on the throne in the Holy Fire Hall, smiling.

Seeing that person, Liu Tianyang and the others showed shocked expressions.

"High, high?"

"You, you turned out to be the Holy Son?"

The four of them recognized it at a glance, this man was the same person who had rescued them from the evil cultivators at the temple fair before!

But no matter how much they wanted to break their heads, they couldn't imagine that that person was the Holy Son......

Xu Zeqian smiled and shook his head: "I thought you would come over earlier, but I didn't expect that today is already the third day, and you have just arrived at the Holy Mountain." "

Liu Tianyang hurriedly knelt down on one knee, hugged his fists and said: "The disciple was taken care of by the Holy Son a few days ago, if it weren't for the Holy Son, I am afraid that the four of us would have died on the spot." "

"I can't recognize the dignity of the Holy Son, and I ask the Holy Son not to be surprised. "

The four of them saluted one after another, their hearts beating wildly, for fear that they would fail to recognize Xu Ze's identity and say something wrong, angering the incomparably noble man in front of them.

Seeing that the four of them were so restrained.

Xu Ze couldn't laugh or cry in his heart. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

When he had just rescued them, this Liu Tianyang still wanted to come up and make friends.

But now that I know my identity, why do I look like this again?

"The four of you came forward for the Holy Land and punished the evil cultivators, how could I blame you?" Xu Ze got up, walked in front of the four of them, and helped them up one by one.

When he was supporting Liu Tianyang, Xu Ze touched Liu Tianyang's arm with his right hand, and his brows furrowed without a trace.

"Isn't your arm still healed?"

Liu Tianyang said solemnly: "Back to the Holy Son, it's just a small injury......

He suffered a tendon injury in his right arm, which will not heal in the short term.

But in order not to delay the mission of the sect, he had to endure his injuries and come to the holy land.

"As a sword cultivator, if your right hand falls into sequelae, I am afraid that it will be difficult to progress in the future in the way of the sword. "

Xu Ze beckoned, and Lin Yu'er, who was waiting on the side, immediately walked up obediently....

"Yu'er, go get a bottle of high-grade jade bone pill and give it to Envoy Liu. "

"Jade Bone Pill...... Isn't it good to be inferior......"

Lin Yu'er pouted, grumbling in her heart.

You see, although the Son does not lack these things.

But the Jade Bone Pill is a top-level healing holy relic.

No matter how much damage is to the muscles and veins, as long as one pill, it can be restored to its original state.

Even if it is a bottle of lower-grade Jade Bone Pill, it is priceless in the Nether, which is enough to be called a rare treasure.

However, Lin Yuer didn't say much and immediately retreated.

Hear Xu Ze's words.

Liu Tianyang's face was flushed with excitement, and his hands trembled uncontrollably.

How could he not know the value of the Jade Bone Pill?

And the Holy Son actually took the high-grade jade bone pill for himself.

This...... This kindness made Liu Tianyang at a loss for a while.

"Thank you so much, thank you for the gift of the Holy Son!

If it weren't for Xu Ze's support, Liu Tianyang would have been able to kowtow to the man in front of him a few times.

"No need to be polite, I once told Envoy Liu that Envoy Liu's innocent heart for the sake of justice at all times is the most valuable. "

"This jade bone pill was given to Envoy Liu, hoping that Envoy Liu could adhere to the justice in his heart and defend all living beings in the world with the sword in his hand. "

Xu Ze showed a gentle smile.

3.1 Hearing these words, Liu Tianyang and others only felt that their hearts were on fire, and the fire of justice was burning in their hearts, and they hated to sacrifice themselves for justice now.

Look at Xu Ze again.

The figure of the man in front of him was instantly extremely tall and admirable.

Look at the stars twinkling in the eyes of the four.

Xu Ze smiled slightly.

After the reincarnation of the ninth generation, Xu Ze can be said to be very good at people's hearts.

This Liu Tianyang has a good foundation, he is still young, and he has already cultivated sword intent.

Future achievements are bound to be no low.

Recruiting this kind of talent to do things for himself can be said to be Xu Ze's favorite thing to do.

What's more, this life is already different from the previous nine.

It is necessary for Xu Ze to lay an incomparably solid foundation for his holy son.

In this way, we can meet the unknown challenges of the future.

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