looked at the man with an incomparably gentle smile in front of him.

Gu Ling's heart jumped violently.

Originally, halfway through the illusion-shattering mystic technique, it was a ghost that made a god stop.

"Xu ...... Xu Ze?"

Gu Ling Sakura's lips trembled slightly, and a complicated look appeared in her eyes.

"Hmm, what's wrong Ling'er, she looks like she's seen a ghost. "

Xu Ze smiled and reached out to touch Gu Ling's head.


Looking at the outstretched hand, Gu Ling subconsciously took a step back.

A hint of ferocity flashed in her eyes, and her right hand was claw-shaped, grabbing at Xu Ze fiercely.

Xu Ze frowned, and grabbed Gu Ling's wrist.

"Ling'er, what are you doing!"

looked at the wrist that was grabbed by Xu Ze in his hand.

Gu Ling was horrified to find that his cultivation seemed to have disappeared "Ninety-Nine-Three".

And the touch of Xu Ze in front of him is so real.

It's like, the person who really appears in front of him......

Isn't he in a fantasy?

No way......

How can it be......

Gu Ling's heart fell into chaos.


Lightning and thunder, wind and rain.

Thousands of miles on the barren mountains.

Gu Ling and Xu Ze's bodies floated in the air.

The two of them closed their eyes slightly, enveloped in gray flames.

And the other side.

A world of black fog.

Xu Ze stood in the mist, his brows furrowed.

"Is this Ling'er's inner world......?

Xu Ze knew that if she competed with Gu Ling for cultivation, she would not be her opponent at all with her current self.

Fortunately, Xu Ze has experienced the reincarnation of the ninth generation, and the hole cards in his hand are not what ordinary people can imagine.

All the secret arts, mystical techniques, or secret methods that were not passed down in ancient times.

During the time of Xu Ze's reincarnation in the ninth generation, he secretly searched for it and studied it all.

This kind of ancient mystic technique that can make oneself enter the hearts of others is exactly what Xu Ze found in an ancient secret realm when he was reincarnated in the sixth life.

Although the casting method is extremely harsh, you need to inject a large amount of your own mystical power into the opponent's body in advance.

But once it is successful, even if it is Xuanzun, he will be trapped in his inner world.

From the very beginning, Xu Ze planned to subdue Gu Ling like this.

Although Gu Ling's blackening degree has reached 99%, the last remaining point is the factor that Xu Ze is confident that he can succeed.

Fortunately, Xu Ze made the right bet.

Xu Ze held his forehead.

Of course, he knows that this practice is equivalent to playing a game and directly calling up the console and entering the cheat code.

This is against the high road.

But now he doesn't care about anything.

Compared with disobeying the Great Dao, Xu Ze wanted to pull the ancient spirit out of this darkness.

"What's going on with all this black fog?"

Xu Ze walked in this vast mist, and everywhere he went, it was as if he had the breath of purifying the black mist, causing the black mist to dissipate one after another.

But after walking through, the black fog came again, covering everything around him tightly.

"Evil spirit?"

Xu Ze suddenly thought of something.

"Speaking of which, Ling'er must have also practiced the Demon God Cult in her life, right?"

The Demon God Cult is an ancient artifact in the Demon Abyss that cannot be secreted.

According to legend, this exercise was created by the legendary ancient demon god.

Cultivators will greatly increase their strength at the cost of increasing the darkness in their hearts. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Practice to the highest level, and you can even control the world and break the shackles of the rules.

Of course, Xu Ze only listened to this kind of thing as a joke.

After all, having cultivated the ninth reincarnation, although the Demon God Cult Cult cultivation to the highest level does have the power to destroy the heavens and the earth.

But what to say to break the rules and control the world.

That's still a slight exaggeration.

No matter how powerful a monk is, as long as you are still a life, as long as you still have a human mind, you will never be able to transcend the control of heaven and earth.

However, Xu Ze deeply understands the fact that the Demon God Cult makes people feel darkness in their hearts.

In his first life, Xu Ze practiced the Demon God Cult and almost went mad and lost control.

Fortunately, in the next few lives, Xu Ze improved the Demon God Cult to eliminate all the negative effects of the Demon God Cult.

And now the Demon God Cult of Ancient Spirit cultivation is still the most primitive and unimproved version.

Plus the pain and hatred in her heart.

will make her blackened, much higher than other heroines 0....

"Hmm, what is this ......?"

I'm walking.

Suddenly, Xu Ze saw that in the black mist, there seemed to be a white light flickering.

Xu Ze walked over, but saw it in the black fog.

A white and flawless four-leaf flower, floating in the air.

It seems that it is precisely because of that white four-leaf flower that Gu Ling's heart has not been completely swallowed by the darkness.

However, the darkness around is already looming.

Like crawling silt, it is gradually spreading towards this flawless white.

This flawless four-leaf flower is gradually covered in darkness, and it seems that it will disappear into darkness at any moment.

"This is ......," a familiar feeling rose in Xu Ze's heart.

He seems, where has he seen this flower.

No, it's not that simple.

Xu Ze stretched out his finger and touched the flower that was swaying in the evil aura.

Bang –

The flowers in front of his eyes suddenly burst open.

The petals scattered, and in an instant they flashed with a dazzling white light.

Suddenly, Xu Ze's eyes were as white as the polar day.

Wait for everything to become clear again.

Xu Ze found himself standing on the plain full of flowers.

All around, the sun is shining and it is extremely fresh.

And in his hands, he was holding Gu Ling's wrist.

5.5 Gu Ling, who was also standing in front of him at this moment, had a frightened look in his eyes.


Here it is......

Xu Ze was shocked.

Demon Abyss Love Flower Valley?

How did he come here from the inner world of the ancient spirit?


Could it be that this is the deepest part of Gu Ling's heart?

In the first nine lives, the time when he completely attacked the ancient spirits?

Xu Ze suddenly understood something.

"Success, everything can continue, and I still have the opportunity to live in the tenth life. "

"Failure, the last pure land in Gu Ling's heart will be shattered, and the degree of blackening will be full. "

"It seems that God is going to let me revisit Ling'er......"

Looking at the girl who seemed to be still chaotic in front of her.

Xu Ze knew that the battle between himself and Gu Ling had just begun.


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