Xu Ze was flying into the distance at a very fast speed.

Behind him, Gu Ling followed unhurriedly, looking without pressure.

In the space of breathing, the two of them had gone from the holy land and holy mountain to a desolate and boundless mountain hundreds of thousands of miles away.

The mountains and rivers stretch for thousands of miles, and the view is boundless.

In the sky, the wind swept the clouds, like a giant vortex.

In the center of the vortex, lightning and thunder roared, and thunder rolled in the sky.

Xu Ze stopped and floated in the air.

"Oh, do you choose to die here?".

Gu Ling sneered.

Under the hood, I couldn't see her expression clearly.

But her voice was hoarse and hollow.

Die here...... Are you kidding.

The corners of Xu Ze's mouth twitched without a trace.

When he turned around, he returned to his usual breeziness.

It's like facing the person in front of you, and there is no fear.

"Hmph, disgusting gesture...... "Gu Ling's sneer stopped, and under the hood, the silver teeth were bitten and the fists clenched.

"In the first nine lives, you approached my ...... with this stinky face, this stinky expression."

"I have never entrusted my heart to anyone but you...... You're the only exception!".

"But what do you do to me...... Hehehe. "


Lightning flashes.

The gloomy sky instantly shone like day.

Xu Ze stood in the wind, his robe hunting, and the green silk was flying.

He still looked at Gu Ling indifferently with that calm expression.

Gu Ling hid his face and laughed wildly.

The lightning exploded in the air, which made her look extremely crazy at this moment.

"That's enough, your face, is it dead!".

"Do you think you can win me? Do you know where I am now!".

The red light in Gu Ling's eyes flickered.

Suddenly, an almost crazy aura hit Xu Ze crazily.

The space around them seemed to be distorted.

The void creaked as if it shattered.

The thunder in the sky, like a crack in a mirror, fills the sky at this moment.


The powerhouse at the top of the Qiankun Continent!

Xu Ze only felt that his heart seemed to stop beating.

Blood clotting throughout the body.

It seems that even the most basic levitation is not going to be done.

This kind of gap, Xu Ze couldn't be clearer in his heart.

With the distraction period of cultivation, facing the breath of Xuanzun.

Anyone can't stand this pressure.

"Hehe, you know, do you know how powerful I am in this life?".

Gu Lingyin smiled, and the aura around him gradually dissipated.

"Your Excellency is indeed powerful. Xu Ze gasped slightly, and his face regained its lightness.

"You ......" Gu Ling's pupils shrank.

"Hehehe, do you want to save face? I really hate you ...... who want to save face


"Why don't you show a scared expression? Why can't you kneel down and beg for mercy like a normal person?"

"Just for your ridiculous pride?".

Gu Ling sneered again.

The more she laughed, the more frantic her breath became.

"It's ridiculous, the first nine lives, you just stepped into the demon abyss for this little pride ......


"In the first nine lives, you are also for this point of self-esteem, like a god, in the Demon Abyss. "

"It is because of this pride that you have vowed to take back everything in the Holy Land, and you will ...... for it at all costs".

"Even, use me, abandon me ......".

Gu Ling's heart became more and more broken.

She wanted to see the horror on Xu Ze's face, and she wanted to see Xu Ze show a different expression.

She wants to destroy Xu Ze's self-esteem, she wants to destroy the former ninth life, Xu Ze makes her love and admires her character!


She found that she couldn't do it at all.

Xu Ze's stinky face, it seems that he will not make that kind of cowardly expression in his life.

Look at the muttering ancient spirit.

A trace of pity and self-reproach flashed in Xu Ze's eyes.

Indeed, whether it is Gu Ling or other heroines, the reason why they have become like this is all because of what they did in the previous nine lives.

Although Xu Ze can comfort himself, this is just to complete the plot and complete the task.

The one who can implement this, the one who really abandons them, is indeed his own good.

So every time he was killed at the end of reincarnation, Xu Ze had no resentment in his heart, and he was even somewhat relieved.

But in this life, in the face of the heroines whose memories of the first nine lives have been fully awakened.

Watch them suffer because of themselves.

Xu Ze was still inevitably a little sad.

If ......

There is no system, no task, no opportunity to stand in the way of your ......

Xu Ze sighed.

He opened his hand, and a cyan flame beat in the palm of his hand.

In this life, he is no longer the ruthless villain.

In this life, he can wake up these heroines who are suffering because of themselves.

This is the last test given to him by the system, and it is also Xu Ze's redemption for the heroines, as well as his redemption for himself.

"Holy Fire Lotus Blossom. "

The holy fire filled the sky, instantly illuminating the entire dim sky.

Xu Ze was silent and flew towards Gu Ling.

The holy flame behind him, like several fire dragons, circled and followed.

However, no matter how much this move destroys the world and destroys the world, in front of Xuanzun, it is small and slight.

However, look at the flying fire dragon.

Gu Ling seemed to be stunned, and let Xu Ze step in front of her.

"It's ...... The trick we made when we first met......


Gu Ling's eyes narrowed.

Let the dragon fly past him.

The flame burned around the ancient spirit, but it didn't hurt her in the slightest.

Xu Ze did not respond.

The palm of his right hand, wrapped in the momentum of thunder, slapped Gu Ling's right shoulder fiercely.

Boom ——!

Burst into flames.

Gu Ling's body was also swept hundreds of meters away by this violent explosion.

However, stabilizing his body, Gu Ling was still unharmed.

"Sacred Flame Palm Technique...... I used to ask you to teach me, but you said to teach me a kiss......" Gu Ling muttered in a low voice, as if reminiscing about the past.

Xu Ze leaned forward again, raised his fingers together, and pointed at Gu Ling's forehead.

"Burning Sky Finger...... As you said before, this trick has no ...... except to be handsome in front of me."

"Oh, is this the Heaven Breaking Hand? You said that although this move is a heaven-level mystical technique, its efficiency is very poor, and it is not as easy to use as other mystical techniques. "

"This trick ......


Xu Ze completed the three thousand kinds of mastery in the Holy Land.

More than half of the Holy Fire Aura in his body has been consumed.

And the ancient spirit in front of him was still unharmed, his eyes were empty, and he seemed to be recalling the past.

This last trick is over.

The Ancients also seem to have moved away from the past.

She smiled miserably.

Raise your hand slowly.

A strong suction force immediately sucked Xu Ze in front of Gu Ling.

Gu Ling's fingers were embedded in the skin of Xu Ze's chest, and his empty eyes flashed with a hint of determination.

"It's over, Xu Ze. "

"I want to see if you, a ruthless man, have a ...... heart."

Look at the hand that has sunk into my heart.

The corners of Xu Ze's mouth raised a trace of a smile without a trace.

He raised his hand.

fingers, lightly tapped between Gu Ling's eyebrows.

That moment.

The holy fire that had penetrated into the body of the ancient spirit through the three thousand kinds of holy land mastery in front of him was burning violently at this moment.

Gu Ling's pupils twitched.

The whole person, the world in front of him was distorted rapidly.

"This is ......" Gu Ling was taken aback, and was just about to use his mysterious power to get rid of the holy flame, but suddenly found that the scene in front of him gradually became clear again.

All around, everything is extraordinarily fresh.

Dressed in elegant clothes, the ancient spirit stood on a plain full of flowers.

In front of her, a man dressed in white with an indifferent expression was standing with his hands in his hands, looking at the scenery in the distance.

...... here

Is it the Valley of Love Flowers?

Xu Ze, that guy, cast an illusion?

Heh, daring to use this kind of illusion in front of Xuanzun, it's a shame that he dares to think of ......

Such a shallow illusion can be completely broken by a single thought.

Gu Ling sneered, just about to break through the illusion.

However, the man in front of him slowly turned his head and showed a gentle smile.

"Ling'er, didn't you say that you want to learn the Holy Fire Palm Technique?"

"Okay, kiss me once, and I'll teach you a style. "


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