For Xu Ze.

The ancient spirit is his most important help in the later stages of the original plot.

If there was no ancient spirit, Xu Ze would not have been able to learn the Demon God Cult.

If there were no Gu Ling, Xu Ze would definitely stumble in cultivating evil skills.

Without the help of Gu Ling, Xu Ze would definitely have wasted a lot of time if he wanted to dominate the Demon Abyss.


As the ancient spirit who helped Xu Ze the most.

is also the woman who knows Xu Ze's future hole cards best.

awakened the memory of the previous nine lives, and the hatred for Xu Ze in her heart made her completely black.

She took away the opportunity that Xu Ze should have taken away in this life in advance, cultivated the Demon God Cult, took the Ancient Secret Medicine, and forcibly broke through with the help of her own Heavenly Evil Physique.

The Heavenly Evil Physique is the best 'furnace ding' when Xu Zeqian practiced evil skills in the ninth generation.

If it weren't for the selfless dedication of the first nine ancient spirits, Xu Ze would never have the terrifying strength in the plot.

And that's exactly what happened.

Xu Ze knew how powerful the ancient spirit in front of him was at this time.

With the memory of the ninth life, with the Demon God Cult, with the strongest plug-in of various villains.

It can be said that the current Gu Ling is the former Xu Ze.

The difference is that today's Ye Fan ......

Xu Ze glanced at the male protagonist who he had high hopes for.

The only man who has the power to resist this plug-in has now become a supporting character in the story.

Xu Ze knew that with his current self, he would not have any chance to confront the ancient spirit.

Because, as a former holder, he himself is too aware of the horror of this power.

"Huh...... Unexpectedly, there is nowhere to find it when you step on the iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get it......


Looking at Xu Ze in front of him, Gu Ling hid his face and sneered.

"......" Xu Ze was silent.

In my heart, I was already thinking about a way to break the game.

The blackening level of the ancient spirit is now a high value of 99 points.

One step away is to step into the land of no return.

But it is precisely this last point that is Xu Ze's last chance to turn the tables.

Xu Ze's eyes sank, and he said calmly: "It seems that Your Excellency has mobilized so many evil cultivators to attack the Holy Land, just for me. "

"Hahahaha, for you? Yes, it's for you!" Gu Ling laughed loudly, under the hood, those eyes flashed red, "Of course, I am not only here to kill you, but I also want to kill everyone in the world and destroy the whole world!"

In the same way, I will die by your side after the whole world has buried you ......

Gu Ling didn't say exactly what was in his heart.

At this moment, she was already full of madness after seeing Xu Ze, and her heart was extremely chaotic.

She wants to kill this man now, and she wants to break him into pieces now!

"Oh, it seems that Your Excellency is very interested...... We can't do it here, so why don't we go a little farther away?".

Xu Ze glanced at the injured Holy Land disciples behind him, turned his head and asked.

"Okay, go with you......


Gu Ling didn't think much about it, just sneered.

Seeing this, Xu Ze jumped, and the whole person flew out several miles away in an instant.

Gu Ling's pupils shrank, and the whole person was not slower than Xu Ze, and he dodged and chased after him.

In the eyes of the rest, the two seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

"Can Lord Holy Son win......" Ye Fan gritted his teeth and said nervously in his heart.

[Back to the host, according to the calculation of this system, the single cultivation is a realm comparison, and the winning rate of the Holy Son Xu Ze is 0].

"You dog system, can you not come out and make trouble in this situation. "

Ye Fan helped his forehead.

Although he also knew in his heart that Xu Ze might not be that Demon Venerable's opponent at all.

"I'm a traverser, but I'm so weak...... Nothing can help...... Damn it. Tightening his fists, Ye Fan's gaze looked at the group of sneering evil cultivators.

Although the Demon Venerable is gone, these evil cultivators have not left yet.

The Black Evil and the White Evil walked up with a sneer, originally when the Demon Venerable wanted to absorb Ye Fan's essence blood, they felt quite a pity in their hearts.

After all, this Ye Fan has an excellent physique, and if they can absorb the essence and blood, it will definitely make their strength go up a few levels.

Now that the Demon Venerable has followed that Holy Son, aren't these people his prey?

"Hehe, this kid's blood, let me taste it!".

Bai Xie wiped the corners of his mouth, his eyes flashed red, and he pounced.

However, at this moment, a chill came to my face.

Ice sword flashed.

The body of the white evil was suddenly cut into two pieces by a sword.

Where the body was broken, it was even sealed by thick ice, and Bai Xie's eyes widened, and he fell to the ground, watching a young girl step on.

"What, what ......


I'm not done.

The white demon's body turned into broken ice and disappeared with the wind.

"Saint, Saint?".

looked at the extremely cold girl in front of him.

Ye Fan was dumbfounded.

"Hmph...... Why are you so weak......" Qu Tianhan glanced at Ye Fan.

In memory, the man of the former ninth generation was not likable.

But it shouldn't be so weak.

Now that I'm mixed with the Holy Son, why is it that the more mixed it is, the worse it was before?

Why don't you help the Holy Son share a little bit of the pressure?

Ye Fan's face turned red.

Lowering his head, Ye Fan's eyes showed unwillingness.

"Holy Maiden, Qu Tianhan?" saw the girl in front of him.

The black evil was shocked.

The evil cultivators turned around and were about to flee.

However, as soon as these evil cultivators raised their feet, they found that their legs had been frozen to the ground at some point, and they couldn't move!

"Hehe, the supreme mastery of the Holy Land is the "Ice Clear Cold Jade Jue". "

"This is a peerless science, but even the Holy Son has never seen it. "

"No matter which life ......".

A hint of coldness flashed in Qu Tianhan's eyes.

The ice sword in his hand flicked.

A terrifying chill suddenly centered on her and spread out wildly.

Frozen Miles!

The whole town suddenly seemed to have entered an ice age.

Everything was covered in a thick layer of ice.


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