"Hehe, black evil, I didn't expect you to be forced like this by a disciple of the Holy Land, it's really a shame for my Demon Yuan. "

Seeing the black evil in such a tragic state, the white evil sneered again and again.

The black evil wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes flashed with anger.

"Hmph, I didn't expect this kid to have so many hole cards...... But after performing these, this kid can be regarded as running out of oil, and it is easy to kill him. "

As he spoke, the black evil took a step forward and sneered.

However, at this very moment.

A footstep sounded.

A woman in a black robe stepped into the ruins.

The faces of the black evil and the white evil changed, and they hurriedly clenched their fists: "Lord Demon Venerable." "

Demon Venerable?

Ye Fan and the other Holy Land disciples all showed surprise.

The woman shrouded in a black robe had a steady and incomprehensible breath.

But just looking at the half of her face under the hood, it is not difficult to see that she does not seem to be very old.

But such a woman can actually command the Demon Yuan and attack the Holy Land?

"Have you found Xu Ze's trace?".

Demon Venerable's thin lips opened lightly, and a cold voice sounded.

The black evil hurriedly clenched his fists, his face full of flattery: "Lord Hui Demon Venerable, my subordinates have not found the figure of the Holy Son Xu Ze, and almost all the remaining Holy Land disciples in this town are here." "

The Demon Venerable looked around.

When he saw Ye Fan, he sneered.

"Oh, there's an acquaintance. "

"Acquaintance?" Ye Fan's eyelids jumped.

Although this woman didn't say it explicitly, isn't it him who she is talking about?

"Do I know you?".

"It doesn't matter if you recognize it or not, in previous lives, it was thanks to you that I had a chance to take revenge. "

Demon Venerable's voice couldn't hear half of his feelings, and it was extremely empty.

And what she said made Ye Fan even more confused.

"In this life, I don't need you anymore......."

"However, your talent is a good nourishment for me. "

Demon Venerable slowly raised his hand.

On the slender jade fingers, the blood-red nails slowly elongated.

Like a bloody blade.

Hiss ......

Ye Fan gasped.

The pressure emanating from this woman's body can be said to be the most terrifying he has ever encountered.

Even, above the Son!

And now he is running out of oil.

It is clear that he is no longer the opponent of the man in front of him.

"System, system, don't you have anything else to use at this critical moment......" Ye Fan's face turned a little pale, and he gritted his teeth and asked.

[Whether to open emergency avoidance].

"What about anything other than running away? Is there any other golden finger? ...... that makes me stronger in an instant or something


[Heaven rewards hard work, please make your own efforts].

Ye Fan really wanted to drag his system out of the void and strangle it to death now.

What does it mean that God rewards hard work, and the host is asked to work its own?

Didn't you see that your hostel was beaten to death?

Looking at the woman who came step by step.

Ye Fan's heart was crossed, ready to resist desperately.

And yet at this moment.

A holy flame suddenly drew a line between the woman and Ye Fan.

Under the surprised gaze of the disciples of the Holy Land.

Xu Ze descended from the sky like a god and landed in front of the woman.

"My Son!".

Seeing the comer, the disciples of the Holy Land suddenly boiled.

Ye Fan also breathed a sigh of relief and wiped a cold sweat.

"Xu Ze ......".

I saw the handsome, chic and extraordinary man in front of me.

Demon Venerable's body trembled, and the hands under his robe trembled slightly.

Xu Ze put away the holy flame and looked at the black-robed woman.

Feeling this inexplicably familiar aura, Xu Ze's brows furrowed unconsciously.

Although she did not show her face.

However, Xu Ze still saw her identity at first sight.

"No, ......


Xu Ze's heart was beating wildly, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

And the prompt of the ear system confirmed Xu Ze's thoughts.

[Ding, the arrival of a new heroine has been detected].

Identity checking

[Gu Ling].

[Blackening level: 99%!Please pay attention to the host!].

Xu Ze's expression was still the same, but his heart was already like a stormy wave.

Ancient Spirit?

Is it really her?

In my mind, I thought of the girl I saw in the first nine lives, when Xu Ze entered the Demon Abyss.


In the book "Qiankun Immortal Emperor".

The ten heroines, the first nine, are all ordinary monks from the Qiankun Continent or the Holy Land.

Only the tenth and last one, Gu Ling, is the Demon Yuan Evil Cultivator, the daughter of the Demon Yuan Ancestor!

The appearance of Gu Ling can be said to be very backward in the original plot.

It can even be said that she can't be called a 'heroine'.

After all, she almost didn't have much interaction with the original green turtle male protagonist.

The one who interacted with her the most was the 'former' villain Xu Ze.

As the eldest lady of the Demon Abyss, the existence of the ancient spirit has an irreplaceable role in Xu Ze's later entry into the Demon Abyss and dominating the Demon Abyss.

Because of Xu Ze's rhetoric and all kinds of attacks.

Gu Ling was soon attacked by Xu Ze, and helped Xu Ze defeat the Demon Yuan Ancestor and completely dominate the Demon Yuan.

But after dominating the Demon Abyss.

Xu Ze's evil heart is infinitely magnified, and he vows to make the holy land and the male protagonist pay the price.

Gu Ling was soon reduced to Xu Ze's tool man.

But she didn't know everything at first.

After being used by Xu Ze in every way, he was even abandoned as a shield in the end.

Gu Ling finally turned black and automatically joined the lineup of Ye Fan, the male protagonist of the green-haired turtle.

And for this heroine who took the initiative to join, the green turtle male protagonist thought that he was a member of his harem.

However, after killing Xu Ze with the power of the male protagonist, Gu Ling took away Xu Ze's evil spirit, and since then he has lived in seclusion in the Demon Yuan and has become the new leader of the Demon Yuan.

Of course, this is just the plot in the original book.

In the first nine lives, Xu Ze only ended the moment he closed his eyes.

What will happen later, he himself is not very clear.

But I didn't expect that.


Gu Ling actually controlled the Demon Abyss himself.

Even, he called himself a demon venerable and led the evil cultivators to kill the holy land

Xu Ze's forehead was dripping with cold sweat.

The hands behind his back were sweating from nervousness.

She will not be ...... when she kills the Holy Land

Is it because of me?

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