It is not difficult to see that Qu Tianhan's move just now used at least sixty percent of his Xuan power.

If Xu Ze doesn't dodge in time, even if he can't die, he will definitely be crippled for life and become a disaster in the world.

Of course, this is also what Qu Tianhan thought about in his heart.

If Xu Ze is really paralyzed in the future, he can't get up again.

That's a good thing for her.

After all, then he can't jump around and do things that abandon himself.

I am willing to spend the second half of my life serving and taking care of Xu Ze, who has become like that.

It's a pity that he reacted ......

Rubbing his numb hands, Xu Ze sighed helplessly.

Qu Tianhan entered the Holy Land in the same year as him, and he was also a genius with excellent talent.

In the past ten years, it has also reached a proud height.

The hierarchy system in "Qiankun Immortal Emperor" is divided into three realms.

The first realm is for the human mysteries, and there are four phases of entering the mysteries, passing the mysteries, condensing the mysteries, and combining the mysteries.

The second realm is the mystery, with three phases: gathering the gods, distracting the gods, and transforming the gods.

The third realm is the Zun Xuan, with the extreme, the peak, the emperor, and the fourth period.

Now, Qu Tianhan's strength is in the middle of the Concentration Period in the Second Realm Divine Mystery Realm.

And Xu Ze is slightly stronger than Qu Tianhan, which is the late stage of the concentration period.

It was precisely because of this that Xu Ze had time to react with a sudden palm.

Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll have fallen to the ground now.

Seeing that the color of his palm gradually returned to normal, Xu Ze frowned and said, "Dumping cold, your cultivation progress, in my opinion, there is no problem......


On the contrary, your psychological problems seem to be a little more serious.

Qu Tianhan lowered his eyelids and nodded expressionlessly: "Yes, it seems that even you can't solve my problem." "

No, you don't have any problems at all, okay?

"I had no choice but to solve it myself. Qu Tianhan glanced at Xu Ze meaningfully, turned his head, and walked towards the outside of the garden.

Xu Ze put his hands behind his back and silently watched Qu Tianhan leave.

I always feel that this song seems to have something to say.

"It's weird, it's weird, since she is not possessed by a traverser, how can she give people a weird feeling. "

Xu Ze was depressed in his heart.

However, for the sake of the future plot, Xu Ze could only temporarily suppress his doubts in his heart.

In the last life, you main characters, don't drop the chain for me!


The Holy Land Assessment Day is coming soon.

Because of the decennial tradition, many young monks who want to worship in the Holy Land have already arrived in advance.

Under this towering holy mountain, a large number of young people from all over the Qiankun Continent had gathered at this time.

They are all full of fighting spirit and full of confidence.

Among them, a teenager is even more combative and full of confidence.

He is the male protagonist in "Qiankun Immortal Emperor", Ye Fan!

"Dog system, you cheated me once last time, don't cheat me again this time. "

[Please rest assured that the physique given to the host by this system is the Emperor Glazed Body].

[Respect the Emperor's glazed body, the top talent physique of the Qiankun Continent, the Xuangong is unforgettable, and the practice of Xuangong can be carried out in the body independently, and it is endless].

[With your current talent, it is definitely easier to pass the assessment].

"That's good. Ye Fan put his hands behind his back and raised a proud smile on his face.

Hmph, a small holy place, waiting for the master of this traverser to set foot.

When the time comes, what kind of cold saint, pure junior sister, arrogant senior sister, wouldn't you just pick and choose?

A wisp of saliva flowed from the corner of Ye Fan's mouth.


Ye Fan was fantasizing about his future pretending to be slapped in the face and opening his mind.

But he didn't notice that on the high steps of the holy mountain, a man dressed in white and as otherworldly as a fairy was silently watching him.

Here it comes.

Xu Ze stood with his hands in his hands, and a hint of joy flashed in his indifferent eyes.

This young man, Xu Ze is really familiar with it.

The green turtle male protagonist in "Qiankun Immortal Emperor", Ye Fan!

Although he and this Ye Fan are destined to have a hostile relationship.

can be honest, Xu Ze really doesn't have much resentment towards this male protagonist in his heart.

After all, it's just a plot tool, and it's a green-haired turtle.


In Xu Ze's heart, he only had deep pity for him.

Alas, young man, you'll have to wear it in the right place next time you cross.

In this kind of world of green-haired novels, you come here to be the protagonist, isn't that uncomfortable?

Fortunately, although Ye Fan and Xu Ze are both traversers, they are not fellow villagers.

Otherwise, Xu Ze couldn't help but give him a good-looking hat as a token of condolences.

Not ...... though

Xu Ze looked at Ye Fan who was looking around, and always felt that something seemed to be wrong.

Like, something is missing.

"Hmm, what about the heroine next to him?".

"Where did Lu Qingqing go?".



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