Xu Ze is now in the plot of "Qiankun Immortal Emperor", and this is the tenth life of reincarnation.

It can be said that the characters in the novel "Qiankun Immortal Emperor" are cannon fodder, or everyone who has dealt with the protagonist and the villain.

In this tenth reincarnation, Xu Ze has not fallen behind, he has seen and heard of all of them.

However, what kind of demon venerable is this, Xu Ze has heard of it for the first time.

Moreover, the current leader of the Demon Yuan is clearly the Demon Yuan Ancestor.

Who is this Demon Venerable? Why can he order the Demon Yuan Evil Cultivator?

Thinking about it.

In the crowd, a few figures flew out of the crowd.

"Bold! Where did the evil cultivators come from, dare to spread wild in the holy land!".

But I saw the four scattered cultivators leaping into the air, and the long sword in his hand pointed directly at the six evil cultivators in the air.

"Condensation Period?Okay, it's worth waiting for me!".

The eyes of the six evil cultivators flashed red, and the evil aura all over them overflowed, and the strongest person turned out to be in the late stage of Ning Xuan, and the half-step cultivation of the Xuan!

The ten men were all together.

For a moment, the sword aura overflowed, and the rubble splashed.

The strength of these four scattered cultivators is not weak, and one of them, a man in the middle stage of condensation, has even comprehended a trace of sword intent.

Every time the man swung a sword, a mysterious qi turned into a flying sword and circled around.

On his own, he forcibly dragged down the three evil cultivators, and he was even quite at ease.

"This person's swordsmanship is good, and the sword skills he uses seem to be the Seven Tricks of the Sword Sect. "

Qu Tianhan is very good at swordsmanship, and he can see through the sword trick performed by that person at a glance.

Xu Ze bowed slightly.

However, although that person was powerful, the other three scattered cultivators had some difficulty dealing with those evil cultivators.

"Ten Thousand Swords!".

"Look for death!".

Among them, the female cultivator had a cold light in her hand, and the long sword seemed to turn into thousands of afterimages and stabbed out.

However, the opponent's evil cultivator snorted coldly, clenched his fist in his right hand, wrapped in purple qi, and hit him with a heavy punch.

This punch seems to have the potential to collapse, and the fist body is as hard as iron.

Just one punch, the long sword broke in inches.

The female cultivator's mouth suddenly cracked, and the whole person flew upside down several meters away.

The female cultivator fell to the ground, spat out a mouthful of blood, and looked at the evil cultivator who was chasing after her, her eyes showing despair.

"Senior sister!".

The face of the besieged cultivator changed, but the three evil cultivators around him surrounded him, and he couldn't spare time to go to support at all.

This distraction, the loose cultivation also revealed a flaw, and the evil cultivator saw the opportunity, and the sharp blade in his hand cut through the tendons of the right arm of the scattered cultivator.

The scattered cultivator screamed, and the long sword in his hand couldn't be lifted.

The remaining two were also gradually defeated under the almost lifeless attack of the evil cultivators, and they were in danger.


The evil cultivator laughed, and his right hand was claw-shaped, and he slammed it towards the female cultivator's throat.

However, the nun had not yet been touched.

Between the lightning and the fire, a phantom flickered.

The nun only felt a flower in front of her, and saw someone appear in front of her.

"You ......


watched as his fatal blow was stopped with one hand.

The evil cultivator's expression changed, staring at the white-clothed boy who was blocking in front of him.

"A few evil cultivators dared to spread wild in the Holy Land. "

Xu Ze's face was indifferent, and his eyes were filled with a hint of murder.

The evil cultivator's heart skipped a beat, and before he could say anything, he saw Xu Ze's hand blocking his claw, and it suddenly tightened.


The right hand of the evil cultivator was actually pinched and shattered!

Before the evil cultivator screamed.

Xu Ze slowly opened his hand.

A cyan flame roared out like a fiery dragon.


The evil cultivator was enveloped in flames and turned to ashes in an instant.

The sudden scene made the other five evil cultivators freeze suddenly.

They looked at Xu Ze in horror, feeling the heavy pressure coming from Xu Ze's body, and suddenly their hearts and galls were broken.

"This, this, distraction?".

"How is it possible, could it be a disciple of the Holy Land?"

"Impossible! The Holy Land is already surrounded by the elders, how can there be any fish that have slipped through the net!".

Several evil cultivators suddenly lost their proportions.

The masters of the distraction period are not at all comparable to those of them in the condensation period.

It's like an ant facing a giant elephant.

Water droplets face the river.

No matter how much condensation period there is, he will never be his opponent alone!

"Great, saved......


The four monks breathed a sigh of relief in unison and cast a grateful glance at Xu Ze.

They are not disciples of the Holy Land.

Although it is said that he is chivalrous and righteous, it would be a pity if he really died because of the Holy Land.

However, Xu Ze didn't care about these glances.

What made him care was the words coming from the mouths of these evil cultivators.

The Holy Land is surrounded by evil cultivators

What's going on?

When did Mo Yuan dare to hit the stone with an egg?

You know, even if it's the first nine.

As the villain, Xu Ze completely controlled the Demon Yuan, and if he didn't have a strong force as a guarantee, he wouldn't dare to attack the Holy Land without permission.

What happened to the demon abyss in this life.


Seeing that Xu Ze didn't seem to take them seriously.

The five cultivators exchanged a look with each other.

Flee in five different directions in an instant!

These five people are extremely fast.

They believed that even Xu Ze had great ability to kill four people in an instant.

In the end, that person was sure to take advantage of this time to escape and go to the Demon Venerable to ask for reinforcements!

"Even if it's a distraction period monk, as long as the Demon Venerable comes, it's ......


The voice did not fall.

looked at a young girl in a blue dress who appeared in front of him.

The evil cultivator's expression froze.

Turning his head stiffly, he found that the remaining four evil cultivators had already been killed on the ground.

"Uh...... High, the master spares his life......".


Blood splattered.

With a wave of Qu Tianhanyu's hand, the ice sword cut off the head of this evil cultivator.


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