The thirteen elders, although they are all leaders in the Xuan Realm.

Tens of thousands of disciples also assisted in breaking through the Great Array.

However, the Ten Thousand Evil Great Array of the Evil Cultivators was a Demon God Great Array that was formed by condensing the Origin Evil Qi of ten thousand evil cultivators, plus the essence blood of several Demon Yuan Elders.

Although this formation could not cause much damage to the thirteen elders.

But its resilience is so strong that the thirteen elders can't break through it in a short period of time.

"Although we are going all out to break through the formation, if we want to break through this formation, we will have to spend at least an hour with these tens of thousands of evil cultivators. "

Qi Tian's whole body was wrapped in pure yang energy, and the terrifying Xuan power constantly hit the edge of the great array.

Every time he hit, there would be several evil cultivators who couldn't resist the power of this late stage of the peak, vomiting blood and falling.

But soon, there will be new ones filling the vacancies in the evil array.

It seems that everything can only be left to the Son himself. "


Rumble ......

In the sky, thunderclouds rolled, and the wind surged.

In the small town under the holy mountain, countless evil cultivators have been killed at this moment.

The disciples of the Holy Land, who were still leisurely in the town, were forced to join the battle.

Many well-known loose cultivators have also become the targets of slaughter by evil cultivators.

Mortals fled in terror.

The monk who was still a shallow cultivator was killed one by one by the evil cultivators and sucked the Yuan Shen dry.

For a while, this originally peaceful and warm town instantly became a sea of blood, like a hellish scene.


However, it's the polar opposite of the hellish view in the town.

Outside the town, there are hundreds of miles away from the Baihua Mountain Road.

It is still full of lights, people laugh and laugh, and enjoy the beauty of Baihua Mountain and Baihua in full bloom.

Xu Ze walked on the mountain road stacked with bluestones behind his back.

Behind them, the four girls stared at each other with big eyes and didn't say a word along the way.

The Hundred Flowers Festival temple fair has begun.

A bustling scene.

Walk to the stall.

The four girls were quickly attracted by the lively temple fair.

On the stalls, all kinds of gadgets came into their eyes one by one.

Especially Qu Tianhan.

She grew up in the Holy Land and devoted herself to cultivation.

Even the former ninth generation rarely came to such a place where mortals gathered.

Now, it can be said that it is the first time to be here.

The various ornaments and dolls on the stall made her extremely curious.

"I can't imagine that the dignified saint would be so interested in these gadgets. "

watched Qu Tianhan stand in front of a doll stall and look fascinated.

Jing Xiaoxuan snorted and said mockingly.

Qu Tianhan frowned and glared at Jing Xiaoxuan.

But because there were all mortals around, she didn't show her cultivation.

This stare, on the contrary, has a kind of coquettish taste.

"If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time that the Holy Maiden has come to visit the temple fair, right?" Lin Yu'er's voice also sounded from the side.

In front of another stall, Lin Yuer held a few masks and picked them intently.

In his mouth, he didn't forget to laugh and say: "It's really pitiful, Lord Holy Maiden, you are not like me, in previous years, I would accompany Lord Holy Son to visit the temple fair." "

"Alas~ what a pitiful one. "

These words can be described as murderous and heart-wrenching.

Not to mention that Qu Tianhan couldn't listen to it, and the remaining two girls also looked sour.

I can go to the temple fair with Xu Ze every year

What kind of treatment is this!

What do you want to express!

"Hey, it's just a temple fair, and you'll be able to ...... In the final analysis, she is just a maid by Brother Xu Ze's side. Lu Qingqing's face was gloomy, and he snorted coldly, "After so many years of shopping, I haven't seen Brother Xu Ze buy you any gifts, right?"

"It's not like me, when I was in the ninth life ago, Brother Xu Ze also bought me a gift. "


Looking at Lu Qingqing's appearance of covering her mouth and smiling evilly, two words rose in the hearts of the three girls.

"No, isn't it just a gift...... In this life, maybe the Holy Son will not buy it for you. "

"That's it, everyone has a glorious moment, don't take a moment as a permanence!".

"Hmph, it's the first time I've thought you two can talk to people. "



Looking at the tense appearance of these four girls.

Xu Ze shrugged his shoulders helplessly, and his eyes turned back to the stall, the delicate necklaces.

"Little brother, those people behind you, but they are all your wives?" seemed to notice Xu Ze's helpless eyes, and the stall owner rubbed his hands with a greasy smile.

Xu Ze smiled helplessly: "Maybe." "

In the first nine lives, although they were not married, they were almost like husband and wife.

In this life, no matter what Xu Ze says, it is impossible to give up these heroines.

"Hehe, little brother, you are so extraordinary, and the four ladies have their own characteristics, and they are beautiful, they are really envious of others. The stall owner smiled and took out a brocade box from under the stall, "However, I don't think there seems to be harmony between the four ladies of the little brother, it seems that the little brother needs this thing very much." "

When I opened the brocade box, there were crystal necklaces of various colors lying inside.

Red, yellow, blue, green, all kinds of colors, you name it.

Xu Ze's eyes lit up, and he picked up a blue crystal necklace and looked at it carefully.

"Hehe, this chain is called Qixin Chain, which is made of fine gemstones and fine silver, which is extremely precious, and it can help your harem to work together and make your family happy and happy. "

Xu Ze felt a little funny.

Of course, he knew that the stall owner was just selling the necklaces.

Moreover, although in modern society, crystals are very precious high-end products.

But in this fantasy world, there is actually no difference between crystals and stones on the side of the road.

No matter how beautiful the polishing is, for these people, it is far less than the value of a low-grade spirit stone.


These necklaces of various colors made Xu Zeluo feel interesting.

Blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink.

These necklaces of ten colors seem to correspond to the personalities of the ten heroines, which makes people feel funny.

"Ten of them, all packed. "

Xu Ze did not hesitate and spoke.

"Ten...... Article 10?".

The stall owner was dumbfounded.

"Well, where this blue, green, yellow, purple necklace is wrapped separately. "

"Ugh...... Okay, okay. "

Take the silver ticket from the storage ring and place the necklace in the ring.

Xu Ze took four boxes of necklaces and walked towards the four girls who were still noisy.

Behind him, the stall owner counted the silver tickets, and was amazed.

"Good guy, this little brother has enough heart. "

"I thought he had a lot of four wives, but I didn't expect to think about Bao Xiao's ......."

"Ten, can he stand it?".

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